Technocrats, Love of Money, and Iran

March 5, 2015 at 12:17 PM 2 comments

obamanetPaul summed it up very clearly and succinctly when he stated the following in his first letter to a young pastor by the name of Timothy (1 Timothy 6:10):

“For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.”

Too many people still get that wrong today by omitting the first four words “for the love of” when they repeat it. It is not money that is the root of all evil. It is the love of it, the worship of it, the absolute adoration of it. We need to understand the difference because the difference is huge.

Technocrats (global elite, power elite, etc.) do not simply have money. They love and adore money! It is their GOD. While for most of us, money is a tool that is used to buy goods and services in society (and to be paid in for the job we work), Technocrats understand that by having as much wealth as possible, the more powerful (and untouchable) they become. Take away their money and they are just like us. However, because of their propensities to worship money (and so gain as much as possible), they are also very aware that as they go through life, gaining as much money as possible also means doing things that are absolutely evil. There can be no question that loving money and participating in evil ventures are two sides of the same coin. It is the rare individual who is “blessed” with money and does not allow it to rule over him.

Money is the driving force for the Technocrats since at least the time of the Rothschilds, to Carnegie and Ford, to today. The goal for them is to gain as much money as possible. They also work as hard as possible (using their money or some country’s money) to push the world toward their envisioned Technocracy where they will control every aspect of life for those of us who have not been able to gain as much as they have. In fact, one day, they will manage to take as much away from the average person as possible in order to ensure that they and they alone are the ones who have the lion’s share of wealth on this planet.

They envision a time when we peons will not be paid in money for the work we do, but paid in things like “energy credits.” These credits will not carry over beyond each pay cycle, ensuring that we cannot save up anything. Meanwhile for them, their wealth – in terms of gold, silver, and other precious metals – will be the currency in which they deal.

Loving money is the fastest and surest way to move into the dark realm of illegal activity. People will often do whatever they need to do to have as much money as possible. With it, they can buy expensive cars and homes, the coolest wardrobe, the best food, and more. People chase after it because it is instinctively understood that money is often the game-changer.

Technocrats absolutely adore money and because of their amassed wealth and working together, they are changing the world. Take the way things are looking in Iran right now. We watch as President Obama reaches out to Iran in supposed friendship, while he assures us that Iran will not seek to use nuclear options to destroy anyone, much less the United States.

We wonder why Mr. Obama seems to be so apparently confused about Iran’s nuclear possibilities. How can he possibly trust them? Most people shrug it off to his connection to Islam, convinced that this is why he is willing to “play with” Iran and ignore Israel. However, there is a much better and more realistic reason.

In my last article – Technocracy and the New Tower of Babel – I noted that the ultimate goal of the global elite (Technocrats) is to control every aspect of life on earth. To do this, they believe they need to bring the world together as a Technocracy, which, in many ways, continues to allow individual nations to appear to be as they were before they were taken over by Technocrats. In my article, I used merely one aspect of China as an example of how Technocrats got their corporate feet in the door, while allowing the Chinese government (communist) to continue as it was going. Corporations benefit from being there, while it is obviously clear that the Chinese government itself likely benefits through kickbacks from these corporations. The average Chinese person however, does not benefit. Nothing is really different for them at all, except that now they have more low-paying jobs in their country, thanks to globalist corporations who make even more money off the backs and labor of low-paid Chinese workers.

As far as Iran goes, it is very clear that globalists want to get inside Iran. Why? Because they can stand to make a great deal of MONEY. Read this quote from Land Destroyer, commenting on a Brookings Institute report regarding the question, what to do about Iran:

Iran not only possesses massive oil reserves and an economic, political, and militarily strategic location in relation to Russia and China, it also boasts a population of 76 million. This is a large population that if left sovereign and independent can viably compete against the West’s degenerate casino economy, or if invaded and corrupted, can become 76 million more consumerist human cattle.”

The above quote – in a nutshell – explains why it is important for globalists to get into Iran and they want to use the United States to do it (as the bulk of the Brookings report testifies to). There are 76 million potential consumers in Iran. Globalists want a huge portion of those consumers buying their products. If nothing is done, then Iranian hardliners would keep Iran independent and could wind up working against the economy of the West.

You’ve heard the expression “follow the money” many times. This is what is meant by it. Currently, President Obama is playing nice with Iran, but ultimately, he may try to find a way to force Iran to create a situation that would allow him to declare war (with or without Congressional approval). This is what George W. Bush did with Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s what other presidents have done before that.

President Obama was put in place by globalists. His loyalty is to those same globalists. In essence, he works for them, not the American people. One of his current missions is to work hard to either cajole Iran into playing ball with globalist corporations or forcing them to do it. This is why President Obama appears to be so annoyed with PM Netanyahu. It may all be theater in order to convince Iran that President Obama is on their side and wants to work with them. Because he is doing this publicly and at the same time, ignoring Netanyahu purposefully (and rather rudely), Iran may end up believing that President Obama has Iran’s best interests at heart.

In reality though, what President Obama is doing has nothing to do with working with Iran (for the benefit of the U.S. and Iran), and everything to do with working to force Iran to open its doors so that corporate globalists can make even MORE money and begin to control the way Iran does things. That is the ONLY game they really know and love.

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  • 2. rutnerh  |  March 5, 2015 at 6:33 PM

    I believe true Christians should not fret over the follies of the Technocrats, Obama seeking global domination, and favoring Islamic nations over Israel. Israel has been and will forever be God’s Chosen people under His unconditional covenant, albeit now for over 2500 years and still in His dog house for being stiff necked in denying Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Yet no matter how the Islamic and global anti – Semitic nations rage, there will always be at least a remnant of National Israel. Hence the likelihood of a nuclear attack making Israel, Jerusalem and the adjacent lands uninhabitable MUST be excluded and thus will NOT occur or be prevented by divine intervention. So let Christians rest in peace knowing that God is in charge until Jesus sets up His Kingdom….a long time future!


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