Islam’s War Against the World

May 9, 2011 at 1:51 PM

This came to my e-mail box and I read it, edited it slightly and decided to post it here.  The reality is that there is much in the following words that are worth considering…long and hard.

Whether anyone cares to admit it or not, or is worried about being politically incorrect, the fact remains that Islam has declared war on the entire world and will stop at nothing in order to obtain supremacy.  It boggles my mind how many of my friend continue on with life, as if there is nothing out of the ordinary happening at all.

Radical Muslims do not care who they kill.  Whether it’s Roman Catholics, Christan Coptics, Jews (especially Jews!), Buddhists, Christians of all denominations, or simply westerners who hold no allegiance to any god, it does not matter to the radical Muslim.  All of us are worthy of death if we do not convert to Islamic way of thinking, with Allah as our god.

I cannot, nor will ever do that!  We are all aware of just how badly Nero treated early Christians after he had set fire to Rome and watched it burn while he played his violin.  Today, radical Islam has declared war on everyone else and what we are seeing throughout the world is appalling.

When will you decide that enough is enough?  When will YOU make your voice heard?  When will YOU come to understand that the best OFFENSE is a strong DEFENSE?  Radical Islam understands only one thing:  force.  The radical Islamist is no different than the average violent criminal.  They will not back down until you give them a reason to do so.

Read on and if it makes sense to you, wonderful.  If it begins to open your eyes to the truth behind the evil of Islam, then I hope you will be willing to do something about it.  Because in truth, far too many of our elected officials, talk show leftheads and the liberal media refuses to admit there is a problem.  If there is no problem, nothing needs fixing.  Think again before it’s too late.

Declaration of War Against Islam

May 5, 2011

Citizens of the United States of America,

Our great and noble country, its government, its traditions, values, culture, its freedoms, the very way of life of its citizens, is under attack by the adherents of the religion of radical Islam.  America does not stand alone as the sole recipient of this onslaught and it is not, by historical account, a recent phenomenon.  All non-Islamic nation-states of the world, and indeed, to be more specific – all non-Muslims regardless of where they reside or what their personal spiritual beliefs, have been under attack by the followers of the doctrines of Islam since the religion’s founding in the 7th Century.  It has been the ultimate goal of Islamists from the very beginning of their religion to establish a world-wide Caliphate, a world society that has only Islam as its religion, only the tenets of Islam to provide cultural structure and standards of behavior, only sharia as its law.  It is certain that if America, the beacon of freedom and liberty to the nations of the world, succumbs to the evil forces of Islam and allows through political correctness, political greed, misguided toleration and delusion, or the outright betrayal of its elected officials, whether intentional or through negligence – officials who swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic – the rest of the freedom loving nations of the world will soon experience the same fate and in turn become Islamic states.

To reach their goal, those in control of Islam, the ones who collectively set the course for its religious, social and political direction – I refer to the Imams, heads of Islamic states, and the multitude of other leaders guiding Islamic organizations throughout the world – have clearly and openly declared war on the non-Muslim people of the earth.  Only a fool would not take them at their word and believe that they mean what they say, that is, that they intend to destroy our nation as we know it and love it, replace our beloved Constitution with Sharia law and transform America into an Islamic state.

Mankind has faced the threat of world Islamic conquest before.  The 7th and 8th centuries saw the forces of Islam sewing death and destruction in its wake as it ravaged the continents of Asia, Europe, and Africa, forcefully establishing an Islamic empire much greater in size than the Roman Empire was at the height of its power.  Subsequent efforts through the ages to conquer territory and create Islamic Caliphates continued on these continents up until the early 20th century when the last of the Muslim empires, the Ottoman Empire, finally collapsed in the aftermath of World War I.  But now, as we begin the 21st century, we find Islam again rearing its ugly head and threatening peace throughout the world.  Hopefully, as before, the freedom-loving people of the earth shall rise up, push back the evil forces of Islam and ultimately reign victorious in their fight to preserve their liberties and cultures.  This will most assuredly be the case in the United States of America.

Islamists have thus far been practically unopposed on every front in their global war, particularly in the United States.  In fact, they have been aided in their efforts by the scourge of political correctness affecting our own government officials and citizens, the misguided homage given to multiculturalism, our ever increasing litigiousness and the outright failure of our government to acknowledge the threat, identify the enemy, and thus fail to develop a strategy to defeat them.  The enemy has used a variety of tactics and tools to secure their objectives in their quest for world domination, among them:  genocide, murder, rape, assault, civic unrest, subjugation, infiltration, subversion, deceit, world political and economic institutions, even their enemy’s own laws, policies, values, material and geography.  From their perspective, the means justifies the ends and whatever action is taken to further the goal is morally justified by their doctrine and their God.  Inherent in the nature of Islam is the requirement, indeed, the solemn duty of all Muslims, to dominate, subjugate or kill non-Muslims.  For the Muslim this duty is clear and unquestioned as it has been handed down to them directly from their God and the true Muslim must obey.

It should be acknowledged that there is a large segment within Islam – I call them Wahidists, which is more tolerant of other faiths, believes in a more equal treatment of all citizens, accepts government under man’s law, and believes that sharia should be a guide for personal behavior applicable only to Muslims.  Some would suggest that the war we must wage should not be fought against Islam in general but only with the element that espouses that Islam shall reign supreme and  the tenets of sharia must be applied to all people of the earth; that is, not fight the Wahidists.  Further, they might offer that if we separate the two camps within Islam, the fundamentalists and Wahidists, and do what we can to empower the latter, these so-called moderates and reformers will help neutralize and eliminate the threat America is facing from Islam and thus make it possible for us to allow them to remain a part of our society.  Unfortunately, this cannot be done.  It cannot be done for two primary reasons.  First, because we cannot truly identify the Wahidists – this is due to the doctrine of taqiyya, an established Islamic doctrine that approves and encourages deceit and lying if it furthers the aims of Islam.  Second, because the establishment of a worldwide Caliphate and the implementation of sharia law are called for in Islam’s guiding documents.  This is the true Islam, supported by mainstream Islamic authorities and the major schools of Islamic jurisprudence, not just the view of radicals, extremists, or rogue political elements operating at the edges.  Though I wish it were not true, it is the Wahidists who should justifiably be considered the radicals, the extremists within Islam.  Because the Wahidists approach is not mainstream fundamental Islam there will always be the risk that this element would eventually be subverted by those who follow the true path of Islam.  This is a risk that we cannot take.  The Wahidists would be our Trojan horse.  We cannot allow this so-called “moderate” Muslim population to grow and entwine itself within every facet of our American culture only to then have it usurped by mainstream fundamental Islam.  Once this happened we would again find ourselves under vicious attack and would, in all likelihood, be unable to stop it.  We must encourage Wahidism and befriend its practitioners; however, there is no place for them in America.

We will fight this war with all of our energy and resources in order to preserve and protect the natural and unalienable rights we hold dear, American democratic values, our way of life, and to secure the same for our legacy.  We shall continue to fight until such time as we look about us and determine that continuing is no longer necessary as these rights are secured.  Our ultimate objective in this war must be made clear:  Islam and the vestiges of the practice of Islam will no longer exist in the United States of America.  It will be removed from America by whatever means necessary.  This is a real war.  It is a war for survival, survival of our way of life as free men and women and indeed for our very lives.  We, as individual citizens, unable to count on our government to protect us, will have to accomplish the objective as best we can in such a manner as our own conscious and capacity allows.  We must wage the war on every front – political, legal, social, psychological, financial, and physical; keeping mindful that as we rid our nation of Muslims and send those we can to foreign shores, we must adhere to the same moral code of warfare and treatment of our enemy that the members of our armed forces are obliged to follow and that human dignity and honor demand.  We did not ask for this war, it was ordained by Muhammad hundreds of years ago when he established Islam.  We will be victorious.

An American Patriot


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