Only God Can Forgive Judicially

January 13, 2012 at 7:03 AM

In Matthew 9, we see other examples of Jesus proving once and for all that He was/is God.  The chapter begins with the example of a young man who has become paralytic.

It’s interesting that Jesus doesn’t simply heal the man, but takes the time to forgive the man’s sins.  He normally does not do this when healing people, at least as far as we know since in all the biblical record, we do not see this happening much.

Yet, with this man, Jesus forgave the young man first saying, “Take courage, son; your sins are forgiven.”  Do you recall the time Jesus healed another paralytic and the disciples asked who sinned, the man or his parents?  Jesus responded with neither.  He meant that neither party sinned, which directly caused the man’s paralysis.

In this case, because Jesus takes the time to forgive the man, it seems clear enough that here, the man had sinned, which caused his paralysis.  What could the sin have been?  It likely had something to do with sexual sin and sexually transmitted diseases.  During Jesus’ time, there were many temple prostitutes.  These were not associated with Herod’s Temple for the Jews.  They were associated with the many pagan deities that were worshiped at that time in the pagan temples created throughout the land.

Nonetheless, whatever the cause, Jesus forgave the man.  What does that mean? It is clear that the Pharisees and religious leaders understood what Jesus was saying because immediately they began thinking thoughts like, “The fellow blasphemes.”  In other words, they rightly understood Jesus to actually be forgiving the man’s sins from a judicial level, which is something that you can I cannot do.

I can forgive a sin against me, but that does not mean that God does.  When I forgive, all I’m really doing is refusing to hold a grudge.  I normally cannot forget that sin against me.  I also do not forgive the sin judicially.  This is something only God can do and Jesus did it.

Jesus forgave the man’s sins and then healed him because Jesus knew that simply healing the man would leave the reason for his paralysis intact.  Jesus literally pushed the man’s sins out of the way.  How could He do that?

Jesus was then and is now, God in the flesh.  He is not A god.  He is VERY God and I discussed this in my last two articles on this blog.

As far as the Pharisees were concerned, what Jesus had said was worthy of death.  Had they had opportunity, they would have found stones and stoned Him to death.

Notice Jesus’ response to them.  “But so that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins…”  This is a tremendous statement because it more than adequately addresses His deity.  Yet, people argue that Jesus was only forgiving the man’s sins as you and I would do with another person.  Not true, because unless Jesus was God, the man had not sinned against Him.

There are many, many proofs of Jesus’ deity.  Most of them are found in the book of John and Paul’s writings.  We’re not even there yet, as we are still in Matthew.  Matthew did not write his gospel to prove Jesus’ deity, yet he winds up doing that indirectly with all of the examples he has given.

You will one day need to deal with this very question:  who do you say that Jesus was/is?  If you deal with it on this side of eternity with the correct response of Romans 10:9-10, then you will gain eternal life.  If you continually reject it on this side of eternity, you will die in your sins and they will simply not be forgiven.  Given those two options, it would obviously make sense to seek Him today; now.

However, many of you who already do not believe that Jesus was/is God, will not be convinced until/unless God opens your eyes.  This is what I pray for; that He will open your eyes so that with the thief on the cross who one moment was ridiculing Jesus and the next understood who He was, can say with him, “Lord, remember me when you come into your Kingdom,” (Luke 23:42).

The thief’s eyes were opened and he understood that Jesus was truly the King of the Jews.  He knew it.  He saw the truth and embraced it.  He didn’t merely see the truth and then reject it as many had done before.  This thief is in heaven with Jesus now and for those who will also be going to heaven, we will see him and talk with him.

Do you want to die or do you want to live?  If the former, there is nothing God can do for you.  If the latter, then you need to stop trying to earn what you cannot earn.  All that does is build PRIDE.  It enables you to say, “See what I have done for God?”  In actuality, you have done nothing for God.  Jesus – God, very God – did it all.  It is yours to simply receive or reject it and thus far, you have rejected it if you are not one of His.

You cannot earn salvation.  It is impossible, namely because neither you nor I can live a perfect life.  We are born in sin and continue to sin throughout our lives.

Even those of us who are Christians – meaning, we have entered into a relationship with Jesus – we will still sin from time to time.  Quickly admitting our sin re-establishes our deep relationship with Him.

Salvation is FREE.  No other religious ideology offers what Christianity offers.  You do not need to change before you come to Him.  You only need to be willing to change after you see the truth and He is your helper, allowing you to grow into what He wants you to become.

You can spend your entire life trying to “do good,” yet God says that your goodness (and mine) is as filthy rags.  It is only when your sins are expunged and you are credited with Christ’s righteousness that you are truly acceptable by God.  This only happens with the new birth as Jesus pointed out to Nicodemus in John 3.  Unless you and I are born again, we will not have eternal life.  It is so simple, a child can comprehend it.  Yet too often, adults put too many barriers in front of it.  It’s too difficult for our minds to wrap around, yet there it is, in all its simplicity and beauty.

Please, stop rejecting Him and His eternal life.  Stop making excuses.  Stop trying to earn what you cannot earn.  Just come to Him and ask Him to give you the eternal life that is found only in Jesus.  It is not found in Joseph Smith, or Muhammad, or within the Jehovah’s Witnesses system.  It is not found within the New Age.  It is found only in Jesus Christ, who, by the way, is God, not a swear word.

Come to Him today for the only gift that truly matters and will last forever.

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