March 3, 2011 at 3:05 PM

You’ve heard that charge and so have I.  Maybe you’re one of the individuals who actually believes it.  I don’t.  When I watch CNN or Chris Matthews, or you name your own favorite liberal talking head, I am appalled at how much information is completely left out of the story!  Yet, allegedly, it is FOX News that lies.

Today, I was watching Glenn Beck (another FOX “liar” apparently), who uncovers things that are never heard in the liberal media.  He said what I said last week on my radio show at AM950 KAHI – the teachers and other public employees are being USED by the unions to bring about major change in this country and not for the better.

The unions want nothing less than true Socialism/Communism.  They want to remove the power from the “capitalist” who by the way, create the jobs that people enjoy and pay a large percentage of taxes to support the government’s multitude of programs.  Michael Moore was recently quoted as saying that the rich people – you know, the ones who have tons of money – should not look at their money as if it is their money.  That money truly belongs to the people of the United States.  Of course, this is my paraphrase.

Where do these morons get off?  Really?  So people who worked hard all their lives to create businesses so that other people can work, should now turn around and give that money back?  It’s not enough that they created jobs so that people can work and pay taxes.  They’re not allowed to keep what they earned?

If people will simply take the time to seriously look into some of the things that Glenn Beck and other “liar” conservatives are talking about, they may well find that what they are preaching is true.  I find it humorous that liberals, leftists, Marxists, socialists, communists, progressives, and the like are very quick to cast off FOX News or any number of conservative hosts with comments like, “If you listen to FOX, it proves how stupid you are,” or “Rush told her to say that,” or “FOX LIES!”  The people who say these things are tools that are used to promote the leftwing agenda.

It reminds me of a guy who wrote a book and in it he claimed that he was at one time a Christian, but no longer.  He represented himself as someone who had finally come to terms with the lie of religion and is now happily an atheist.

I wrote a book in response to his editorial meanderings (The Supernatural Bias of Ex-Christians) and sent him a copy because there were a number of chapters in it that specifically reviewed his book, his life, and his ideology.  His comments were essentially, “There’s really nothing in there that challenges me,” in reference to my book.  Okay, whatever.

I noticed though when other people wrote books which were intended to review his book, his beliefs, or ideas, he would make the same type of similar statement, “There’s really nothing in here that challenges my position.”  That was it.  That’s his answer to everything, which only means that he has no real answer to anything.  Instead of admitting that, he simply starts speaking like a politician by using words to say absolutely nothing.

I’m becoming more and more convinced that people who are so opposed to what Gov. Scott Walker is doing (including Mr. Obama) are so because they want to overturn this country’s founding documents.  They want to replace them with the Communist Manifesto.  The unions are connected heavily to ultra-left wing organizations, yet few people take the time to check that out!  They are content to believe what someone else tells them and look no further.

But the unions are using people from teachers to police officers to fire fighters.  The unions are helping these good folks believe that Gov. Scott Walker is doing his level best to destroy American values, when in truth, the UNIONS are busy doing that!  The connections are THERE, for anyone to see who really wants to know the truth!  Why aren’t you looking?  Why are you content to listen to Chris Matthews call Sarah Palin a “balloon head,” snicker and move on as if you have heard some great revelation about our country’s inner workings?

People are not thinking today.  They are simply reacting.  That is dangerous, because people who simply react without thought or consideration have rented their minds out to the best orator.  These types of individuals become worse that lemmings (and yes, I know that the whole lemmings thing is a myth, perpetrated by Disney for one of their movies years ago, but people still believe it to be fact), following the beat of the drummer who beats the loudest.

Look at what is going on in Wisconsin.  A number of democratic legislators have “left the building” because they do not want to vote on Gov. Scott Walker’s budget.  They say that he (Gov. Walker) along with the Republicans are just trying to ram it through and since they are a minority, it is not fair.  Really?

Can you imagine what would have happened if the Republicans had left Washington, DC during the vote on Obamacare?  Oh my goodness, the calls for impeachment, the accusation, the loathing, and hatred, the abject condemnation – all of it – would have played out on our televisions night after night, day after day.

There would have been calls for the arrest of those rogue Republicans.  But guess what?  Even though in the minority, the Republicans did not leave their positions by running out of state!  In spite of the fact that Obamacare was rammed through Congress with brilliant sound bites from the likes of Nancy Pelosi (“You’ll have to pass the bill to see what’s in it”), Republicans did not vacate their positions.

Yet Democrats in Wisconsin have done so and no one is calling for their proverbial heads (that’s PROVERBIAL, not ACTUAL heads).  They have basically left their job and expect that to be okay.  The unions are doing their best to make sure these Democrats are seen as heroes to the people of Wisconsin and ultimately, to America.  They are not heroes.  They are cowards!  Since when is it okay to run away just because you know that the vote you cast in the Senate will not make a difference and you will still lose?  When is that okay?  It is not okay, yet this is being done.

My heart goes out to the people in these unions who are being used as pawns in the Union’s game of political correctness and power grab.  The people have no real clue as to what they are involved in, and with whom they are involved.

It doesn’t take much at all to uncover the facts about SEIU, if someone is really interested in knowing the truth.  It doesn’t take a great amount of energy to do a bit of research to discover what is going on behind the scenes.

If FOX News is lying as so many people think, then my suggestion is that they SUE FOX News!  It’s as simple as that.  If FOX is telling untruths, then that should be easy to prove, right?  If it’s easy to prove, then those suing have a great case against the FOX Network.  Yet George Soros with all his ill-gotten gains has not sued FOX, even though he also calls them liars and Nazis.  What a joke he is, yet people gobble this stuff up.

What the average American does not seem to understand is that the leftist organizations and people in this country do not like the fact that America is founded upon ideals and ideas that provide freedom to people.  Neither Socialism, Communism, Marxism, or any other “ism” can actually work when people are free.  They must be rounded up, sequestered, and then told what they can and cannot do in order for regimes that have a Socialistic (or some other) flair to them.

People are blind to what is happening in this country.  They are absolutely blind to the truth.

I have heard this comment so many times with respect to the study of Eschatology (end times/last days):  “I don’t study it because it’ll all pan out in the end” or something similar.  People who actually say that are simply too afraid to want to know what’s going to happen, so they ignore it.  By ignoring it, they believe that things won’t happen.

With respect to Eschatology, God has given us His plan.  It runs throughout the book we call the Bible.  As merely one example, Jesus fulfilled over 300 prophecies, many of which were written hundreds of years before He was born into this world.  If those prophecies came to pass, do ya think there is a possibility that the rest of God’s Word will come to pass?

I would suggest that not only is there a chance, but that the possibility of God’s Word not coming to pass is impossible.  What we are seeing is what has been portrayed in God’s Word hundreds of years ago.

People prefer to think that people are good, by nature.  They prefer to think that people can be trusted and that our elected leaders would never do anything to bring us harm.  (Sigh!) If only that were true, but it is not true.  Rare is the politician who main concerns like with his/her constituency.

There have been so many books written on this period of time in history that there is not room enough to list them all here.  Books written by people who were terrorists and are now Christians.  Average individuals who do not claim to be Christians, but can still see something diabolical happening in America and the world.

Just today, I heard President Obama say that Gaddafi must step down because he has “lost his legitimacy to lead” the people of Libya.  Wow, did he hear what he said?  His birth issue aside, when has Mr. Obama ever had any legitimacy to lead this country?  He has never owned or run a business.  He has never been a mayor or governor.  He has never shown any propensity to lead and he proves that daily.  Yet, he has the temerity to condemn Gaddafi as someone he believes has lost the legitimacy to lead?  Give me a break!


These books are new from the author and available from Amazon.com

I believe we are living in the END.  Life is changing faster than we can keep score.  If you’d like to know more about it, I would suggest opening up your Bible and start reading the gospels of Jesus Christ.  I have just finished two books, the first one Living in the Last Generation is a commentary on Matthew 24 when Jesus Himself spoke about the end times that I believe we are living in.


The second book is my commentary on the book of Revelation, chapters 5-22.  I have written this book for the layperson in the hopes that this book will make more sense.  Revelation is not at all difficult to comprehend.  It only becomes so when people use the wrong hermeneutic in their attempt to understand it.

Living in this day and age and not understanding what is going on is like driving a car without understanding the laws of the road.  Ignorance is no excuse and any police officer will tell you that.  It is simply no excuse.  It is the driver’s responsibility to know the rules of the road.

You are living in a world that is changing diametrically from what it was yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that.  Are you simply content to take some talking head’s word for what lies ahead, or do you think you bear some responsibility in trying to search out that information on your own?  I think the answer is obvious.

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