Update Regarding Wal-mart’s Ammo Sales

January 15, 2013 at 8:08 AM 2 comments

According to Kory Lundberg at Wal-Mart, the giant retailer is “committed to [continuing to sell guns and ammo] responsibly and safely,” Lundberg said. “We certainly understand there are sportsmen and hunters out there who use these products responsibly, and we want to continue to meet their needs while also continuing to make sure that we’re selling these products in a safe and responsible manner.” [1]

In essence then, Lundberg has stated that Wal-Mart has made no plans to stop selling ammo and/or guns in their stores.  It is important also to understand that not all Wal-Mart stores do sell guns or ammo.  In some cases, it depends upon the codes of that particular city.  Some cities do not allow Wal-Mart to sell ammo simply because of the rules and city codes that are already in existence.  Wal-Mart abides by these rules.

The question is whether or not Wal-Mart has already sold ammo and/or guns in particular stores and then opted not to do so.  According to Lundberg above, no changes have been made in Wal-Mart’s policies to stop selling ammo and/or guns.  Like everyone else, it is difficult for Wal-Mart to keep ammo in stock because everyone is trying to buy it.

In short, and to clarify, according to Wal-Mart, no decision has been made to stop selling either guns or ammo in the individual Wal-Mart stores where these items are able to be sold by local ordinance.  For more of the story, please see the link below.  We applaud Wal-Mart for not caving into the emotional demands of those who make no distinction between responsible and irresponsible gun ownership.

[1] http://cnsnews.com/blog/gregory-gwyn-williams-jr/walmart-we-havent-made-any-changes-ammo-order-policy-we-continue-offer

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  • 1. Nelson Swiger  |  January 15, 2013 at 11:02 AM

    Or they saw such a backlash on their FB page that they realized what a big mistake they were making. I say this because they were not answering post by upset customers and it took them awhile to respond. I know my Walmart’s sell guns and ammo and I will check them out.

    • 2. modres  |  January 15, 2013 at 12:10 PM

      I agree. It could be either one. I’ll be checking Walmart out tomorrow because I know that the stores around here get shipments on Tuesday and Thursdays evenings.

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