Useful Idiots

March 3, 2011 at 11:52 PM

Most have heard that term (with the possible exception of today’s youth).  Lenin used the term in his description of Westerners as being “useful idiots,” or more appropriately, tools that he could use with the proper amount of propaganda to not only streamline his ends, but to bring about those ends.

Today, we have an interesting situation occurring.  I was reading an e-mail from Ray Gano at in which he quoted a professor of history, David Kaiser, who has also written quite a number of books dealing with aspects of history.

As I read the information, what struck me were the parallels Kaiser pointed out between Hitler and Obama.  NO, he was NOT saying or implying that Obama has any intention of eliminating the Jewish race, or taking over the world!

Kaiser DID however, point out a variety of similarities between Hitler’s rise to power and Obama’s.  Here are some interesting points from Kaiser:

  1. Like Hitler, Obama has “he edged his way onto the political stage through great oratory.” There is no denying that Mr. Obama gives great speeches.  There is also no denying that when you break his speeches down, for the most part, they are simply words with no real substance or intention behind them.  They sound good, therefore the majority of people are impressed.  But words, without corresponding action bear little positive fruit.
  2. Like Hitler, Obama has made his share of promises.  Question: has he kept them?  With the exception of bringing “change” to the nation, it does not look like his promises have panned out.
  3. Just as Hitler “seized the controls of government power, person by person, department by department, bureaucracy by bureaucracy,” so has Obama.  Obama has done it by placing people of like-mind in offices that they are not at all qualified for, and while there, have no intention of upholding the founding documents of this nation.
  4. Like Hitler, Obama has managed to get people on his side “by promising jobs to the jobless, money to the money-less, and rewards for the military-industrial complex.” Think about it, while he did spend some time promising many things to many people, the only thing he has succeeded in doing is spending tons of money ramming through Obamacare (that will cost taxpayers TRILLIONS of dollars), as well as sending millions and billions of American dollars overseas for one project or another.
  5. Obama – like Hitler – also gained the average person’s favor “by indoctrinating the [youth], advocating gun control, health care for all, better wages, better jobs, and promising to re-instill pride once again in the country.” Hitler did these things and Obama has copied them.  Look back at his speeches and see the times he has discussed better wages, better jobs, health care for all (that was a big one), etc.  Think about what Mr. Obama says and then compare that to what he has done and plans to do.  Do you see a discrepancy?

The reality is that Hitler did these things and the history books prove it.  It takes only a little amount of effort to understand that Obama is doing the same.  It’s as if the projectory of both men is parallel to the other, except decades apart.  Was Hitler a “dry run”?

There are people today – and for the life of me, I cannot understand what they are thinking (if they are thinking at all) – who gush and brag about our president as if he is a god sent from Mt. Olympus.  Even recently, while at a dinner affair at the White House, James Taylor mused that he wondered if the American people really knew all that we had in Mr. Obama.  He then stated how glad he was to see this First Family sitting there in the White House.

I do not get it.  I see a media that was so opposed to Bush that he could do nothing right.  I see a media that essentially found no fault in President Clinton.  I see the same media who not only sees no fault in President Obama, but seems absolutely unwilling to pull back the thin veneer perpetrated by the White House.  Like Clinton, this same media is essentially giving Mr. Obama a free pass.

If someone talks about the legitimacy of Mr. Obama’s birth certificate, the media refers to that person as a “tin hat.”  If we hear Mr. Obama denigrate Qadhafi’s “legitimacy” to be ruler of Libya, the media says nothing about the obvious hypocrisy.

If someone raises a question about the tremendous expenditures of the First Family’s vacationing lifestyle, the media is quick to defend the Obamas.  The only place there is really any question raised related to Mr. Obama is in the conservative arena, and goodness gracious, we all know how much conservatives lie about everything.  Just as FOX News.

So we have tons of people in this country that have become nothing more than “useful idiots.”  They are tools in the hands of experienced left-wing liberals and they do not even realize it.  Whether they are teachers fighting on the front lines to save their “American ideal,” or simply young people of today who have absolutely no grasp on the issues, because schools have simply taught them how to be as stupid as possible without really trying.  You doubt it?  Then ask some young person about some critical issue of the day and see what you get?  Ask them to analyze a political situation and see if they can respond to you without inserting “like” between every word or sentence and then ending their explanation with “you know?”

I was watching a video over at YouTube (see below) about the fact that Mr. Obama is a Fabian Socialist.  I already knew that and even though the video was interesting, I was far more interested in the comments below the video.  Here’s an interesting couple for you:

Hitler was a fascist conservative. His politics and practices mirrored Bush much more than any other American president. The only similarity I guess is the support, but that was during a very important election, fan fair has died down to normal support levels. Oh also, Obama will most likely not create slave and death camps to preserve the Aryan race.

Sure, go back and re-read that.  Take your time and see if it makes sense to you.  Someone responded to it with this:

Do you know what the Nationalist Socialist party was? It was the nazi party. Hitler was neither a conservative nor a religious man. He was a progressive leftists socialist.

You’re a (expletive) idiot please tell me where you got your facts? Why has the department of homeland security released a report against so called right extremists? did you know that veterans are included in this report? go to bed junior.

Except for the deleted swear word, I left it as it was posted.  Not to be outdone, the first individual responded with:

Bush laid the groundwork just as Clinton laid the ground work for him…Obama is the man though. Henry Kissenger said it himself, Obama is the PERFECT man to push through a New World Order and his mandate is to do just that. Hitler also wanted a New World Order, the only difference is, he was white. But that doesn’t matter, what matters is, he’s got the para military police force and youth brigades lining up to kick your (expletive).

To which the second individual responded with:

wow really profound in your thinking. drink some milk kid. that’s great that you’d want his parathugs to kick my (expletive). ur the typical useful idiot obama needs to put through his brand of fascism. but i’m sorry to tell you, (expletive) like you would be the first to go.

I added the emphasis because the second poster has a point.  Look at the teachers and other public employees fighting Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin.  They believe that what they are doing is the right thing to do.  Unfortunately in this case, it is the left thing to do.  The unions involved in Wisconsin want to break things down and topple what already exists.  The connections these unions have with other groups and individuals is like reading the manifesto of who’s who in terrorism.  Yet, the teachers don’t see that and those pushing the buttons don’t want them to see that.  If they see it, they may opt out.  That’s one less useful idiot to use.  It wouldn’t do to have people leave the fight.

The people who believe Obama is “the man,” or the perfect person to bring in a New World Order, or are actually looking forward to the future because they erroneously believe that Mr. Obama has good things planned for this country are patently mistaken.  He has plans for this country and he is doing his darndest to bring those changes to the fore.  The people who are either unable or simply do not want to see beyond the veil are useful idiots.  They are useful because they are helping to foment change and they are idiots because they truly do not understand the gravity of the change they are fighting to bring about.

God said, through the apostle Paul, “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness,” (2 Thessalonians 2:11).  Please go back and re-read that because your eternal destination depends upon it.

God is sending a lie, so that people will be that lie to be truth.  Why?  So that all who have and continue to reject God, preferring unrighteousness, will be eternally damned.  Does that scare you?  It should.  If it doesn’t, it is either because you do not believe it, or you have not allowed it to sink in.

The lie is growing and unless God has other plans, I don’t see anything changing significantly in the future.  The media have already begun their re-election campaign for Mr. Obama.  Part of that trend is to bring down each and every Republican opponent in a cloud of dust.  They’ll do it by making each individual look like a moron, either taking what they say out of context, or by focusing on a slip of the tongue they did not mean to say (and in effect, meant something else).  Just ask Mike Huckabee as it has already happened.

They’ve been doing it to Sarah Palin ever since she ran on the same ticket as John McCain.  The media has not let up and will not let up until well after the next election.  What the media has done and continues to do for Barack H. Obama (aka Barry Sotero), would take billions of dollars to buy and even then, it would simply be advertising.  With Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, John Stewart, Saturday Night Live, Joe Scarborough and many others, what we are seeing is Mr. Obama’s unofficial publicists hard at work.  Though they are paid by their respective networks, they are working all out to get Mr. Obama re-elected.

The people who are taken in by all of this are useful idiots to the president and his cronies.  When he speaks they not only listen, but they believe.  The media speak about his athleticism, his good looks, and even his charm.  I’m certainly not denying he has any of these things.  What the media fails to tell people is that Mr. Obama is a Fabian Socialist.  I don’t think they should worry though, because even if the media came out and admitted it, certainly the youth of America would respond with, “So?  What’s wrong with that?  If Mr. Obama is concerned with the people of America and that’s what he is called, then so be it!

Like all useful idiots, they just have absolutely no clue and the worst part is that they believe they understand it all completely.

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