Why Are Christians Changing Positions?

November 21, 2010 at 5:16 PM 1 comment

For some time now, one after another, leaders classified as Christian within Christendom, have been changing their minds about important issues.  It might also be said that maybe they were living a lie in the past, but chose to finally admit what they believed.

For instance, most are aware of Ted Haggart and his fall from grace.  There is still a question mark over exactly what happened, with the Gay masseuse indicated that there was homosexual contact with Haggart, while Haggart denying it, though he does admit to sexual discrepancies.

He essentially dropped out of the public eye and roughly a year later, he chose the anniversary of his failure to decide to start a new church.  He believed it would create healing and show that he was human, something he was apparently not before.

Recently, I discovered (thanks to an email from a friend), that Cliff Richards who has been noted for his Christian morality, is living with a man who is not only an ex-priest, but Gay as well.  The weird thing is that Richards states he is not Gay, but his “boyfriend” is, whatever that means.  It almost seems like a play on words.

There have been many other situations in which people who have been what many would call leaders or even pillars within the Christian community have had affairs, embezzled from their congregations (or maybe its “pilfered”), or done other sneaky or even illegal things in spite of their professed Christianity.

In essence, it seems as though it has been like watching a game of dominoes with one individual falling after another.  Why is that?  Moreover, why does the world think it can be “good”?  What I mean by that is it is “good” (as far as the world is concerned) when a Christian leader comes out of the closet and admits to hiding the fact that he has been a homosexual.  He often normally starts preaching that more love and acceptance should be directed toward those who are Gay.  On the other hand, those within Christendom who cheat on their spouses, embezzle money, or hire hookers are laughed at by the world.  The world shakes its collective heads and smirks while saying how hypocritical Christians are in general.

As far as I’m concerned, the world will always react in such a way, using any excuse possible to deny the fact that there are individuals within Christianity who are not truly Christian.  This is because they do not understand that being an authentic Christian is infinitely more than practicing rituals or saying some words.  It actually begins with a spiritual transaction (new birth, being born again, being born from above).  That only occurs when a person sees their need for salvation and responds to the fact that Jesus died for our sin.  In other words, a person needs to realize what they need and realize that Jesus is the only solution to that need.  That is where it begins, but too many within Christendom do not start there.  They seem to skip around that requirement, simply repeat a few words, then presto! they believe they are now Christians.

In general, it is largely these individuals who wind up falling away and making a mockery of salvation.  This is not to say that authentic Christians do not sin because we do.  What it is to say is that authentic Christians understand when we make mistakes (because God does not allow us to get away with it), we repent of it (which means acknowledging that we have sinned and confess it), and determine that since this is not something God wants us to do, with His help, we will learn to avoid that behavior.  In that way, we are overcomers in Christ.

The people who at one time appear to be strong Christians, then fall by involving themselves in something that is recognized as sinful with Christianity, do so because of what I believe to be an error in thinking.  Let me explain it this way.  When we think of the Christian God, we think of love.  The problem is that this is generally the only thing connected with God, love.  People do not today think of God in terms of being:

  • holy
  • just
  • perfect
  • unapproachable
  • sinless
  • infinite
  • all knowing
  • omniscient
  • much more

Ask any person today to describe God and they will tell you that God is love, period.  This creates a number of problems.  While God is absolutely love, we cannot divorce God’s love from His other attributes.  He is a perfect conglomeration (forgive the pedestrian description) of all that is good, noble, perfect, holy, and just.

I believe it is because too many people only see God as love, that they can tend to distort God’s truth, into something that it is not.  When God’s truth becomes distorted, error is merely a shadow behind.  People then tend to make excuses for their behavior because of their erroneous view of God’s love.  They become sympathetic towards others and mistakenly understand sympathy that they feel, as the same as the love that God exhibits.

People then start to think thusly:  if God is love and He loves me just as I am, then I must love others just as they are.  If I am to love others just as they are, then how can I judge a person’s lifestyle?  If I am not supposed to judge a person’s lifestyle, then I must accept them as God accepts me! It sounds so rational and logical.  However, this is a very skewed view of God, based on false assumptions about God.

God is absolute love and because of that, His love is so far superior to ours that nothing comes close to it.  God is also holy, which means He can have nothing to do with sin.  As a Christian then, when I sin, while God has completely forgiven me for that sin, if I refuse to confess it to Him, and agree with Him that what I did was wrong, He will keep me at arms distance until I get things right with Him.  It’s very simple really.

Throughout the New Testament, we are told that there will be a falling away before the Lord returns.  Paul is known for saying this and Peter alludes to it as well.  Both of these men wrote their comments roughly 2,000 years ago and today, we are seeing it lived out in the lives of many who call themselves Christian.

People within Christendom who find themselves falling away due to something that God calls sin, though they refuse to acknowledge it as sin, will become more prevalent as time progresses toward the Tribulation.  They do this because of their wrong emphasis on only one attribute of God, as if God can be compartmentalized.

God is love without doubt.  He is also all the other attributes attributed to Him.  If we are going to claim to be Christians, then it stands to reason (or should) that we fall under God’s rule, willingly keep ourselves there, and understand that we must go by His definitions.

God’s definition of sin has not changed over the centuries.  What He expects from people who claim to be Christians has not changed.  What has changed is what people feel based on what they think.

When Jesus died on the cross, he took the blow.  In other words, though we should have been the recipients of God’s wrath, Jesus did that in our place.  Because Jesus was on the receiving end of the Father’s wrath, the way was opened for anyone who believes to find their way back to God.  The only thing people need to consider is are they willing to live a life that God dictates, or do they want to call themselves Christian while defining sin on their terms, and living life the way they choose?  If so, then they do not understand the basic premise of what it means to become a Christian.

For those who are professing Christians (but have not had an authentic new birth from above), it becomes relatively easy for them to define for themselves what sin is, how they will live, and even define God and His character; all of this apart from God’s Word.  They go through life  believing that they are in fact, authentic Christians, when in point of fact, they are not.  This means that they have no spiritual discernment because they are not in relationship with God.  Because they have no spiritual discernment, they are unable to understand life from God’s perspective.  It is because they are unable to see life from God’s POV, that they can only go by what they feel is the correct thing to believe.

We are never as Christians to make decisions based on feeling because feelings are way too unreliable.  Decisions are to be made based on the truth found within the Bible, regardless of how we may feel about something.

I believe that we will continue to see more leaders within Christendom fall by the wayside because they are not authentic Christians from the start.  While it is possible that they are authentic, the decisions they make are made apart from the truth of the Bible.  Because of this, they have dethroned God, replacing Him with self.  Self is deceptive at the very least and no truth is found there.

Those within the world will never comprehend this problem and that is perfectly understandable.  The truth is not in them and because of that, they are unable to make decisions based on that truth.  It is a very sad predicament, nonetheless one that should be expected from those within the world, even when they profess to be Christians.

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