Existing Mosques Near WTC Ground Zero

August 28, 2010 at 1:17 PM 1 comment

Mosques Exist in NYC and Illegals Arrested

There is a great deal of angst and broo-haha surrounding the proposed Cordoba House mosque that proponents want built in the shadow of the destroyed WTC at Ground Zero.  There should be simply because Radical Muslims know exactly what building that mosque there will mean.  It will not only be a slap in the face of America, but will show the entire Muslim world that Islam reigns!

It is not as if people are saying that NO mosque can be built in New York City, but the question remains about the earnest desire of Imams and Muslims followers alike to insist that this mosque be built in the shadow of the WTC.

Something that you may not be aware of is that there are other existing mosques in NYC and a number of them are very CLOSE to the area where the Cordoba House is proposed.  Sure enough, the Masjid Mosque located between Church and Broadway is only a few blocks away from the proposed Cordoba House site.  In fact, this particular mosque has been there for 28 years.

So that begs the question of why yet another mosque is needed even closer to the WTC Ground Zero site?  There is yet another existing mosque only 12 blocks further away.

Have you heard this information in the news yet?  Probably not, because they are not interested in telling us, because they know that it would make the argument in favor of the Cordoba House moot.  The reality is that this Cordoba House is not needed so close to the WTC and since there are other mosques within walking distance from the proposed Cordoba House site, it simply proves that the Cordoba House is mainly a religious issue for Muslims.  Yes, it is a political issue as well, and it is a military issue too.  This is Islam, attempting to gain control through one of their means – religious, political, military.  Any method will work, as long as they get their way.

The Cordoba House does not need to be built where it is being proposed.  There are MANY existing mosques in NYC and a number within walking distance of the Cordoba House.  I realize the blocks in Manhattan are larger than most city blocks and when I lived back east, I walked them often.  While it make take 30 minutes or so, it can be reached easily by walking.

So why the angst surrounding this proposed mosque?  Why are the Muslims so intent upon having the mosque there?  For only one reason and that is because Islam is desperate to show that they were victorious in the destruction of the World Trade Towers and their encroachment into the United States.

Even if America is victorious in preventing this particular mosque from being built at the planned location, there will be other religious/political battles ahead and eventually Islam plans on wearing us and our government down.  The fact that we have so many in Congress and also now the White House who support Islam the way they do means that it is going to be that much more difficult for the average American to resist Radical Islam and its desire to overpower the Great Satan (America).

Hey, on another note, it was reported in the news that nearly 400 Mexican illegal aliens were rounded up for deportation in 10 different states and not one of these states happened to be Arizona.  Of the 370 immigrants arrested, 340 had previous criminal records. [1]

Please don’t get me wrong.  America was founded on freedom of religion.  Muslims have every right to worship in the United States.  Beyond that, LEGAL immigrants are always welcome to come to this country, call it their own, and put down roots.

What is not appreciated are Radical Muslims who insist on bringing Sharia Law to the United States along with their desire to overturn the current law of the land – the United States Constitution.

Moreover, people who come to this (or any) country illegally have to right to stay.  They are a drain on the economic, health, and education systems.  They do not pay taxes, nor do they really give anything back.  They take and create a new set of problems.

The politicians who support these illegal aliens and Radical Muslims do so to the peril not only to this country, but to the detriment of every legal citizen of this country.

Things need to change and they need to change now.  With the protests against the Cordoba House, the arrests of nearly four hundred illegal aliens, and Glen Beck’s rally at the Lincoln Memorial, maybe things are looking up!

[1] http://www.cnn.com/2010/CRIME/08/27/immigration.arrests/index.html?hpt=T2

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  • 1. RSPmouse  |  August 29, 2010 at 9:35 PM

    I appreciate you doing so much research on these topics. Most people just don’t know that there realy is no need for another mosque in this area in New York City. Once you realize that there is one just a few blocks away, it makes it very clear that the building of a new mosque has nothing to do with brotherhood and peace between Muslims and Americans.


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