Bill Clinton Opens Mouth and Out Comes Hubris

June 20, 2013 at 2:46 PM 2 comments


This past Monday, June 17th, “Former President Bill Clinton urged Israel to make peace with Palestinians in order to survive as a Jewish and democratic state…”

In the article, Clinton is painted as a “pro-Israel” voice, but in truth, he’s really not. He’s a pro-global elite voice and the elite wants control of Israel. During Clinton’s time in office, he treated Netanyahu no better than Obama has, ignoring him, making him wait, etc. Obama simply mirrored what Clinton did.

What I find fascinating is that the oneness is always placed on Israel’s shoulders. I fully realize that many blame Israel for the problems in the Middle East. They argue that if the UN had not “caved” and allowed Israel to become a nation in 1948 (in fulfillment of prophecy; Ezekiel 37:1-14), problems that exist since would not exist today. They fail to realize that a once dead nation – Israel – had come back to life! Not only that, but Hebrew – an officially dead language – also rose from the dead and again became a living, viable language that is now spoken in Israel and around the world.

The truth is that none of this would have happened without God’s hand and yes, I do understand that there are those who violently disagree with me. They’re entitled to their opinion.

Bill Clinton apparently wants us to believe that he really is for Israel, that he wants them to succeed. If that’s going to happen – he says – Israel needs to find a way to make peace with the “Palestinians” (Arabs/Muslims). I’d like to remind Mr. Clinton that decades ago, anyone who lived in the Land of Palestine was called a “Palestinian” and it did not matter if that person was Jewish or Gentile. Yassar Arafat came along and hijacked the term, applying it only to Arabs living in Palestine. It was quite a coup, one that the world bought completely.

“Clinton warned that increasing numbers of Palestinians under Israeli rule will ultimately force the country to lose either its Jewish majority or its democratic nature if Palestinians are not given equal rights as citizens.”

That’s an interesting comment considering how Islam treats non-Muslims. If people are allowed to remain in an Islamic state, they must pay “dhimmi” tax (or “dhimmitude”) for the privilege of being able to live there…alive. Non-Muslims are considered second class citizens though. Muslims have no problem kicking Coptic Christians out of the country, killing them, or burning down their churches.

Muslims in Israel have freedom and they know it. The Muslims there – like Muslims in other countries surrounding Israel – are largely Arab. An Arab is an Arab. There is no such thing as Palestinian Arab. That individual simply does not exist. It is a created term, one used as propaganda.

What will God have to say about all of this? Does Israel need to cave into public or world pressure to give Arabs what they want in order to maintain her own self-sufficiency?

To hear many Muslims tell it, Israel should not even exist and people like Ahmadinejad have for too long sworn to destroy every last Jew in the Middle East. One can only assume that even if Israel gave into demands and gave “Palestinian” Arabs land for their state, that would not be enough. The fighting would continue. The shelling would not end. The death threats would continue to spew from the lips of hardline radical Muslims who believe the only good Jew is a dead Jew.

The fact that Israel was “reborn” in 1948 and continues to this day against all the odds says something. It says that God has not given up on Israel in spite of what many believe. God is in charge and He will have His way, in His timing, whether anyone likes it or not.

It’s really too bad that people like Bill Clinton have eyes, but they cannot see. They fail to see how often Israel has been attacked and how often though Israel has given land back (legally gained in the Six-Day War), the shelling has continued. Her enemies simply move in closer because of the land given back to them.

“The idea that a Palestinian state will arise inside the Land of Israel has reached a dead-end.” This is due to the Arabs who refuse to give an inch and have proven as much for decades. It doesn’t matter what Israel gives, Arabs take and take some more.

They don’t want a two-state solution because there have been too many offers (beginning shortly after 1948) and have refused them all. They want Israel gone from the region, permanently.

Clinton may believe what he’s saying, but I find it difficult to believe he’s that stupid. Can he really be so blind as to not realize that at every turn, peace-talks have been stalled because of the Arab refusal to compromise.

Israel needs to start sticking up for herself and let the chips fall where they may. Numerous portions of the Hebrew Bible speak of Israel being completely alone in the last days, with no one on her side. Certainly America has progressively turned her back on Israel as have all other nations, except Canada.

If I am understanding the Bible correctly and it does say that Israel will stand alone, what would be the purpose? The purpose would be to bring glory to God so that Israel will have no choice but to lean on God for His strength, His direction, and His victory. It doesn’t matter how many disagree with it. If this is God’s plan, it will happen and throughout the book of Ezekiel as just one example, God repeats one fact that stands above all others. Everything He does for Israel He is doing so that He will be glorified. It is not for Israel that He does anything. It is for the sake of His Holy Name.

It couldn’t be more clear than that, except to the spiritually blind person.

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  • 1. Sherry  |  June 22, 2013 at 1:43 PM

    I chuckle every time I hear someone say that Israel must concede for the sake of their survival because, as I will often remark, “we’ll just see what God says about that!” :mrgreen:


    • 2. modres  |  June 22, 2013 at 8:28 PM

      Amen to that!


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