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A vineyard in Dürnstein, Austria. Just a small village with lots of history and some great cafes.

A vineyard in Dürnstein, Austria. Just a small village with lots of history and some great cafes.

My wife and I just returned from a trip in Europe. It was actually a river cruise and we were both looking forward to it. While it was mainly a vacation, I was interested to learn as much as I could about the culture over there since we were going to be traveling through several European Union (EU) countries. What I learned was fantastic.

First, things in the EU are interesting and can be beneficial, depending upon which country you live in. For instance, if you live in Austria, we learned that it is difficult to own a business and make real money through it. The many rules that come floating down from the unelected bureaucrats of the EU are designed to place a cap on things. It’s the way of socialism and that is essentially what the EU is all about. Prior to joining the EU, Austria was a Democratic Socialist state, which provided far more freedoms to business owners and the average person, in spite of it being somewhat tied to socialism. However, when Austria joined the EU, it was forced to start looking at things through the eyes of socialism only, forget the “democratic” part.

As we talked with Daniel, an owner of a store in Vienna, he told us how difficult it is for him to make a decent living. Not only do all the new rules and laws apply to him as a business owner, but Austria itself pays plenty in additional taxes to the EU. This is done so that countries that need help (Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, etc.), can benefit because the EU turns around and takes those collected taxes from countries like Austria and hands things out to the countries in need. Because of this, it creates hardship for Austrians, but those living in the countries of need receive the benefits. This is just short of full-on Communism, but of course, under a communistic regime, everyone would have everything the same. In fact, there are buildings in Bratislava (Slovakia) – one after another – that were designed and built while the country was under communist rule. Because of that, they are essentially all the same. Now, under the socialist “reform” of the EU, people are allowed to own their flats in these apartments and the owners are trying to make them look nicer than the cold, gray concrete that existed under communism.

When I spoke to our tour guide in Hungary (Budapest), and relayed to him what business owner Daniel had said about living under EU rules, the tour guide indicated that I had been talking to the wrong people. He said that because Hungary was also benefiting greatly from the additional money collected as additional taxes in countries like Austria and divided up and sent to countries like Hungary (or Slovakia or Greece, etc.). In reality, they are both right, but it clearly depends upon which side of the fence you’re on.

Socialism seeks to make things all the same level for everyone and communism takes it to the extreme. Under socialism, people work and can even own businesses, but it’s not allowable to gain tremendous wealth because that means that others go without. If a person is highly motivated to work hard, start a business, that’s fine, but there is a cap, which is designed to keep the playing field even. In short, if someone has five oranges and someone has one or none, some of the five oranges held by the first person are taken and shared with others. In such a system, it is easy to see why hard work and motivation is actually punished and those who either can’t or won’t work are often given things simply because the belief is that they should have something.

It will be interesting to see what happens with this next presidential election in November. Of course, now that Bernie Sanders has officially bowed out of the race, endorsing Hillary Clinton, it’s down to two candidates – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I believe the outcome has already been decided and Hillary Clinton will become the next president of the United States of America. She will continue President Obama’s policies because that’s what the Elite wants for America (and the world). There’s also the possibility of war with China and/or Russia as well because Russia is not beholden to the Elite, having repaid what they borrowed a few years back. The Elite will need to find another way of holding it over Russia’s head and that is usually done with the threat of invasion or war. In essence, Hillary will do whatever the Elite wants her to do. She’s proven that time and time again and the fact that nothing has ever stuck on her is also proof that the Elite has her back, as long as she continues to do their bidding.

If Hillary wins, we can also expect more attacks on the 1st and 2nd Amendments. What is effectively happening is that the elected leaders of America are pulling this country toward socialism and they don’t care what we want or think. They work for the Elite, take orders from them, and do their bidding. For a one-world government to come to fruition, all areas of the world (including America), must be turned to the will of the Elite. America, like the rest of the world, needs to become more of a socialist enterprise. With socialism on the rise, say good-bye to our rights as we know them. Mentally and emotionally prepare for it.

Visiting Europe was interesting for its politics, but it was also interesting for its food. I had heard that the EU was a GMO-free area. This is not true. For instance, there are regions in France that are GMO-free. Other areas in France, not so much. Italy doesn’t seem to care about GMO’s so that country has many. Hungary is a GMO-free country but that is a bit misleading because that means that in the food products they produce, those are GMO-free. They still import food and other things and those don’t necessarily have to be GMO-free. Reading labels is still important.

In general though, the food was very good in the European countries we visited. It was very tasty and nuanced. You could actually taste different elements of your food, which is something that is missing from a lot of the food here in America. I also ventured out and tried some things because we were in Europe, like steak, fruits, and even a few European desserts. With the desserts especially, they were not overly sweet. In fact, they seem to use far less sugar. Here in America, most desserts (or breakfast cereals) are so sweet that they leave a film in your mouth.

I did notice that Coca-Cola used “fructose-glucose syrup,” which is essentially what we call “high fructose corn syrup” (HFCS), here in the States, so I stayed away from it. I buy Coca-Cola made for Hispanics in this country, which is sweetened with sugar, not HFCS. I didn’t realize some of the things had fructose-glucose syrup in them though until it was too late. You had to be careful what you ate if you were trying to avoid the same garbage that’s called “food” in the USA. I did notice (even though I could not really read most of the ingredients), that the amount of ingredients in many of the foods in the EU were far fewer than what we put in our foods in America.

In Slovakia, I asked our tour guide about GMO’s and she indicated that they are allowed, but are very restricted. That was sad to hear because it simply tells me that since GMO products are there in that country now, over time the restrictions will be slowly, quietly, and consistently eroded and then GMO’s will be in everything, just like they are here in the U.S.

Much of Europe (that we visited), still has the old world charm. You can still get a decent meal and even under socialism created by the EU, you still have freedom to live your life and control your destiny, to a sometimes great degree, though it’s doubtful this will last. Even though Great Britain has left the EU (and other countries might follow), if the EU holds together, it will end up creating more restrictions for the people living under that system as the world moves toward socialism/communism. This is meant to usher in a global government from which the final world dictator – Antichrist – will rise.

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