What Really Happened?

January 15, 2013 at 5:33 PM 2 comments

I know, I know.  There are plenty of conspiracy theorists and theories out there, aren’t there?  In fact, most of them sound like the ravings of lunatic minds.  We knew that it wouldn’t be long before people started asking questions about Sandy Hook.  Originally, it appeared as though what happened there was the result of one lone gunman (amazing how often that “lone gunman” thing crops up, doesn’t it?) named Adam Lanza (originally stated to be Adam’s older brother, Ryan because Adam was carrying Ryan’s current ID, even though Ryan hadn’t seen his brother Adam in years.

So many people are asking questions about Sandy Hook that it is difficult to ignore them.  I’ve read many articles, watched many videos, and asked questions myself.  What is the result?  I honestly have absolutely no idea.

The saddest part of the whole thing is that if Sandy Hook (or any other major event that resulted in the loss of life) had anything to do with a government involvement, all I can say is that any government that would participate in or actively perpetrate such a hoax is a government that is guided by evil, pure and simple.

As I have stated, like most people, when the shootings at Sandy Hook originally occurred, I was overwhelmed with sadness and disbelief.  Since then, because of all that I have read, I can only wonder what actually happened.

Is Adam Lanza dead?  According to the news he is dead.  What about all the children; are they dead?  According to the news they are also dead.  My heart goes out to family and friends who knew these children and who died needlessly.

But none of this resolves many of the questions that have come to the surface and there are people who have done some amazing research and reported what they have learned since the tragedy took place.  The trouble is that, for one reason or another, they are given either no attention or simply told that they are full of it.

Out of the many videos and articles that exist on Sandy Hook, here is one which I think stands out because of the obvious problems associated with Sandy Hook and the aftermath.

I realize that quite often, news reports contain invalid information by those who get there on the scene and immediately start asking questions.  This is not to say that these reporters are culpable or part of the hoax (if one exists).  It is not abnormal for misinformation to come to the surface along with actual information because of the timeline of these events.  Mistakes are made and are corrected later.

The difference between those types of things and the things that are brought out on this video are stark and are not – in my opinion – easily answered.  If you have answers for many of the questions that are raised in this (or other) videos, I would welcome them.  As it stands now, I believe many of the questions posed in this video are valid and deserve answers, not remonstrating (whether it’s from some news anchor or someone else).

There has been too much going on in our society for too long and people are getting to the point where they are having a very difficult time believing that our government is not behind some of the things that have occurred in our society because of the things our government wants to achieve, in spite of the rule of law guaranteed by the Constitution.  It seems for too long that many media sources and outlets have disparaged and vilified people who have simply and earnestly wanted answers to questions, yet this was not the case years ago.

I will also state this clearly and without equivocation.  Satan is the god of this world.  He comes as an angel of light.  His main goal is to silence the truth and whether that truth has to do with some event like Sandy Hook or something else entirely, he works diligently to obfuscate the truth.  He endeavors to do that by making his lies appear to be truth when they are still lies.

Yesterday, we saw the Obama administration march out Collin Powell, who claimed that the GOP are racist.  This is the only thing that Mr. Obama and the Left can do to ensure that the GOP becomes silent.  Powell himself was appointed to positions by a Republican president and he was seen for the longest time as someone who believed in the principles promoted by the GOP; conservative principles.  But now – for whatever reason – Powell has become little more than a puppet for the global elite in their attempts to shut people up when it comes to Mr. Obama and what he wants to achieve for this country.

I’ve said it before and it bears repeating.  Satan must take this world to a place where a one-world government is fully installed.  He must do that in order to reveal the final “man of sin” (as Paul calls him in 2 Thessalonians 2).  In order to accomplish this, Satan knows that if people are allowed to continue to have guns, they would be able to fight against a government gone tyrannical.  At all costs, Satan must work through the powers that God has allowed him to set up to remove guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens.

In the past few months, we have witnessed the massacre by James Holmes in an Aurora, CO theater, quickly followed by another massacre perpetrated allegedly by Adam Lanza.  In both cases, way too many people died needlessly.

Also in both cases, calls went out to create tighter gun restrictions.  Without these tragedies, calls for stricter laws would fall on deaf ears.  Yet, with these events as the backdrop for the calls for tighter gun control, people will notice and will also raise the call.  The voices will be heard and Mr. Obama will do what he can to create a safer society for Americans.

Did Sandy Hook occur as told by the news?  I have no idea.  For now, I have to believe it did.  Thinking anything else pulls back the curtain on something so evil that I prefer not to face it or even acknowledge that it’s there.

However, the one thing that cannot be denied is that the end result of both the Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings is a desire by many for stricter gun control.  This is exactly what Mr. Obama is willing to give people, in spite of the fact that it will not create a safer society at all and will – in my opinion – simply make things worse.

But in truth, Satan does not care about criminals.  He already has those people and they already do his bidding.  His concern is for the person who obeys the law and would never shoot up people because he has a gun.  Whether Mr. Obama or any other politician is being knowingly used by Satan or incidentally used will result in the same thing: a removal of guns from society.

I watched a video today featuring a news anchor and a gentleman from the northeast.  They debated the subject of gun control and at one point, the person being interviewed mentioned he was – at that moment – carrying a gun.  The news anchor was aghast and even said, “That scares me.”  Folks, the gun in the man’s pocket (or holster) that was out of sight had no ability to dislodge itself from that holster and start shooting up anyone.  The only way that gun would have worked is if the owner had taken it out and started shooting by physically pulling the trigger.

But people are afraid of guns.  They talk of guns killing people as if they are animated objects all by themselves.  You don’t hear anyway say “That car killed all those people after it drove itself into that crowd.”  But guns?  Guns kill people all the time, don’t they?  No, a person using a gun kills another person or persons.

Here’s what I believe.  If Mr. Obama does not get what he wants – the elimination of guns from society – we will see more events like Sandy Hook.  Will they be perpetrated by our government?  No idea, but I will say this.  At the root of it, SATAN will continue to use events like Sandy Hook, Aurora, CO, Virginia Tech and the others to bring about his desire and need for a society without guns.  Satan knows that he must bring this world to that point before it can reach a united front.  It has to happen and Satan has no problem causing someone to take out children or adults.  His palpable hatred for all human beings is clearly enumerated in Scripture.

Does Satan use people to bring about his goals?  Of course!  Can he use politicians to do his bidding?  Absolutely.  It is happening in New York right now and through Dianne Feinstein, it will happen in California.  Rahm Emanuel has Chicago covered and there will be others who will – knowingly or unknowingly – do the bidding of Satan.  There should be no question in the mind of the Christian.

Guns do not kill people.  If we want to get technical, the actual bullet is the object that can bring about death.  But still, it is the person who pulls the trigger who is the actual killer, isn’t it?  In spite of the fact that people believe guns kill people, I’ve never seen a gun arrested, charged with murder, and brought to trial, have you?  The gun may be part of that trial, but the gun itself is never put on trial.  It’s always the person associated with that gun and the one alleged to have pulled the trigger.

Society is really getting dark, folks.  It is absolutely amazing to me how darkness is literally filtering throughout global society creating a kind of blindness that is hard to define.  This is a reflection of how dark Satan is and how much God is allowing Satan to hold sway over too many people in society.  I want to say, look up because our redemption draws near, but I honestly have no idea how far off that is before it occurs.

Here’s the video related to Sandy Hook that I mentioned.  What is the truth about Sandy Hook?  Well, this I know.  Satan is behind it.  He is a murderer from the beginning and lying is his native tongue.  We can expect more of these types of tragedies to occur because of what Satan needs to accomplish and how he needs to change society in order to bring about the final rebellion in which he will use the people of this earth in an attempt to overthrow God in Christ.

These times are – in many ways – unbelievable, yet they are upon us.  We are seeing the restraining influence of God being deliberately pulled to the side (by God Himself).  He is allowing Satan more sway, more pull, and more opportunity to ply his trade of lies, deceit, and murder.

Did Sandy Hook actually happen?  As I said, I have no idea.  I have to think that it did and if it did, it came not from Adam Lanza, but from Satan himself.  The same applies even if Sandy Hook did not really happen as we have been told that it did.  If (and that is a HUGE “if”) Sandy Hook was a guided event that was used by the media and our government to make us think this tragedy could have been avoided if we had only had the proper gun-control restraints in place, it still is something that Satan himself crafted and perpetrated.

The fight is on, folks.  We know it.  It’s here.  We know that eventually, Satan will be allowed to gain the upper hand and keep it.  In the meantime, Christians need to keep their heads, their hearts, and their eyes fully locked on God.  We cannot afford to worry or give into any fear.  Perfect love casts out all fear.

God has everything under control, whether it looks that way or not.  Soon, we will learn just exactly what Mr. Obama will be proposing related to gun-control.  Remember, the source of this is Satan himself, who needs to remove guns from society so that his system will prevail.  He did that with Hitler, Stalin, and countless others and he now needs to do it on a worldwide scale.  If he can accomplish this in the United States, the walls will fall and guns will become legally restricted everywhere.

We will see what God allows.  Take heart though because the battle is truly the Lord’s.

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