It’s Political Season in Case You Aren’t Aware

February 18, 2016 at 10:21 AM 2 comments

ReligionPoliticsThe one thing I have grown to hate about politics is seeing the big picture and realizing that no matter what anyone does, the world will become a globally governed one-world system. At that point it will be headed up by one person, the individual Paul calls the “man of sin (lawlessness)” in his second letter to the Thessalonian believers.

It’s not just Paul who talks about it, but Jesus also discusses this coming world dictator in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 (Olivet Discourse). The apostle John uses most of the book of Revelation to highlight the facts concerning the end of this current age (Revelation 6 – 18). A one-world system of governance is coming that will ultimately be governed by Satan’s spiritual son, Antichrist. It is fact.

Yet, in spite of this fact, too many Christians unfortunately believe that if we work hard, pray hard, and vote the correct candidates, we will actually be able to forestall or put off the coming one-world order. We might even be able to keep it from happening altogether!

The problem with this thinking is that it is wholly inaccurate. I’m not saying that we don’t vote. I’m also not saying that we should not do what we can (where we can) to improve situations in either our own neighborhoods or in others. The problem though is that, let’s face it, most Christians want to see a move back to what they think America was decades ago because they simply don’t want to have to deal with persecution. There are all too many authors, speakers, and politicians today who play into that fear.

It is so disheartening to hear people talk about politics and from a particular party’s rationale. Democrats blame the Republicans. Republicans blame the Democrats. Libertarians blame everyone. There is a candidate that fits each person’s mold and they think that if they simply get behind that individual and get them elected, things in America will change for the better.

The whole thing – when compared with the reality of Scripture – is fantasy. When I look through Scripture, I don’t see anyone in the New Testament involved in or promoting an involvement in politics. Granted the Roman Empire was not a system that was representative of the people, but yet the people did have opportunity to make their voices heard, even in that system. Jesus wasn’t concerned about that. Neither was John the Baptist. Neither was Paul, or Peter, James, or John. They had other things that took up their time. Things like getting the gospel of Jesus out to the masses.

More important than wanting people to vote was to see that they did not fall away from the truth, that they were obedient to the faith, that they did whatever they could – in spite of the persecution that pressed in on them – to ensure that the truth of the gospel went out and changed lives. Today, average Christians in America are worried about who to vote for or bringing change to America through “repentance.”

In his first epistle, John was very concerned about the fact that all Christians should enter into and maintain fellowship with God in Christ. Christians who do not enjoy fellowship with God are carnal Christians, giving into every whim of temptation courtesy of the devil and his minions. John expressed his concerns as well as his desires that each and every Christian enter into direct fellowship with God.

This is often taken in very ethereal terms. Some see the “baptism” of the Holy Spirit or speaking in “tongues” as evidence of this fellowship. That’s not what John meant though as he doesn’t even allude to these things. He focuses on the reality of fellowship that is ours if we will but do certain things. Entering into fellowship with God does not require tongues or any baptism of the Spirit (and all believers are baptized into the Body of Christ the moment we receive salvation).

In order to enter into fellowship with God, John provides some very practical, non-ethereal ways of ensuring this happens. We must flee, deny, and resist the world and its charms. Picture Joseph running from Potiphar’s wife (Genesis 39). This doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy God’s Creation. John simply doesn’t want us enamored by the world’s system because it is that very system that is opposed to God and Satan is clearly using it in his attempt to assert himself over and above God. Christians who allow themselves to be drawn into the world’s system and enamored by it will soon start experiencing a distance between them and God. That is only reversed when Christians move away from the world. Certainly, we are in the world and must make a living. But God does not want us to be taken in by the world’s baubles nor does He want us to be drawn away from Him because of it.

Christians who are drawn away by the world’s appeal will likely start to lose interest in attending church or reading the Bible or they may look for a church that makes them feel good as opposed to a church where God’s truth is preached. They may, after a while, realize that they are not praying as often and aren’t really that concerned about avoiding certain things. In fact, over time, they will find less enjoyment in spiritual things and far more enjoyment in carnal things. They may actually think they’ve grown spiritually but since they are moving away from God, the exact opposite is true.

I think this can happen in the realm of politics if the Christian isn’t careful. It is too easy (at least it has been for me in the past), to become attached to specific candidates whom I believe will “make things right” because they sound conservative or even “Christian.” It is also very easy for me to become frustrated with people who cannot see that socialism has never worked and will never work, as a for instance. In my frustration, it is also easy to be uncharitable in my response to their concerns. I forget that these are people who need Jesus first and foremost.

It's coming whether we like it or not...unless you think God is a liar?

It’s coming whether we like it or not…unless you think God is a liar?

There is frustration enough in watching people reject the gospel for whatever reason. When they do so, they are making a choice that will impact them eternally. This is not the case in the realm of politics yet people become embroiled in all manner of arguments and discussions over this political candidate or that one; this issue or that other one over there.

Satan is the god of this age (2 Corinthians 4:4). He is the ruler of the powers of the air (Ephesians 2:2). With God’s permission, he has designed a system for which he will one day gain full control and insert his spiritual son into the mix as the final lawless ruler of the fourth revised Roman Empire, as seen in Daniel 2, 7, 9, and 11. It is bound to happen. There is nothing we can do to stop it as it is written in the “stone” of God’s Word.

I just hope those Christians who are so adamant about which candidate they are willing to support will not forget that 150,000 people are thrown into eternity every day. While Christians are arguing about some political issue or candidate and possibly spending hours doing it, thousands of souls leave this realm and move into eternity. What about them?

Would that we Christians would be as vehement, as filled with conviction over the gospel of Jesus as we are about our political candidates.

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  • 1. Herman Rutner  |  February 18, 2016 at 6:46 PM

    Amen, brother, followers of Jesus or true Christians obey His divine command to rescue the eternally damned among the “walking” spiritually dead, dying at the rate of 150,000 each day. Don’t believe in an eternal existence under constant torment? Read the true story, not a fictitious exemplary parable, told by the ever truthful Jesus, about Lazarus and the Rich Man (Luke 16;19) now in hell for at least 2000 years. Saving souls from such torment Is our foremost task as His followers…..not wasting enormous time, money and energy in the satanic diversion known as Christian Activism seeking to elect a Christian president, or christianizing society and its institutions.


    • 2. modres  |  February 18, 2016 at 7:54 PM

      Yep. That’s a big AMEN, Brother Herman! 🙂

      And yes, I also believe the story of Lazarus in Abraham’s bosom was a true story, not a parable.



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