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August 29, 2010 at 11:08 PM 2 comments

It is interesting how often President Obama promises what he never delivers...

I have been reading various books and Internet sites in the past few days and I’ve noticed a recurring theme that bears repeating here.

It seems clear that the person in the White House considers himself to be a dictator, not a president.  There are too many issues to list (and we have previously listed a number of them), but the most fascinating part of all this is that President Obama seems to refuse to slow down or stop his one-man assault on the people of the United States and our personal freedoms.

“We Know the Lies” dot com, highlights numerous avenues that President Obama has taken to deliver part of the United States over the U.N.  One of their latest articles states, “Now disregarding the US Constitution and US law entirely—and getting away with it—The Obama and his worldwide anti-US Marxist minions have begun to divvy up the booty from that which was once America.

“Note:  Despite our protests and marches, Obama believes he silenced We-the-People long ago.  Didn’t Hugo Chavez affect something similar in Venezuela?  But, let’s face the truth, folks.  Even Chavez didn’t try to destroy his OWN country.  But, considering his true birth place, neither did Obama.

“In his boldest move yet to destroy OUR country, Dictator-in-Chief Obama has now decided to bring the full force of the world against those who oppose their own slavery at his and his masters’ hands.  And the overseers at the United Nations are applauding The Obama’s move.” [1]

It seems that a growing number of these Web sites seem to be ignored by the majority of people in the United States, but that may simply be a perspective that the liberal media wants us to believe.

The article continues with, “Now ‘elevating’ himself to the level of an Islamic Mufti, Obama has effectively issued a fatwa against Arizona and every other US State that opposes their own demise.  Obama has issued an, heretofore, unprecedented report to the ‘UN High Commissioner for Human Rights’” (a bad joke considering the organization itself) outlining his carefully crafted and manufactured ‘horrors’ the USA has committed against humans (I suspect that means freedom and liberty are two of them), he has given full sway to the UN to go after any US States that do not comply with the tyrant’s (and soon to be King of the World?) commandments.  Suffice it to say, the UN is more than pleased to do so!” [2]

On one hand, the U.N. is like a barking dog without teeth and without U.S. money, they would have no bark either.  Yet the reality exists that it has become much more clear that IF anyone (much less Obama) can create absolute chaos in the United States, it is very possible that many citizens of the U.S. will cry out for the government to “do something!”  Our government will be happy to comply IF citizens are willing to give up things in return.  People will happily do so.

Consider the fact that in spite of all the annoying additional “security” measures at every airport, it is common to hear people say things like, “Well, if it makes us safer in the air, then these measures are annoying, but necessary.”  Do you see what the public does?  They give in to the LACK of freedoms in EXCHANGE for the additional FEELING of safety.

Let’s say our government was capable of creating artificial situations in America and decided to do that.  Let’s say (for argument’s sake) that our government was behind the 9/11 attacks (as many claim).  I’m not saying I agree with it.  I’m saying let’s say it is true for our argument.  It was shortly after this attack that new security measures were put in place in airports across America.

In fact, if you look back, the changes can be catalogued.  No knives, nail-clippers, sewing scissors, no knitting needs, or things similar allowed on planes.  Not long after, we could not bring on fluids of more than a certain amount of ounces.  Eventually, we had another would-be bomber in the air who tried to set off a bomb that was hidden in his shoes.

What happened after that?  When we go to the airport now, we have to remove our shoes, they must be searched and “sniffed” or whatever else they do at airports to give us the illusion of safety.

Here’s the weird thing.  I have been in education for years.  That requires fingerprints and background checks.  I have never had my background checks come back with any problems at all.  Recently, I began volunteering as a chaplain at a local jail and once again, I had to have an extensive background check as you can imagine.  It came back with no problems at all.

Yet, every time I go to get on a plane, I am treated as if I am a potential terrorist.  But see, the American public acquiesced.  We agreed that less freedom and more restrictions are a good trade for a feeling of greater safety.

Suppose our government were to create situations in the future where it made Americans feel so out of sorts, with no way to feel anchored, that they would be willing to give up even more freedom in exchange for safety.

“We Know the Lies” dot com makes even more interesting observations.  “This latest perversion of law by The Obama is, yet, another patent treasonous action against the USA.  Each and every day, he is racking up more and more of them.  Then, without a care in the world save how to better give his union thugs and other countries funds stolen from the US taxpayer (where lots of our ‘stimulus’ dollars ended up) and then frivolously wasting and spending what’s left, he and his family are now working to establish the record of ‘most vacations taken while occupying the US White House—and still being able to destroy the country.’  I suspect that record will never be broken—but, if he isn’t removed, the country will.” [3]

That is sad, isn’t it?  The country is falling apart, and wife Michelle and daughter are off on a vacation to Spain.  On the heels of that vacation, the First Family heads down south to enjoy another vacation.  Then they head north for yet another one.  The trip to Spain cost just over one million dollars and taxpayers footed the bill.

So why am I telling you all of this, just to blow off steam?  No, it’s because we need to know because without knowing, we are destined to allow America to be destroyed by people who have no love for this country.

Authentic Christians have an obligation to do what is right.  This means in our voting, in our praying, in our daily lives – all of it must glorify God.  The only way to know how to glorify Him in all areas including political, is to know what is happening in our country as it is happening.  Of course, it’s a lot easier to stick our heads in the sand, but that neither brings God glory, or fights the good fight.

It’s up to us.  We need to make our decision now, today.

[1] http://www.knowthelies.com/?q=node/5880

[2] Ibid

[3] Ibid

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Existing Mosques Near WTC Ground Zero Mormon Bishop Shot


  • 1. Lou  |  August 30, 2010 at 10:05 AM

    (Amen! Saw this on the web. Lou)

    The 8:46 Campaign & Obama

    The USA is presently under attack! Not by a plane flying into a building, but by a tyrant lying inside a building – the White House!
    According to many sources, it was 8:46 in the morning on September 11, 2001 when 9-11 began in New York City.
    The answer to the present national crisis will not be found in either an “Eric Rudolph” or in a “John Hinckley Jr.”
    It will be found when true American patriots collectively ask God to remove – or at least greatly slow down – the same national pestilence!
    Each morning at 8:46 all genuine Americans, in their respective time zones, should fervently pray “God, Stop Obama!”
    The more this collective prayer is sent to the “God” mentioned in all 50 state constitutions, the sooner this national cancer will be removed!
    True, the Bible does say that some crimes are so unspeakable that Christians should pray that the offender will be “taken away” and delivered to “Satan for the destruction of the flesh.”
    Details of this are in I Corinthians (chap. 5), but patriots would be happy if Barack Hussein Obama, protector of the Ground Zero mosque, could merely be toppled from his throne!
    For further light Google “Imam Bloomberg’s Sharia Mosque,” “Obama Supports Public Depravity,” “Madam Nancy Pelosi’s Brothel District” and the pdf version of Prof. F. Nigel Lee’s “Islam in the Bible.”
    And for dessert Google “Michelle Obama’s Allah-day.”

    By a Kansas Patriot
    (who won FIRST PLACE over 2200 entrants in a nationwide Americanism Essay Contest!)


    • 2. modres  |  August 30, 2010 at 11:09 AM

      I agree that we should pray Obama out of office. I also believe that God is using President Obama as a final wake-up call for this nation.

      I fully believe that through prayer, God will do what brings glory to Himself.


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