Technocracy and the New Tower of Babel

March 5, 2015 at 8:28 AM 4 comments

An interesting-looking building but not the Tower of Babel

An interesting-looking building but not the Tower of Babel

Have you realized that the new Tower of Babel is being constructed under our very noses? I’m not referring to the new EU Parliamentarian building that is based on a design depicting the original Tower of Babel.

What I’m talking about is the system of Babylon that is literally being constructed behind the scenes and we are essentially powerless to stop it, namely because we cannot see it. This system is being constructed by people we’ve called globalists, global elite, power elite, the elite, Illuminati, the oligarchy, and I’m sure you can add many labels to that list. Probably a better term might simply be Technocrats because what the world is being moved toward is a highly developed system based on scientism that people like Patrick M. Wood refer to as Technocracy.

If we were to see a physical structure being built that seemed to be going directly to heaven like the original Tower of Babel, we could focus our efforts on shutting it down. Unfortunately, that is not the case at all. Though the EU Parliamentarian building is an obvious representation of an artist’s rendering of the Tower of Babel, the building itself has no power, no ability to deceive, and it is merely representative of what Technocrats believe in. That particular building – unlike the structure in Genesis 11 – has not gathered all people together under one purpose and mission. However, it is clear that the building epitomizes what Technocrats behind it believe and what they’ve been working toward. Yet, in my view, the depiction of the Tower of Babel in this EU building is nothing more than a nod or wink to the actual system that Technocrats have been working to build throughout the world since the late 1800s (in earnest, at least in modern times).

The new Tower of Babel is an ideology – a theology even – to people who are caught up so thoroughly in rebelling against God, His created order, and His salvation. They are so desperate to become kings of this world that they are willing to do whatever it takes – via Technocracy – to create a system where they are their own gods, where they decide how, when, and why to tweak a system so that it provides the best output…for them. They are working to place all things under their control.

technocraybookAuthor Patrick M. Wood notes that today’s new universal language is digital. Because of the computer age, and even though not everyone speaks the same language, the fluency with which people converse digitally has evened the playing field. Wood notes:

“[T]his is the new common language spoken by those who would build a modern Tower of Babel (i.e. Transhumanism) to displace God in the same manner as the account in Genesis 11. The clear implication of Prophecy today is that God will not deal with this current rebellion until the world enters the future 7-year period known as the Tribulation as described in the book of Revelation. The first rebellion ended in humanity being scattered throughout the world which was certainly inconvenient but not necessarily deadly. The second rebellion will end with all-consuming judgment.” [1]

What Satan was unable to accomplish the first time (due to God’s timing and purposes), he has worked to achieve now and it appears as though God is allowing Satan to build what he was unable to complete in Genesis 11. Of course, Satan has learned from his mistakes. He’s not interested gathering everyone together to build a physical structure that attempts to reach to the heavens. Today’s individual couldn’t care less about that. Unlike those who lived during the days of Noah after the Flood and believed in some sort of very powerful deity, today’s average person is lost, without God in the world. They more than likely see themselves as some sort of deity, if they have any religious beliefs or affirmations at all. This person would have no interest in a physical structure that directs their attention to the heavens, when in point of fact, Satan has been directing people to see themselves as gods. An exterior physical structure is counterproductive for today’s average person.

No, what Satan has been busy constructing (and using Technocrats to do it), is a system that easily fits into any type of society. Though in some cases, that society will see some outward changes, many things can and do remain the same so that it does not appear to be all that different once Technocrats got hold of it. We can see this in China today where even though Technocrats (through their corporations) got into China, using very cheap labor for their products, nothing in China has really changed due simply because of the already existing suppression of rights that existed before these Technocrats became part of the picture.

Many of the changes (and attempted changes) within the United States have also been attempted/accomplished via Technocrats and their system of Technocracy. Their ultimate goal of course is to create a world where they rule. This is why it appears so odd to us that President Obama has opened the door to Cuba, an “enemy” of America. Yet, under Jimmy Carter, the door was thrown wide open to China so that a normalized relationship (think trade) could be achieved. It’s all about what Technocrats want and how to increase their profits. To this end, they will find a way to outlaw guns and limit free speech in America and will force their will on all nations once they can get past the rule of law in countries like America. They’ve been dutifully whittling away at it for decades and they don’t have too much further to go to succeed.

Technocrats govern by rules and regulations. This is why the presidential executive order has been used and abused not just by President Obama, but by presidents going back to FDR! It’s not that Obama hates America. He might, but that’s not the point. The point is that Obama (like many presidents before him) work for Technocrats to fulfill the Technocratic vision of the future.

The new Tower of Babel – as a hidden system – is being built secretly and it would not surprise me to see it come to fruition in all its fullness one day soon. In essence, the world is being shifted to accept and adopt to the tenets of Technocracy, which is the new Tower of Babel. Technocracy rules out God in favor of science. We are being taught that only through science can our planet be saved and that we need to share everything so that the poor have what those who are not poor already have (even though they gained it through hard work).

It’s not necessarily a socialist program that is being adopted (though in many ways, it looks like that). What is being adopted is a Technocracy that will guide every aspect of humanity. The only ones who will be exempt from Technocracy will be those who control it. Think of the people who are in charge of the European Union (EU). They were not elected to their posts. They were appointed. They are regulators who decide (through regulations, like executive orders) what happens in the EU, who gets what, and how it all works. They are the law because they make the law without the consent or input of the people. Think about Greece – a democracy – and how that country has literally been taking over by Technocrats, supposedly all for the good of the whole (the EU).

This is what is coming to the United States and based on what Scripture tells me, we will not be able to stop it. At best, we might throw a monkey wrench in things at the local level, but nothing more. The Technocrats will rule through the Technocracy they are being allowed (by God) to create, using Satan’s energy and power. This is the new Tower of Babel and as Patrick M. Wood noted, the coming Tribulation is meant (in part) to be judgment against this new “tower” that seeks to dethrone God and turn His Creation on its head.

I want to talk more about the lies we are being told about this future Technocracy and I also want to point out the lies that Satan is telling Technocrats. Join me next time!


[1] Patrick M. Wood, Technocracy Rising (2015), p. 212

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  • 2. rutnerh  |  March 5, 2015 at 6:09 PM

    The Technocrats are indeed driven to accumulate wealth and currently own most of the $199 trillion of global indebtedness. But this trend is just another manifestation of satanic dominance as we approach the imminent Rapture of true believers. This event may will trigger the worldwide economic panic leading to the establishment of a world government possibly occupying the Babel Tower, beneficially for 3 1/2 years, then becoming a ruthless dictator persecuting Tribulation saints. But raptured believers will witness these unspeakable horrors from a celestial Birds eye view. Thus believers must not be distracted by or resist the follies of the Technocrats and instead MUST focus exclusively on planting salvation seeds among the multi billions or the ” many” of lost souls as mandated by our Lord. Scofield said it well more than 100 yers ago in his essay, The Biggest Failure of the Church Age, concluding with the admonition: “THE CHURCH! Christians, let us leave the government of the world till the King comes; let us leave the civilizing of the world to be the incidental effect of the presence there of the Gospel of Christ, and let us give our time, our strength, our money, our days to the mission distinctively committed to the Church, to make The Lord Jesus Christ known ” to every creature.” Nothing else is more important.


    • 3. modres  |  March 5, 2015 at 8:09 PM

      By the way, I tend to agree with you that the Rapture may well be THE event that creates global economic problems and destabilization.


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