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Guns: Liberals Continue to Defy Logic

A number of things come to mind with respect to gun-control measures that are being touted by the Left and they deserve our attention, if for no other reason than to (hopefully) show their callousness and lack of logic. Recently, a number of Congress people on the Left have stated that they want to keep inviting victims of gun violence to Capitol Hill because the world needs to see them and hear from them. Their goal is to “keep up pressure for new gun restrictions by inviting people affected by gun violence to President Obama’s State of the Union address, on Feb. 12.”

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Senator Feinstein’s Gun Grab Much Worse

I had one Leftist tell me the other day that “everyone is a law-abiding citizen until they’re arrested.” Of course, this is not even close to the truth, but this is the type of tripe that those on the Left believe. There are too many cases of felons (people who have already been arrested, charged, and even spent time in jail for crimes) that have illegal weapons in their possession, yet somehow, they get away with it, at least until they are caught again. This is normal for criminals who rely on guns anyway.

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So What is in Mr. Obama’s Gun Plan?

To expect my doctor to become an arm of the federal government – “if you see something, say something” – is absurd. My doctor has better things to do and since these particular questions are not related to my physical health, he has no right asking them. Besides, anyone can lie about anything and there is no guarantee that people will be truthful. But what happens with the person who simply refuses to answer? Will they then be reported to some federal agency based on that alone? It certainly seems possible, doesn’t it? In fact, it seems probable to me. Man, talk about Big Brother is watching you.

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Tossing Out the Constitution?

Apparently, when the Left has a problem with something, the first thing they do is attempt to circumvent the law. This alone should tell us where those on the Left stand with respect to the US Constitution. Unfortunately, there are some extremely uneducated people in this country who believe that this is a fine idea when it comes to the issues that are important to them. In this case, the issues are illegal immigration and gun control.

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What Really Happened?

I’ve said it before and it bears repeating. Satan must take this world to a place where a one-world government is fully installed. He must do that in order to reveal the final “man of sin” (as Paul calls him in 2 Thessalonians 2). In order to accomplish this, Satan knows that if people are allowed to continue to have guns, they would be able to fight against a government gone tyrannical. At all costs, Satan must work through the powers that God has allowed him to set up to remove guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens.

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Update Regarding Wal-mart’s Ammo Sales

According to Kory Lundberg at Walmart, the giant retailer is “committed to [continuing to sell guns and ammo] responsibly and safely,” Lundberg said. “We certainly understand there are sportsmen and hunters out there who use these products responsibly, and we want to continue to meet their needs while also continuing to make sure that we’re selling these products in a safe and responsible manner.”

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Jax Mercantile and Walmart

I just got off the phone with the folks at Walmart. I spoke with a nice enough person, but unfortunately, she was one of many operators whose job it is to answer the phone, take notes, and do her best to placate anyone who calls in with a complaint. My complaint was that ammo is virtually gone from Walmart shelves and word is that the execs at Walmart have no plans to order anymore. I heard about this through a number of websites. One site states that a rep at Walmart was told by the superiors, “As of right now Wal Mart is not going to be making any new orders of ammo because of the upcoming decision on the second amendment.”

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Nimrod, the Hunter of Men

Why is Nimrod so important to history? It is because Nimrod was essentially the very first tyrant, or world ruler and from him, all others issue. Interestingly enough though, Nimrod was also greatly beloved (or at least admired) by the people during his time and well after because of his exploits and what he accomplished for the people he ruled. This fact forces us to ask the question why?

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A National Gun Database? Yeah, That’ll Help…

If one stops to consider it, there is absolutely NO good reason for having a national gun database. Having one would not stop crime at all. The only thing a national gun database would do is provide our government with the names and addresses of everyone who owns a gun. That’s it. There is nothing more that such a database would do.

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The Christian and Lethal Force in Self-Defense

Admittedly, picturing yourself as a Christian having to defend yourself against someone who is trying to physically overpower you is not an easy thing to do. Moreover, the idea that self-defense might actually involve taking another person’s life is also something that is easy to deal with for the person who is resolute in following Christ in all things.

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