Any Connection Between Technocracy and the Rapture?

March 6, 2015 at 2:50 PM

If we consider the fact that Satan has been using Technocrats (globalists) to build a system some call Technocracy to be the vehicle through which some of these same Technocrats will rule the world, a good question to ask is how long will it take before the system is complete enough to actually use? It’s a good question to ponder, though we might never come to an exact answer for it.

Most will agree that Technocracy is taking shape throughout the world, growing a bit here, more there, and incrementally over all. It really isn’t all that difficult to envision a world completely governed by policies and regulations of a group of Technocrats, who seek ultimately, only what’s best for themselves. That means enslaving the world through a myriad and hopelessly ending rules, regulations, and red tape, which will completely hamstring the average person. In effect, we will be limited by what Technocrats allow us to do. This is their vision of the future and it is also very helpful to understand that they themselves, will not be bound by those same rules.

For instance, when we hear talk of redistribution of wealth, that does not include Technocrats. They have no intention of allowing any one of us “serfs” get our hands on any of their money. The redistribution they are referring to is the “wealth” that is held by the Middle Class. They want to take whatever I might have in my savings (or retirement) accounts and spread it around to those who don’t have that.

Let’s be realistic, people like George Soros, Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, and the rest of the incredibly wealthy Technocrats have no intention of giving up even one penny of their wealth to make life easier for the rest of the population. That does not even enter the picture. The reason they are as powerful as they are is because of the wealth they have and they don’t care how they gained it either. It’s theirs and they’re keeping it.

Redistribution of wealth is making everyone else who is not part of the Technocratic ruling class equal where money is concerned. People will have the same type of housing, the same type of cars, the same type of everything. But do you think this will be really nice housing, great cars, and everything else? Come on folks, let’s think again.

Architectural rendering by Gluck+ of The Stack.

Architectural rendering by Gluck+ of The Stack.

In fact, the housing that Technocrats have in mind for the world’s population will certainly vary from one geographical area to the next, but it is clear that the term “stack ’em and pack ’em” has new meaning because this is exactly what they want for us. They want us out of the rural areas (as much as possible) and into the urban areas for better control. A few years ago, Manhattan experienced its first middle-income, prefabricated apartment complex, known as The Stack. Note the artist’s rendering of The Stack going up.

Of course, the problem with The Stack is that it actually looks nice and you can own (or rent) different floor plans, with one and two-bedroom plans for under $650,000. I’m fairly certain that this will not necessarily be one of the options made available to people once the coming Technocracy comes into full and plain view. But, it’s nice to dream, isn’t it?

Though I tend not to hold out much hope that housing will even look as nice as this with the same home being repeated up and down the street for blocks (as in the photo to the right underneath The Stack), in all likelihood, what people will likely be living in is what we too often see in Sci-Fi movies that portray a decidedly dark, dank, and dystopian future.

futureslumsThese future homes will be made as cheaply as possibly (courtesy of Technocrats) because they will determine that in order to keep things “fair,” people will not need a great deal of choice. The less choice, the better. When the system of Technocracy is fully and finally revealed, the world will be on the receiving end of welfare as envisioned by the Technocrats. Right now, the money that is being spent on Welfare is not their money. It’s taxpayer money so they don’t care how much is wasted. In fact, the more waste, the better, because that increases the financial load that will ultimately create a crash that may well be needed to usher in Technocracy in full.

Think about how much debt America currently has. It’s well over $17 trillion. Some economists say it’s a lot more than that. Yet, the system using the dollar continues. How does that happen? Obviously, the economy of the United States is being artificially supported or it’s going to take even more debt to bring it all tumbling down. If the former, then America’s economy is being supported until the envisioned Technocracy can come to full term. If the latter, the proper tipping point has not been achieved yet. In either case, there will be some catalyst (from within or without) that will create just the right situation to bring America’s economy falling down.

Consider the Rapture, an event that I believe the Scripture teaches will occur before the coming seven-year Tribulation. I know that the Rapture has gotten a lot of flack (as well as the Christians who hold this view) for being nothing more than an “escapist” clause that Christians use to their advantage, while avoiding real responsibility.

However, what if the Rapture has a two-fold purpose? What if the Rapture, while designed to remove the invisible Church from this planet so that God’s wrath can be poured out onto the rebellious people of this earth, is also designed to set things in motion that will allow the coming Technocracy to become fully operational?

Imagine what would happen to this earth if – in an instant – millions upon millions of people are simply gone? Would that not cause tremendous chaos and havoc? Would it not give the Technocrats the reason (and ability since all those pesky, morally astute Christians are gone) to usher in their Utopia that is nothing more than a Technocracy, which governs the entire world by rules and regulations?

If we can take a few moments to think about and consider what the world will be like immediately following the Rapture, it is jaw-dropping. Not only would people be gone, but the absolute resultant chaos would be extremely pronounced and would visibly shake people to their core. The world would demand immediate explanations from world leaders. They would want assurances. They would want to know how such a thing could happen and why.

There will be people who will provide answers. They will step up to the podium and officially announce that the “great evacuation” has taken place (something the New Age has been teaching since the 1950s through people like Barbara Marx and others, pointing to this future event). Contact will have been made with aliens who came to earth and in a twinkling of an eye, took millions of people from the earth because they were keeping this world from evolving to the next evolutionary stage. Now that these people are gone, the real work can begin, but everyone will have to pull together. All will have to sacrifice.

Not long ago, I received an email from a reader who could have been an atheist or a New Ager. He said in part, “ALL religion in general has done nothing but stall evolution. We should be already able to visit other life in the galaxy (which ACTUALLY does exist).” If I’m understanding him correctly, he is blaming Christians (and all other religions) on the fact that we have not made contact with aliens yet. According to Barbara Marx, one day the aliens themselves will come to earth and gather all the “malcontents” (Christians especially) off this earth and take us to another planet. As stated, this will allow the earth to move to the next stage of evolutionary development. It is an interesting concept and of course, it is just like Satan to teach his New Age followers this so that when it happens, people will be able to step up with an explanation, while calming people at the same time.

Whether it happens like this or not (and even if it does, I have no idea when it might occur!), I can think of no other event that could cause such trauma to the people of the earth. I’ve written about this in a book I published several years ago. It’s not a new concept.

The reality is this: whether it’s the Rapture or something else, and whether it happens because of one specific event or over a period of time, the coming Technocracy will usher the world into the seven-year period known as the Tribulation. Of this we can be sure because the Scripture describes it so completely.

The world will become one. Ten kings will rise to rule. Three will be killed by the Antichrist, who will then become supreme ruler. It’s coming and we need to prepare, spiritually. It is past time to commit yourself to God and His purposes.

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