Tragedy in Japan and the End Times

March 12, 2011 at 2:35 PM

What the world is seeing unfolding in Japan and other parts of the world because of the massive earthquake that has occurred off the east coast of Japan is nothing less than shocking!  The first quake was 7.3, which was followed by another one the next day at nearly 9.0 on the scale!  The 8.9 earthquake caused major damage and was followed by a tsunami that some say was as high as 30 feet.

The tsunami rolled through the country of Japan, destroying everything in its path.  Nothing was safe, as cars, trucks, boats, ships, and buildings collapsed under the weight and speed of the water. Probably the most tragic part is watching the many buildings collapse and realizing that there were likely many people inside those buildings who had no time to escape the coming deluge.  Those people woke up that morning as if it was simply another morning, completely unaware of how their day would end because of the events that transpired during.

Sources indicated that the water moved at roughly 650 mph, which is difficult to imagine.  However, watching the videos that are available of the event, it is clear that the wall of water was very tall, and it moved with great speed.  In fact, one video taken from helicopter showed the tsunami approaching land.  As the first wall of water hit the land, the camera panned back toward the ocean, allowing the viewer to clearly see two additional walls of water waiting for their turn.

As devastating as this earthquake and tsunami has been, the book of Revelation speaks of another couple of tsunami events that make this one in Japan pale in comparison.  Revelation 8:8-9 speaks of a great mountain that is tossed into the sea.  This is the 6th Trumpet and when that mountain hits the water, here’s what happens:

…a third of the sea became blood, and a third of the creatures which were in the sea and had life, died; and a third of the ships were destroyed.”

Look at the last phrase about the ships.  What would destroy a third of the ships?  Nothing less than a huge tsunami or series of tsunamis and earthquakes.  A huge mountain falling into our oceans would have the same effect as an earthquake that shifted huge tectonic plates, and probably worse.

As devastating as the videos and pictures are that have recorded the toll to vehicles, buildings, and people, if we ramp this up multiple times, we will come close to determining the reality of what is spoken of in the above two verses.

As I write this, the current population of the earth is 7,093,966,995, but that changes every second.  One-third of that total is 2,341,009,108.  The current estimated death toll (so far) of the Japan situation is 680, but may rise to 1,000.  For those who died and the family and loved ones who suffer those losses, it is terrible to be sure.

Consider 1,000 dead (which is actually a very remarkable number considering the vast amount of devastation), and compare that with the over 2 billion that will perish when the angel blows the 6th Trumpet!  One can only wonder how life will continue at all after this 6th Trumpet judgment occurs!

As we continue in Revelation, the news gets worse, not better.  With each successive judgment, more people die, more of the land is destroyed, and more from the animal kingdom lose life.

My wife was talking with her hair dresser the other day and the woman indicated how freaked out she is and doesn’t want to turn the TV on anymore.  She really does not know what to do.  This woman knows that my wife and I are Christians and my wife was able to do some more witnessing to her that day.  More is needed and will be done.

If you consider how many people react to terrible tragedies like the one in Japan, many force themselves to continue their day-to-day life and routine because it is that routine, which provides the normalcy for them.  If they get back to their routine, then they believe the world will soon get back to its routine.

But consider what has actually happened in just Japan.  A wall of water measuring at least 20 feet tall has washed over the upper portion of Japan.  An explosion occurred at the nuclear reactor site causing concerns of another Chernobyl situation with a complete nuclear meltdown.  Beyond this, the absolute devastation left in the wake of the tsunami and earthquake will take years to rebuild.

Japan has been teetering on the brink of financial chaos for decades and this latest situation will not help, but certainly bring them that much closer to a complete shutdown in parts of that country.  Even though their farm crop is roughly 2% of their GNP, it will still hurt them financially.

I cannot imagine waking up to see that type of destruction in my home, neighborhood, or town.  I would not even know where to begin on the clean-up.  It is too overwhelming, yet that is the only thing that some will be able to do is clean up, in order to regain some semblance of normalcy in their lives.

The day is coming however, when the destruction will be too great to clean up.  Reading through Revelation shows one judgment after another judgment leaving catastrophe in its wake.  Starting at Revelation 6, how do you clean-up after the Antichrist rides into town and begins his bid for world dictator?  In many ways, it feels like this is happening right now because of the huge question marks over the individual who now resides in the Oval Office.  I am not saying Mr. Obama is the Antichrist.  I am simply saying that the circumstances surrounding the way he made it to the top are questionable at best.

Once the Antichrist rides onto the world’s political scene, he will begin his rise to world dominance and he will do it mainly through political means.  He will capture the hearts of the average person, while feverishly working behind the scenes to find his place of dominance.  There will be many also behind the scenes who will help him get there as Satan has many allies high up in many government structures throughout the world.

After the Antichrist arrives, we see that according to this same Revelation 6, war occurs.  It is not merely war or skirmishes in one area either.  The text indicates that this second rider (Red Horse), “was granted to take peace from the earth,” (Revelation 6:4).  It sounds like WWIII to me because the entire earth is in view.

We all know that with war, casualties mount up.  In WWI, there were a total 37 million (deaths and casualties).  WWII gave us over 60 million deaths.  What will WWIII bring?  Whatever it is, it will not be good.  Doesn’t it seem to you that this world is (and has been) on the brink for some time?  No one in the Middle East can get along and threats are always tossed from one area to another.  We are now seeing massive protests occurring in the United States over budget issues, first in Wisconsin, and now moving to other states.  Aside from the fact that Mr. Obama has stoked those fires in Wisconsin, by his offhand (though not unplanned) remarks about Gov. Walker, our fearless leaders are doing nothing to help.

Frankly, I believe things are being carefully choreographed in both the Middle East and here at home.  I firmly believe that there are powers (call them the global elite, the illuminati, or whatever you’d like), that are playing the people and nations of this world like one big chess game.  However, it’s not a game to them.  They’re playing for keeps and they want to keep what is left…for themselves.

Most know that this elite club of richy-rich people and families, believes that this world can only sustain 500 million people total.  You do the math.  If we have well over 7 TRILLION now, then what can these power brokers do to bring that number down?  War is one of the best ways to create that desired effect.  Obviously, war alone cannot do it, but war is a great contributor.

By the way, this is one of the reasons why I take politicians with a grain of salt.  They’re not all out for themselves of course, but many live for their higher purpose, which ties into the goals of the world’s elite.  So when you hear a Republican talking about having to defend our freedoms overseas, while at the same time, hearing Democrats talking about the need to avoid war, or bring our soldiers home if we are in a way, it’s really all a smoke screen.  If the world can only sustain 500 million people (as the elite believes), then clearly they need to do something to bring this about.

After war breaks out throughout the earth and seemingly on the heels of the Red Horse, the world is visited by a Black Horse.  Immediately the results are felt in the form of a famine.  Notice that the text of Revelation 6:5-6 indicates that basic foods will become astronomically expensive and only the truly wealthy will be able to buy things like oil and wine.

Where there is famine, there is death through starvation.  Where there is death, there is sickness and disease, further decimating a population that is still reeling from the politics of the Antichrist and the tragedy of global conflict.

I believe that this is exactly why the Fourth Seal that releases the Ashen Horse is death.  This is the natural follow-up to war and famine, and the illnesses and diseases that stem from starvation.  The Ashen Horse brings Death and Hades.  Here, both are proper nouns, not simply concepts or ideas.  The fact that Hades follows death is a way of saying that those who die, do so without the salvation that stems from Jesus alone.  They will die in their sin, due to their failure to trust the only One who has the ability to provide actual salvation, that is neither earned, or repossessed by the Giver.

Chapter 6 of Revelation is filled with true shock and awe and these first six seals mentioned here are literally just the beginning of the final troubles that this earth will experience in judgment.  The Antichrist (White Rider, First Seal) is the opening volley of judgments that actually begins the Tribulation.  We know from Daniel 9, that this Antichrist will broker a covenant with Israel that will supposedly last for the final “week,” or seven years.  We learn from this same chapter of Daniel as well as other areas of Scripture, that this same Antichrist is not afraid to lie and break his promises, which he does halfway through the Tribulation.

At this point in the Tribulation, when Antichrist destroys Israel’s faith in him by desecrating their newly built Temple, the judgments ramp up as does Antichrist’s anger.  His anger is directed against Israel (mainly the Remnant), but God hides them (cf. Revelation 12:13-17).  When Antichrist realizes he cannot get at the Jews, he turns his attention to anyone who says they are Christian.

Are we in the Tribulation now?  No, because the Tribulation will not start until the Antichrist signs the covenant with Israel and the surrounding nations of Arabs.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but that has not happened yet, has it?

Once the Antichrist signs the covenant, or brokers it with Israel and her foes, those who understand what the Bible is saying, will understand that it will at that point that he is revealed to the world.  This is exactly what Paul says in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, when he says “that day” cannot occur until the “man of sin,” or Antichrist is revealed.  When is he revealed?  According to Daniel 9:27, he is revealed when he is actually able to broker peace in the Middle East!  What a celebration for all earth-dwellers that will be!  THAT is when Antichrist is revealed.  When Paul speaks of “that day,” he is obviously referring to more than simply the exact day when Jesus touches down on earth at His return.  Paul appears to be speaking of a time frame or period of time he calls “that day.”

When Paul speaks of “that day,” in my view he is speaking of a period of time that begins and ends.  That stretch of time is called “that day,” or the “day of the Lord.”  It is no different from when we hear people say “in my day, we had to walk to school, uphill both ways, in the snow…”  Which day are they referring to?  Obviously, it is more than one day.  They are referring to a specific period of time during their lifetime.  People still believe though that Paul is speaking only of one particular day, but the entire Tribulation is easily called the “day of the Lord,” because these are all His judgments that He sends to earth.  These are not man’s judgments against man and certainly not Satan’s judgments.  What are those anyway?

As bad as things are becoming in today’s world, it’s going to get worse.  Gas prices are over $4.00 in California and will probably be at least $5.00 by the end of the summer.  I’ve heard some reports that say gas will go up to $10.00 or more by the end of the year.  Who knows?

Food is often on the rise.  The world cannot continue to sustain this much devastation without food prices being affected.  Shortages always translate to paying more at the grocery store.

How much will food prices skyrocket?  I have no idea, but I am comfortable in stating that we are eliminating as many problems as we can before they occur.  We are stocking up on food.  We are growing a garden full of produce, storing up on water bottles, and taking precautions in other areas as well.

Here is the reality for me; the Word says that if I do not take care of my family, I am worse than an infidel, (cf. 1 Timothy 5:8).  If I simply sit back and say to myself, “What me worry?  I don’t have to take precautions of any kind because the Lord will whisk me away in the Rapture!”, then I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing.

That’s like being unemployed and not looking for work because you believe that the Lord will provide.  Don’t be an idiot, and do not tempt the Lord.  We need to do what we need to do and not wait for the Lord to do what He expects us to do.

So within our budget (which is becoming severely stretched now), we set aside money to purchase additional food items that will take us through rough times (hopefully).  It is going to get rough.  What we are experiencing now is merely the of the birth pangs that Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24.  These birth pangs are designed to alert us to the fact that something monumental is going to happen.  Just as birth pains prepare the mother for the upcoming birth, so are these birth pangs the world is experiencing designed to alert us to the fact that something absolutely horrifying is going to be released onto this earth.

You can bury your head in the sand, as if that will do any good, or you can ensure that you are spiritually fit for the coming days.  The first step is in knowing Jesus because He is the only One who offers absolute and true salvation.  That is the first step.  The second step is to exercise your spiritual muscles every day through prayer and reading His Word.  The third step is to use discernment and wisdom that He will provide to make the necessary decisions and preparations for daily living.  It is in that way that He will not let you down, but will guide and direct you.

The coming days are not impossible for His children to live through.  Should some of us be taken in death, what a glory that will be!

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