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January 14, 2013 at 7:00 PM 2 comments

You know, if you stop and think about it, law-abiding citizens like myself are always on the wrong end of the stick, when it comes to government rules, legislation, and regulation.  Consider the way our government views the average citizen.

We are treated as though we are babies, unable to even know what to do unless our government tells us what is the correct thing to do.  We have arrived to an age of over-the-top legislative action that is desperately attempting to create a legislated morality.  However, in doing so, our rights are being trampled coming and going.

I just got off the phone with the folks at Walmart.  I spoke with a nice enough person, but unfortunately, she was one of many operators whose job it is to answer the phone, take notes, and do her best to placate anyone who calls in with a complaint.  My complaint was that ammo is virtually gone from Walmart shelves and word is that the execs at Walmart have no plans to order anymore.  I heard about this through a number of websites.  One site states that a rep at Walmart was told by the superiors, “As of right now Wal Mart is not going to be making any new orders of ammo because of the upcoming decision on the second amendment.” [1]

I have no idea how true this is, so I decided to go to the source – Walmart itself.  I called the corporate number and talked with a nice enough woman who could really tell me nothing.  It was obvious she was reading her script and the script had been carefully worded to address my concern without really addressing it.

If you go to the Walmart page on a well-known social network site, you’ll see (possibly) many posts left by people who are concerned that Walmart has opted to no longer stock ammo.  However, some of the people there are complaining that their posts are simply disappearing.  If that’s the case, then someone at Walmart is removing them.  If that’s true, then it’s clear that either Walmart doesn’t really care what its consumers think or they’d really rather not deal with the issue right now.

But here’s the thing for me.  I am very tired of being a law-abiding citizen who is constantly being inconvenienced all because of people who like to live outside the law.  Don’t get me wrong.  I like being a law-abiding citizen.  I simply don’t like the restrictions that are placed on me because of what those on the outside of the law continually do to ignore the law.  Those people don’t care and unfortunately, are never inconvenienced like I am (and millions of other law-abiding citizens).

James Holmes shoots people at an Aurora, CO theater.  He broke many laws leading up to the time he actually shot people and of course, he broke laws by shooting people.  Adam Lanza did the same thing.  In fact, in Lanza’s case, he was too young to have those pistols he used to kill the children at Sandy Hook.  At least one website has indicated that the guns used in the killings spree were issued by the government to his mother.

Since the tragedy, Dick’s Sporting Goods has opted to no longer sell AR-15s.  A retailer in Colorado has opted to do the same thing.  Now, we are hearing that Walmart has chosen to stop selling ammo altogether.  I have to wonder if this is true, what they might be getting in return for caving into the requests of the Obama administration (if that’s what happened)?  I cannot imagine Walmart simply deciding to longer sell all ammo.  They sell a lot of it and there are laws that must be followed in order for them to be able to sell it in their stores.  A person needs to be at least 21 and must show ID.

But the bottom line for me is that I know who I am.  I know that I am a law-abiding citizen and I’ve had numerous background checks to prove it; numerous ones done when I was in the teaching profession and others done every time I purchase any kind of gun.  Just as I would never abuse Claritin-D (or some other over-the-counter or prescription drug), I would also not break the law when it comes to guns and ammo.  I value my rights and I do not want to do anything that would cause them to be canceled out.

Yet, here I am, a law-abiding citizen, who is increasingly coming under the weight of a government that seems not to care about my individual rights.  They use the excuse that something must be done about the violence of those who live outside the law; those who are not law-abiding citizens.  I would agree, but infringing upon my right is not the answer.  Keeping me from buying guns or ammo is not going to solve the problem that is created by those who are criminals or mentally unstable.

There are a plethora of laws that currently exist on the books now and many of those are not even followed.  Our own government allowed hundreds of guns to cross into the border of Mexico and are known to have killed at least one American Border Patrol agent and too many Mexican citizens to count.  Yet, this same government is going to try to tell me that it is concerned about the deaths of 20 small children in Sandy Hook, CT?  That’s just too hard to believe, forgive me for being a doubting Thomas.

Have we really forgotten about “Fast and Furious” so soon?  Have we arrived at “Oh Well” avenue where Benghazi is concerned?  Looks like in both cases, our own government is guilty of allowing guns to walk, to Mexico (from the US in the case of “Fast and Furious”) and to Syria (from Libya, in the case of Benghazi – allegedly).

Now, conveniently for our government, we have two massacres one right after the other, in which too many innocent people (including children) died.  It’s almost too convenient for my tastes, knowing about our government’s involvement in the above-mentioned illegal events.  Now though, it appears that our government is really serious (stamp foot here) about gun control.  This is in spite of the fact that in 2012, over 440 young people were shot in “gun-controlled” Chicago. [2]  Didn’t hear a peep about those shootings, did you?  That’s over 440 young people – school-aged young people who were shot (many to death).  Did the Obama administration become unglued at that?  Did they promise to eradicate the gun violence in Chicago?  And by the way, at the time, Chicago had some of the toughest gun laws in the U.S.

But 20 young children are killed in Sandy Hook and the government wants to get serious about gun-control?  Who are they kidding?  What about the school-age children in Chicago who are part of that 440 in 2012 (and that’s only in one major U.S. city)?  Guess they didn’t mean anything, or at least our government apparently wants me to believe that those 440 were not as valuable as the 20 young children in Sandy Hook.  Then again, since Mr. Obama has pushed for abortion-on-demand for as long as he has been active in government, is it any wonder that he picks and chooses?

Do you know that the ability to manipulate a person’s emotion is the best thing a con artist has going for him/her?  If they can master the art of controlling how a person feels, they are in the position of being able to take advantage of that person because of their emotions.

When a person relies on their emotions to make decisions, they can be swayed and many are swayed today over many things.  Logic goes out the door.  Intellect gives way to what an emotion tells a person.  The person becomes a slave to the emotion.

It is very clear to me that there are people in Washington who want to eliminate guns from society.  It doesn’t matter that Mr. Obama tries to appease us by making statements that are supposed to make us feel relieved that he really doesn’t want to take guns away from us.  I simply don’t believe him and I’m sorry to say that.  In fact, I don’t believe Diane Feinstein either or other people who simply want to put certain restrictions on guns and ammo.  I fully believe that their ultimate goal is to eradicate guns and ammo from society.  Unfortunately, this will only affect law-abiding citizens, as I’ve mentioned so many times before.

Nothing I’ve heard coming out of Washington so far convinces me that they are serious about ending criminally-related gun violence.  Everything that has been suggested so far simply comes after the fact, not before.  The national gun database will do nothing to eliminate or even curtail gun violence.  Limiting my ability to purchase ammo will not do it either.

I’ve also said this before:  there is an excellent chance that Mr. Obama knows trying to restrict any part of the 2nd Amendment is a battle he will lose.  So, what is the next best thing?  Eliminating ammo, or at the very least, making it so hard to obtain that people will either stop trying or be content with five bullets per month.  Yeah, that will work really well when you’re trying to go improve your marksmanship at the gun club.  Right.

All I keep hearing – even from Jax Mercantile President Jim Quinlan in Colorado – is that AR-15s have no purpose except to kill human beings and lots of them.  Really?  Then the people I know who use them for hunting animals and for target practicing at the club are using them for the wrong purpose?  Wow, I’d better let them know because I’m pretty sure that they bought them to hunt animals with, not people.  Who knew?

How asinine is that reasoning, Mr. Quinlan?  Too many people believe that this is why people buy AR-15s.  They are squirreling them away so that one day, when they go berserk, they will have the weapon they need to take out some people.  This reasoning is so asinine, it’s pitiful, yet people believe it.  People do not buy these weapons to hunt people.  They buy them for hunting.  Yes, they look tactical.  Yes, they have magazines that can hold up to 30 bullets, but when you are target-practicing, it’s nice to not have to stop every five or six bullets to reload the magazine.  What is so hard to understand about that?

If I find out that Walmart has indeed made the decision to stop stocking ammo, I will not darken their doorway again or Sam’s Club either.  If they stoop to this level of pandering to the Obama administration, then it is clear that they are doing it for what they can gain in return.  They are effectively turning their back on the 2nd Amendment and they no longer need my business.

Jim Quinland of the above-mentioned Jax Mercantile says he has received quite a few praises from people who tell him he’s doing the right thing.  He also says he doesn’t want to “take sides” or enter the political debate.  Really, Mr. Quinlan?  Sorry pal, but you have taken sides and you have entered the political debate.  It is certainly Mr. Quinlan’s right to sell or not sell whatever he wants in his store.  I have no objection to that.  However, he needs to realize because this is such an emotionally charged issue, there are repercussions and his decision to no longer carry a type of weapon that is perfectly legal for law-abiding citizens to own may well mean that people who normally purchased at his store will no longer do so.

Maybe one day, a group of anti-gunners will start protesting Jax Mercantile because of a type of bullet or another weapon.  What will Mr. Quinlan do then?  Will he bow to their pressure?  Will he make them happy by giving into them even though he further inconveniences more law-abiding citizens?

In the end, we, the people – the law-abiding citizens of the United States – are the ones who are raked over the coals for the decisions that are made in Washington.  Whether its tax increases or gun-control, it all really comes to to all of us law-abiding citizens being further boxed in by politicians and the policies they create.  Do the criminals ever feel the pinch?  Only if they are caught and hauled into jail.  Even then, our jails and prisons are becoming overcrowded and many low-risk offenders are gaining early release because of it.  In general, the very people who create the problems in society are quite often never inconvenienced.

You know, it makes you want to move to a foreign country, doesn’t it?  To see what is happening to America is repugnant.  It’s not simply gun control.  It’s the corruption in our government and the way law-abiding citizens are being treated by a government that is only content to abrogate our rights, while members of said government continually skirt the law.  When is the government going to stop poking the law-abiding citizen in the chest?  Probably never because they know they can push us around.  What are we going to do, become a person who sets the law aside and live like the criminal?  That’s not what law-abiding citizens do, do we?  We grin (or is that grit our teeth) and bear it.

But it’s getting more difficult with each passing day to keep grinning.  It is very clear to me that gun-related violence is not something that really can be solved by establishing more anti-gun regulations since criminals don’t care about regulations.  What’s worse is when our government uses the tragedies that occur in society because of sick people to further establish more of a hold over law-abiding citizens.

Are we completely deaf, dumb, and blind to all the history that has come and gone?  Are we to believe that the government of the United States would somehow never become tyrannical toward its citizenry?  Are we supposed to think that our government always has our best interests at heart?

If you believe these things, then I would encourage you to think again.

[1] http://investmentwatchblog.com/breaking-confirmed-wal-mart-is-not-going-to-order-any-more-ammo/#IxOpGMJGEKoSFbfI.99
[2] http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/12/24/Chicago-Is-Gun-Control-Capital-Of-U-S-Yet-Over-440-School-Age-Children-Shot-There-in-2012

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Nimrod, the Hunter of Men Update Regarding Wal-mart’s Ammo Sales


  • 1. Lester  |  January 15, 2013 at 8:49 AM

    Oh I doubt brother and I KNOW, not just believe or have an opinion.

    I don’t think many people have any idea how deep the evil rabbit hole goes! At 65 I have finally come to a place of understanding and knowledge that has set me free, by Jesus of course, but heavy research has reveled to me the dark purposes of the princes of this world. They have convinced themselves that evil is good and good evil and they preach it and brain wash the masses in this philosophy.

    The Word says, that which is hidden will be revealed, I think soon the covers will be taken off and we will all see who is in bed with each other. I am seeing through the glass much clearer now than before.

    Years ago when I was very young I had a starry notion of the fife and drum marching down the street as in the end of the revolutionary war.

    The Lord showed me 30 years ago that that was just a billboard and I needed to look behind the curtain! What I saw made me want to run and I did for a time.I really think there will be a confrontation between the Kingdom Of God and the kingdom of this world very soon.
    Jesus give you insight and wisdom to understand what you see behind the curtain!

    • 2. modres  |  January 15, 2013 at 8:59 AM

      Thanks for your insight, Lester.

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