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November 7, 2012 at 3:03 AM 2 comments

Well, it looks like Mr. Obama will be re-elected and that in spite of all the pundits who have argued (convincingly it appeared) that Romney not only had a great chance of winning, but of winning by a landslide.  Ultimately – and I’ve said this before – God has spoken.  There is no way to believe that God is not in control of who becomes president – the highest office in America and the leader of what has been the greatest nation of the world is certainly something that God oversee.  Whether there was cheating going on or not is really besides the point.  For one reason or another, God’s purposes have been brought to fruition.

I know that some Christians have been under the impression that the reason this nation has been “blessed” with Mr. Obama is because we have turned away from God in the first place.  I’ve always disagreed with that assessment and still do.  I don’t think that Mr. Obama is president because authentic Christians haven’t done enough, haven’t prayed enough, haven’t attempted to evangelize enough, or simply haven’t been a strong enough light to this nation or world.  I believe those who think that are absolutely wrong.

It is clear – at least to me – that God would have spared Sodom/Gomorrah had there been enough of the elect living there.  That was simply not the case, so instead of sparing the cities with only a few elect living there, God chose to remove those few elect and destroy the cities anyway.  Based on the question and answer that the Angel of the LORD had with Abraham in Genesis 18, it is abundantly clear that God’s reason for destroying Sodom/Gomorrah had nothing to do with Lot’s ability (or lack thereof) to spread the light of righteousness around; none whatsoever.

In fact, Peter refers to Lot as a “righteous man,” in 2 Peter 2:7.  The same can be said of Noah, who along with the members of his immediate family were the only human beings aboard the Ark.  Again, Peter refers to Noah as a “preacher of righteousness” in 2 Peter 2:5.

No, the fact that America is being resolutely dismantled by the people who have been elected to positions of leadership and authority in this country has everything to do with the ungodly and the unrighteous who live here.  For years, many within this country have pushed the envelope on abortion, even wanting to call partial-birth abortion as a genuine medical procedure.  Infanticide – allowing a child who has survived the abortion process – to simply be set aside in a room by itself to die will become a recognized and accepted procedure.

I am tired of hearing people blaming the Church for the ills of society.  That’s simply not true.  The ills of society are caused by those who have been and remain in constant rebellion to God and His will and purposes.  Those who are authentically part of the the invisible Church are already declared righteous and Paul tells us that we are seated with Christ in the heavenlies (Ephesians 2).  This is due solely to the perfect propitiation of Christ’s death and resurrection.  His sinless life for ours.  We trust in His atonement by faith and His righteousness is transferred to our account.  We stop trusting in our own works, however noble they may appear to us to be.

God is at work in this world and to say otherwise is to negate the truth of Scripture.  He told us long ago what many of His plans for this world were and we have seen it unfold throughout history.  I believe now with the re-election of Mr. Obama, we will see more of it unfold and this is according to His plan, not because of some who believe that the Church has not lived up to its potential.

We could stop and ask, why didn’t Lot do more to spread truth and righteousness while he lived in Sodom/Gomorrah?  Why was there so much evil and so many disgusting practices being done in those twin cities?  Surely, if Lot had been truly righteous, more would have followed him out of the cities, wouldn’t they?

The same could also be said of Noah.  Out of all the people who lived on the earth during his day, you mean to tell me that only Noah and the immediate members of his family were safely tucked away on the Ark, when everyone else perished?  How could that be?  If we use the rationale of many Christians today, we would have to say that Noah simply failed miserably at his job of spreading the truth, didn’t he?

This is what people say today about the Church and about Christians and about how Christians have failed.  Authentic Christians have not, nor are failing God!  Authentic Christians are dedicated to Him and His purposes and want to see others come to know Him so that they might also gain eternal life through knowing Jesus Christ.

At the same time, no Christian can or will live a perfect life here on earth.  It’s impossible, yet it is the ideal that we are to shoot for, constantly submitting ourselves to Him in order that His purposes might be accomplished in and through us.  He is far more concerned about the eternal condition of the many souls that pass through this life than anything else.

I believe that the only reason Mr. Obama was re-elected was because that was God’s will for America.  It is that simple.  Does that mean that his re-election is punishment for the authentic Christian?  Not at all, though authentic Christians will certainly suffer more and more as time moves forward under his second term.  We will see the continued abrogation of our rights in secular society as well as the abrogation of our rights in the area of religious expression.  This is abundantly clear.

In order for this world to get to the point where the Tribulation can begin, it first must become one in purpose.  That cannot happen if the U.S. remains a nation thoroughly anchored on the biblical principles that this country was founded upon.  It cannot happen, so God is allowing evil to strip that away in order to be placed in a far better position to become like Europe and the rest of the world.  No other country in this world has enjoyed the freedoms and blessings that America has enjoyed.  Canada comes to mind as a nation that certainly comes close, but in the end, no country was founded upon documents that provide the freedoms and responsibilities that the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights supplies.

One of my friends said it best.  This country hasn’t moved away from God as much as it has moved away from the Constitution.  The Constitution does not allow for a Federal gov’t to continue running without a budget and this country has not had one for nearly four years.  There have been many times that this administration has done its best to step around the laws of the Constitution and succeeded.  This is in spite of the many prayers and effort put forth by authentic Christians who have seen the lawlessness that has been happening at the very pinnacle of our government’s leadership.  We have been powerless to stop it and that also, has been, I believe, by God’s design.

It is God who is moving this country toward the same type of problems that have existed in Europe for years and have come to a head.  We can expect to see more of these problems visit our shores and certainly we will see a national debt that continues to spiral out of control.  While we can say that our leaders seem to be worthless, the real issue is what God has been doing and why?

In the coming days, I will post some articles on what a second term of Mr. Obama means for this nation and all the ramifications of it, not only for the average citizen, but for authentic Christians.  It is not going to be pretty at all.  In fact, it will become very ugly and dismal.

I firmly believe that terribly dangerous days are ahead, but most won’t care or notice as long as they continue to think that our government is giving them what they want.  As long as the freebies continue, they’ll be happy.  However, there will come a day when those freebies will dry up and then we shall see how they react to that.

It’s going to be a very rough road ahead.  Authentic Christians – now more than ever – need to be as close to God as possible.  Times of persecution are coming and I’m quite certain, we will begin to see it sooner than later.  I’ll be back soon with my thoughts on what America can expect from a second term of Obama policies.  More to come!

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  • 1. Lester  |  November 10, 2012 at 7:47 AM

    I do not always agree with your doctrine, however His ways are not our ways and He is sovereign! God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven! We are told to pray for our leaders in the secular governments. Father’s plan is right on schedule!

    • 2. modres  |  November 10, 2012 at 7:49 AM


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