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What is the Coming Tribulation All About? Part 3

I fully believe that this coming seven-year period is a time when God will pour out His wrath onto this world. I explained this in Part 1. As another proof of this, please note that Revelation 5 depicts a scene in heaven where a seven-sealed scroll is introduced. This scroll appears to be something special and at first, it looks like no one is found worthy to open it. John the apostle, who witnesses this scene, breaks down into tears because all seemed hopeless.

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A Plan Decades in the Making is Coming to Fruition Now

While it is obvious that the immigration crisis is contributing to a “planned collapse” or our country, it is not the only event put in motion to accomplish this goal. As the nation awakens to the danger that “Common Core” education represents, they would do themselves well by realizing that this is the final push of an education curriculum a century in the making. Again, it all goes back to the ideas of Marx and the teachings of Gramsci. Antonio Gramsci taught that America would only accept socialism incrementally and in order to implement incremental change, the institutions must be infiltrated by “Change agents.”

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What is the Coming Tribulation All About? Part 2

If the brokering of a covenant between Israel and the surrounding Arab nations is the event that starts the Tribulation, we need to discuss what happens during the Tribulation and fortunately for us, the Bible has it outlined for us neatly. Though we cannot determine exactly how much time transpires between each seal, trumpet, and bowl during the Tribulation, we can generally determine the order of events.

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What is the Coming Tribulation All About? Part 1

The word “tribulation” is used in Scripture in several ways. First, it is used in a general way to note that life is often replete with difficulties (tribulations) that vex us, that try our faith. If allowed, these seasons of tribulation will cause us to grow in our faith. They are ordained by God and it is our job to humble ourselves under His mighty hand so that in due time He will lift us up (cf. 1 Peter 5:6).

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America as a Nation Cannot Take Much More…

But if these scandals bother you and the fact that nothing aside from talking (and in some cases, ranting) has taken place, don’t be alarmed. If you look in the Congressional record, situations like this have occurred since before the time of Woodrow Wilson. Scandals with accompanying big talk and bigger committees looking into things. After all the talk, the huffing and puffing, and the posturing, rarely was anyone brought up on any charges of any kind. Things just petered out so it’s not a modern day phenomenon. It’s apparently simply the way Congress works.

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Shhh! Looks Like the Current Invasion of Illegals was Planned

Further, leftists don’t care (and don’t realize because they lack critical thinking skills) that money doesn’t grow on trees and that America will never recover from its 17 TRILLION dollar debt. They do not understand that eventually, the economic, political, and social systems in America will collapse into dust.

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It’s Not Compassion that Drives Democrats Regarding Illegal Aliens

There are stories of medical personnel who are examining and treating these illegal aliens and being threatened with arrest should they leak the truth regarding the impact of the diseases that these people from south of the border are bringing into America. One counselor working with the aliens is quoted as saying that “measles, chicken pox, strep throat, lice, and scabies are pandemic in the camp; moreover, she warns that many of the children and young people have severe psychological and emotional problems.”

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Reckless Endangerment: Man Arrested for Flying Flags on Overpass

I’m hopeful Martins wins his case and frankly, I really don’t care what his beliefs are regarding this matter. Anyone in America should have the right to say what they want to say and express their opinion. It shouldn’t matter if that person is for or against a politician, a believer or an atheist, straight or homosexual. It simply should not matter because the 1st Amendment is there for everyone and it was purposefully not limited or restricted by our Founding Fathers. They seemed to know what they were doing.

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Lies, Lies, and More Lies from the Clintons and the Obamas

It was roughly five to six weeks later that Hillary appeared on Capitol Hill to testify regarding Benghazi. It was the same event where hear words – “What difference at this point does it make?” – were stated with her arms gesticulating to Senator Ron Johnson. This outburst of temper was something that she had tried to overcome. For years, she had tried to paint herself as a tried-and-true professional, who was calm in adversity and able to remain clear and level headed in spite of the storm that might be spinning around her.

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Hillary Clinton Proves She’s Clueless with Remarks about Hobby Lobby

One thing appears clear where Hillary Clinton is concerned. She is trying way too hard to be noticed and stand out from the crowd. She wants to be seen as her own person but for people who still have and use critical thinking skills, we see her for what she is – an opportunist doing her best to spin her way into the Oval Office in 2016.

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