Why Worry About Technocracy and Technocrats?

March 6, 2015 at 12:06 PM

Howard Scott, an American engineer and founder of the Technocracy movement.

Howard Scott, an American engineer and founder of the Technocracy movement.

I’ve written a few articles here and here on the subject of Technocracy, Technocrats, and how they are working very hard to change America and the world in order to usher in a global system of governance where the rule of law will be replaced by rule via regulations. I’ve also written a longer series starting here. Though these Technocrats are behind the ever-changing societal outlook, the truth of the matter is that they and their ideas are governed by Satan himself.

While we do not want to inordinately focus on Satan, his minions (whether spiritual or human beings), and/or activities, the Bible tells us that we are to be wise to his schemes (cf. 2 Corinthians 2:11, see also Ephesians 4:14; 6). It is not a waste of time nor does it create a spiritual dullness to understand how the enemy is working in society in order to change it. Any good sports team will tell you that they take time to watch video of how another team plays so that they can prepare for the game against that team. Knowing the enemy’s moves helps them win.

At the same time, the victory over the devil has already been clearly secured by the life, death, resurrection, and resulting ascension of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. It is not our job as Christians to fight the devil in order to gain the victory over him. It is our job to understand how he works so that we will not fall prey to his schemes because even though he is a defeated foe, his constant desire is to bring daily defeat into the lives of each Christian. This can easily happen when we are unaware of his schemes.

Imagine if Jesus had no answer to Satan’s temptations in the wilderness (cf. Matthew 4). How terrible might that have been? At each step, Jesus completely understood the scheme that Satan was using in order to get Him (Jesus) to fail. Without that knowledge, it certainly would have been much more difficult to resist the enemy. Of course, Jesus fully understood what Satan was all about and more importantly, Jesus knew the absolute truth of God’s Word, which enabled Him to overcome.

What I find fascinating is that many, many Christians fail today in daily life because they are 1) unaware of how Satan will attack them, and 2) unaware of God’s absolute truth and how it is to be applied in every situation. Satan deals in lies, falsehoods, and deceit. God deals in truth, period.

So why articles dealing with Technocrats, Technocracy, or anything else that highlights the darkness of Satan’s kingdom? Two reasons. First, we learn to spot the enemy by the lies he tells, even when his lies can seem extremely convincing and that’s why Humanistic Relativism is Satan’s religion of choice because it puts man in the driver’s seat. It forces man to rely on himself as the final arbiter of all truth. Second, once we see what the enemy is doing, it makes it that much easier to resist it and walk away from it, in spite of how intelligent and even reasonable it may seem to be.

In other words, whenever we hear a lie by someone we might even be tempted to “respect,” we must repudiate it. It does not matter which side of the political aisle they may be on either. If they are lying, they are acting in concert with the devil. By writing these articles on Technocracy and Technocrats, what I’ve been attempting to do is point out how society is changing, in order to move the entire world toward a global system of governance, where ultimately Satan, through his spiritual son, Antichrist, will reign. By the way, the Technocrats who are moving us toward that end are not aware that this will be the case. They think they will rule and certainly, they will for a short time. That is, until Antichrist rises from among them, takes out three (of the 10 “kings” who will govern the entire earth at some specific future point, according to Revelation 17) individuals and declares himself the victor, ruling over all else. The seven remaining “kings” will bow and pledge allegiance to him (because they value their own physical lives of course). Technocrats are not aware of this because they don’t read the Bible and even if they are, they’re likely blind to this reality.

It is important for all Christians to understand what is occurring in America and the world today. Knowing for instance, that the global elite in the form of Technocrats is doing their level best to push “sustainable development,” “green energy,” and all the rest, should tell us that something is up. While it is perfectly fine (and acceptable) to recycle things so that part of them can be reused and we toss less waste into landfills, we should not literally turn God’s Creation inside out by placing more value on animals, plants, and the earth itself than we do on human beings.

Through the Sustainable movement, the government is doing everything it can to restrict how we live through regulation and policy development. Knowing that ultimately, Technocrats are working to gain control of every aspect of our lives, we can resist this by not kowtowing to them in this manner. We can and should live responsibly but we should not be held hostage to the earth by Technocrats who are essentially designing their own futures so that their descendants will be able to enjoy the earth.

We need to recognize that, according to Scripture, Technocratic globalists will have their day to shine. They will temporarily win, gaining full control of the world so that Satan, through his spiritual son Antichrist, will be able to attempt to fulfill his promises of Isaiah 14. At the same time, we must not be part of it and we must also realize that we cannot keep it from happening.

Knowing what God tells us is going to happen helps us understand the entire movement of Technocracy and the Technocrats who are given control of it. We cannot change where this world is heading. At most, we can retain control in our local neighborhoods, but I would also issue a strong caution here. We must always remember that our mission in this world is to introduce people to Jesus for the only salvation that is available. That is our primary role here on earth.

We can work locally to attempt to push back against the federal government as well, but this can never be our primary focus. Never. It is better to ignore the changes in society altogether than risk getting so caught up in attempting to change things (“for Christ”) that we fail to see those working right alongside us who desperately need Jesus.

Too many churches and leaders today are ditching solid, biblical doctrine in favor of the religion of Humanistic Relativism. Because of that, the most important thing to these leaders and churches it to learn to get along and meld with people who are diametrically opposed to God and His coming physical rule over this earth. They want to receive accolades from people instead of from God.

Know what Technocrats are doing. Understand where Technocracy is leading. Allow it to help you see how Satan works, but in every way, never lose sight of the Great Commission as to many have already done.

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