No Mandate for Mr. Obama? Think Again People…

November 7, 2012 at 6:44 AM 5 comments

You’ll note that this is a rather long article.  I hope you can get through it.  I have faith in you, but if you lose interest, that’s okay and I understand.  I wrote this article mainly for me because I have some things to say and wanted to get them off my chest.

Conservative pundits alike are joining together to say that the re-election of Mr. Obama does not give him a clear mandate.  I beg to differ.  I don’t know if they’re saying that because they are trying to send a message to the White House, or because they really believe that.  The truth of the matter is that even if Mr. Obama won by merely one electoral vote, the fact that he has been re-elected provides him with a mandate.

What is his mandate?  Well, let’s see, judging by what he has pushed through (or ignored) during this first term, we can easily see what he will make happen with his second term.  However, one thing will change.  He will do whatever he has planned with reckless abandon.  He has no need to be concerned with polls, or whether or not he needs to even take the time to explain things to anyone.  He simply will not care and this re-election “mandate” provides that for him.

Some have argued that Mr. Obama is an arrogant individual; that he is very narcissistic.  Frankly, I do not think we have seen anything yet at all.  Remember, he does not need anyone on his side to make things happen.  He proved that during his first term with the way he used executive orders as if here were dispensing candy.  He actually abused the executive order but no one in Congress had the backbone to stop him.  They will less inclined to stand up against him during his second term mainly because they won’t know how to stand up against him.  Moreover, he used the “executive privilege” clause to protect his buddy, Eric Holder regarding the “Fast and Furious” fiasco and has reclassified anything to do with the Benghazi situation as Top Secret so that only a few people in Congress are privy to that information.  These things are done to simply protect himself or those in his administration.  Mr. Obama is not one who wants full disclosure.  The very fact that he has kept so much of his past completely private tells us that.  Will we ever see his college transcripts?  Not now that he has been re-elected.  If anything, we will learn even less truth bout the man.  Mr. Obama is the Manchurian Candidate.

But specifically, what might we see unfolding in the next few years?  Based on what we have seen so far, I believe we can expect the following:

Economy/National Debt
Since Mr. Obama took office, the national debt has grown to $16 trillion dollars.  Our economy is kept alive because of the fact that our government borrows as much money as possible from countries like China.  Without foreign money, our economy would have died quite some time ago.

We can be assured that by the end of the next four years, our national debt will have grown at the very least, an additional $4 trillion dollars.  I think it’s safe to say that this will be the minimum that we will see it rise.  Again, Mr. Obama will have no reason to explain anything to anyone.  He won’t need to provide reasons for what happens.  If he so chooses, he can and possibly will use the “Blame Bush” card because it worked so well during these first four years.

Aside from that, he won’t need to offer any explanations and once again, the media will refuse to push him on issues like the national debt.  They didn’t do it during the first term and they will have far less of a reason to do it during this coming term.

What always amazes me is the idea that the Democrats and liberals are for the “common” person.  In fact, they like to paint themselves as people who can relate the average American.  Really?  That’s what they say.  They point to the Republicans as the money-grubbing capitalists who want to takes as much as possible in order to line their pockets.  They also want to protect their rich friends so they won’t bother them with higher taxes.

Out of the 19 richest members of Congress, 11 of them are liberal Democrats.  These people also have very rich friends.  Are they really in favor of taxing the rich?  Nope, not at all.  They want to protect their own wealth and that of their rich friends.  They also know that taxing the rich will not make any noticeable difference with respect to the national deficit, but they pretend that when the Republicans say that, they are simply way off base, spouting untruths.  No, the Dems know the truth, but they play the game that continues to blame rich Republicans, as if the rich Democrats made their money through non-capitalistic ventures and only the Republicans cheating people to line their pockets.  It’s a game and the Dems are quite good at it.

Tell me, do you see anyone on the liberal Democratic side of the aisle standing in line to donate money to our government?  Are they taking fewer tax deductions because they want more of their money to be taken by the IRS?  I don’t see that happening on either side of the aisle and certainly not from the Dems.  Again, they are playing a game to remain in business.

Ultimately, because of Mr. Obama’s desire for greater business regulations and higher taxes, businesses will simply move out of the United States and why wouldn’t they?  Mr. Obama will be providing them no reason to remain.  With it, will go jobs.  As one pundit said it, “If you believe that government spending is the way to create growth, you will be happy with what will happen over the next four years.”

You really need to remember though that at some point, the financial well will run dry.

Gun Rights
This is an important one, right up there with national debt.  As far as Americans’ civil rights are concerned, we will see them being squeezed at the very least.

We know that in some ways, “Fast and Furious” was intended to create a fear in Americans so that they would want more gun control laws.  People of course still debate this, but I believe that this is the underlying reason why this program came into being.

We know that Hillary Clinton and the UN want to see stricter gun laws in the United States.  In fact, if the UN has its way, guns will essentially be confiscated in spite of the 2nd Amendment.  In other words, if our government signs a treaty with the UN (as the UK and other countries have already done), our leaders would tell us that the signed UN treaty takes precedence over the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Because of that, we would be expected to simply turn in our guns.

Liberals actually do get it.  They know beyond doubt that removing guns from law-abiding citizens does not make any dent in criminal activity whatsoever.  They know it.  They’re not stupid.  They are simply liars.  They want guns removed because it makes it far easier to control the general populace if they only have bats, sticks, and knives as weapons of defense.  Again, we need look no further than England or other countries that prohibit guns.  It’s a no-brainer, except to the fearful among us who actually buy the lie fed to them that says a society without guns means a much safer society.  This is patently false and there have been so many studies done that prove this point, it’s beyond pitiable.  Again, that truth does not matter to liberals.  They are simply using scare tactics of too many guns in society as a means to take away guns from everyone.  Oh, that’s everyone except the criminal.  Criminals are not about to comply with any law that says they must turn in their guns and criminals are the ones that people need to be afraid of, not the 80 million law-abiding gun owners in the United States.

Anti-gun people have their blogs and their statistics and blame the NRA and the law-abiding gun owner for just about everything violent that happens in our society.  The truth of the matter is that creating more anti-gun laws will not change anything as far as the criminal is concerned.  We need to acknowledge that no statute or combination of laws, once set in place, will prevent any determined individual from committing mayhem. Even the authorities have admitted that.  The Aurora, CO shooting is a case in point.

People want all kinds of things since James Holmes massacred people as they sat watching the new release of The Dark Knight Rises.  There was talk of putting metal detectors at the entrances to theaters and checking people’s bags for weapons.  Holmes did not come in through the front door.  He used an exit door; the kind that are always locked from the outside.

People want to close some “loophole” in the gun show where people can legally purchase guns at gun shows.  Holmes did not purchase his guns at a gun show.  He purchased them legally and was cleared through a full background check.

There is no way that these things can be predicted.  Liberals say the only real solution then is to remove guns from society.  I would be willing to do that only if they remove all guns successfully from all criminals.  Can’t do that?  But you want to take away mine?

I know, I know.  Some liberal with alligator tears comes along and sobs that if removing guns from society saved only one person (SNIFF!), it would be worth it.  That’s assuming that guns are never used against criminals to save lives of potential victims.  The truth is that many of the gun-related deaths that occur each year include instances where guns were used to shoot an attacker in self-defense.  If we remove guns from society, it’s a sure bet that criminals will still get their hands on them and there will be more victims in society because victims will not have access to them.

So, over the next few years, we can expect to see an all-out war against guns in America.  The NRA and other groups like them will be spending a good amount of money, time, and effort to defeat these coming attacks.  Will they succeed?  Possibly, however, if Mr. Obama is able to appoint even one more liberal justice to the Supreme Court, then we can kiss our rights to own guns good-bye.

Civil Rights
The 4th Amendment will come under greater attack and scrutiny.  This is the amendment that protects American citizens from unreasonable search and seizure.  That one – in at least some cases – has been completely set aside already.  The TSA via the Department of Homeland Security has done wonders to make average Americans feel as though they are already guilty of committing some crime just by walking through the security line at the airports around the country.  Instead of profiling potential individuals who would be prone to terrorists, they wind up doing things to average people that is truly reprehensible.  It shouldn’t be, but too many sheep in America are heard saying, “Well, if it keeps me safe in the skies, then I’m all for it.”  That’s not the way either the Constitution or the Bill of Rights works, but you can’t tell them.  It simply will not compute.

Race Relations
Oooh, man, this is definitely a touchy subject.  Will race relations improve?  Well, have they improved over the last four years?  In a word, no.  Why is that?  Well, because you have a racist heading up the Department of Justice by the name of Eric Holder.  Of course, he would never consider himself (or admit) that he was in fact, a racist.  Certainly, those who work for him (progressives) would not say that either.  They would speak of his progressive ideas and his disdain for anything that holds one race above another.

Yet, during the 2008 election, when members of the New Black Panther Party stood outside Philly voting precincts with billy clubs, those individuals were arrested, charged, tried, and found guilty.  While awaiting sentencing, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice simply made the whole thing…disappear.  He later talked about the fact that he was tired of whites complaining about “his” people (my paraphrase).

It seems clear that Eric Holder is a one-man wrecking crew when it comes to race relations and he was appointed by Mr. Obama.  If white people are attacked by blacks, don’t go crying to the Justice Department.  You’ll get nowhere.

Over the past few years, we have seen a tremendous growth of black on white crime, though the media has been dutifully silent about it.  Rarely are these individuals even arrested much less charged.  I know, I know.  Some idiot will come along and say that it happened so much with respect to whites against blacks in history past, maybe it’s time to even things out and give them a leg up.  Okay, so now it’s open season on whites until Eric Holder says otherwise?  Again, that’s not the way the Constitution works and two evils do not make it right.  They simply create more evil.

Christianity has already been squeezed by the Obama administration with the passage of Obamacare.  The mandatory contraceptive elements go against the desires and beliefs of Christians everywhere, but that does not matter to this administration at all.  The only thing that matters is socialized medicine.  That’s it.

We also know that there is a growing backlash, not only against conservatism in general, but against authentic Christianity.  Too many Christians have been told that they are forbidden to pray in public, but this same prohibition does not apply to Islam, where Muslim cab drivers are allowed to place their prayer rugs wherever they want and pray as long as they want.

While more companies and educational institutions are opening their doors wide to Islam and its tenets, they are at the same time, closing their doors to Christians and Christianity.

In spite of the fact that radicalized Islamists under Sharia law create mayhem and havoc wherever they go, liberal women’s groups do not protest the practices toward Islamic women under Sharia, where “honor” killings are carried out with an unusual regularity.  Women are beaten by husbands for the smallest of infractions, children are beaten or killed and hatred toward Jews and Israel rivals the kind of anti-Semitism that existed under the Third Reich.

Yet, Mr. Obama continues to puff up Islam.  He recently stated “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam…” [1]  He said this to the UN shortly after the Benghazi incident where four Americans died and he was desperately trying to give the false impression that the incident in Benghazi was caused by a short film on Muhammad.  But this is a Christian president supposedly, who did not include Christianity in that statement.

While his follow-up comments included condemning those who slandered Christianity, the tone is nuanced far differently with respect to Islam.  “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam but to be credible those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see in the images of Jesus Christ that are desecrated or churches destroyed or the Holocaust that is denied.”  This is a very carefully nuanced statement that says that while those who insult Islam should have no part in the future (does that mean death?), Muslims who condemn that type of slander must also condemn the hate from within their own ranks that denies the Holocaust, etc.  Yet, there is nothing that says that those who condemn Christians, Christ, or Christianity shall have no part in the future.  It’s very nuanced and done purposefully.

Energy Resources
As I mentioned previously, the EPA under the Obama administration will do whatever it takes to close down mining operations.  He said that a while ago, yet the people in the states that are heavily dependent for jobs on coal production didn’t believe him.  Well, they – and the nation – will be faced with the reality that Mr. Obama is going to work very hard to give everyone in the coal industry a pink slip.  It’s coming to America.

What will this do?  Well, obviously, it will create more joblessness and states like Pennsylvania will not bounce back easily, if at all.  Not only will it create more joblessness, but that will directly affect the economy of those states and much of the nation.  It will also inflate energy prices because without coal, other sources of energy will need to be used.

Mr. Obama his first term literally pouring billions of tax payer dollars into green energy companies that are now defunct.  Since they no longer exist, the chance to gain the return on the “investment” is also gone.  Poof!  Evaporated.

During his campaign, Mr. Obama talked about how the US has become less energy dependent on foreign energy sources.  This is true to an extent.  What he was referring to is that in some small cases, aspects of our country are using solar and wind, more so than previously used.  I bet the average American who voted for him last night believes he meant that we are not using as much imported oil as we did before.  That would be wrong.  In fact, we are using more of it because the Obama administration has issued far fewer permits to drill on land in the US for oil.  He explained it another way during one of the debates that made him sound like all he was doing was simply not overextending the permits to people/companies that were not planning on using them.  Wrong again.

Remember Steven Chu?  He’s the energy secretary under Obama who said a few years back that he believed gas prices in the U.S. should be equal to what they are in Europe.  A number of months ago – this past March – he changed his mind on that, saying he doesn’t believe that anymore.  Watch for him to say that he has now changed his mind again and believes that this is where the US should be heading.  Of course, he may not say anything because I think these next four years will show us an Obama administration that is even less transparent than it was during the first term.  Remember, Mr. Obama will have even less of a need to tell the American people anything.

I truly believe that this second term will give him the sense that he doesn’t answer to anyone and with the media waiting to do whatever they can for him, how will anything change?

Mr. Obama has survived “Fast and Furious” (watch it go away completely) and Benghazi (no worries on that score) and the media portrayed Mr. Obama as “presidential” during the days following Hurricane Sandy.  This is in spite of the fact that people are still without power and basic necessities and looting is rampant.  No worries again.  The media will cover for him.  Why?  It all boils down to who OWNS the media and for as many who argue that FOX News lies, the richest Arab man in the world owns a company that owns FOX News.

When foreigners start owning American news bureaus, something is drastically wrong.  What we can expect over the next four years is not going to be good.

Mr. Obama without doubt has a mandate and we will watch it unfold over the coming months and years.  It will be interesting – very interesting in fact – to see the “uh oh” moment on the faces of those who voted for Mr. Obama and really thought that he was going to do something great for this country.

In fact, he will bring it to death’s door.  His plan is to fundamentally change America into something it was not designed to be.  I fully believe we have gone past the point of no return.  There is no going back.  For liberals, that is reason to celebrate.  For those of us who see how bad life is going to become, there is absolutely no reason to celebrate at all, except for the possible fact that the return of Christ is that much closer.

So, we understand that the road ahead is going to be very rocky.  For the Christian, it is going to become possibly quite unpleasant.  One thing has not changed, however.  That is God.  He is still in control and even though it may sound hollow, God is still wrapping things up the way He first revealed to prophets like Daniel.  Frankly, I did not believe we were this close to this period of time, but it appears as though that is the case.

As I was praying this morning in the midst of everything that is going to happen in America and throughout the world, again I came to the realization that God still has His eye on the sparrow and if He has His eye on the sparrow, He has His eye on His children as well.  We need to hold tight and continue to pray for the lost of this world.  They need Jesus whether they can see it or not.

Liberals have won the day, but when everything collapses, it will collapse on the liberal too.  They are not exempt.  They only think they are exempt.

I saw this as part of a post from Chicks on the Right.  I think it is very appropriate and sums up things beautifully.

In the meantime, fuel is going to skyrocket. Job creation is going to turn to NOTHING. Unions are going to be even more empowered. Food prices are going to become insane. Every single sane businessman in America is going to slash work hours to find ways around Obamacare. And then, when Obamacare tries to rebel by jacking up wages – the businessmen are going to slash jobs. And then close their factories. And then leave. Infrastructure will slowly collapse. It’ll probably start with the airports and the post office. Then, things will get really bad. Crime, borne of desperation, will skyrocket. And don’t think Islam and/or China won’t be chomping at the bit to attack us while we’re weak. There is no way, just by the numbers, that the state (or even the military) will be able to control it. Desperate people will resort to desperate things. And you’ll have to defend yourself against it. It’s not going to be easy.” [2]

The person went onto say, “ENDURE.  Because that’s the name of the game now, folks. “Winning/Losing” has become irrelevant. Now we have to outlast them, and the self-destructive, ruinous ends of their ideology. [3]



[3] Ibid

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We Have a Winnah! Simply Delusional…


  • 1. Sherry  |  November 10, 2012 at 5:48 PM

    You know, some mornings I wake up and say, This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it! I know that “day” was Jesus’ first coming but I like it to mean each physical day, too. Now, with both definitions in mind I’ll add, One day closer to Your return, Lord!

    • 2. modres  |  November 10, 2012 at 6:31 PM


  • 3. K  |  November 7, 2012 at 11:45 AM

    I have fully believed for many years that the judgment was coming…you cannot institute perverisity (mockery of marriage) and kill 55,000,000 chidren in and partially out of the womb and think that God will hold back His hand of judgment.

    God is not mocked. God help us and protect us from Evil One.

    • 4. modres  |  November 7, 2012 at 1:31 PM

      I agree and I also believe God WILL help and protect those who call out to Him.

  • 5. BARBARA ANN NORTON  |  November 7, 2012 at 6:57 AM

    THANK YOU for reminding us that the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is in control!
    2 Chronicles 7:14

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