Will Things Really Change Under a Trump Presidency?

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…It’s as though Jeb Bush won.

The above quote (with emphasis added), is from the article TRUMP’S CABINET PICKS SOUNDING ALARM BELLS over at World Net Daily (WND). In some ways, I find it extremely ironic.

Several years ago, way before things were gearing up for the presidential election that just occurred, I recall thinking at that time how odd it was that Jeb Bush seemed to be in the news at an increasing rate, especially for someone who wasn’t really in politics any longer. Why did anyone care what Jeb Bush’s opinion was on anything especially since he was clearly out of the limelight? Why was he being sought out for his opinion?

If you’ve been reading my articles for any length of time, you’ll know that I’ve long thought that a powerful group of individuals – the Elite, etc. – have gained a great deal of power and use some of that power to direct the ebb and flow of politics in this nation (as well as around the globe). To me, it was not an accident that Jeb Bush was being brought to the fore. It seemed deliberate.

As time progressed, it became a bit clearer. Though he would not say so at that time, Bush was testing the waters regarding a potential 2016 presidential run. The spotlight became more focused until many months later – voila! – Jeb Bush declared his intent to run for president and deliberately entered the race.

Even before all this happened, I was intrigued by Dr. Dennis Cuddy who, in one of his articles, mentioned that he believed Jeb Bush would become the next president because it was a Republican’s turn (after the two terms of Democrat Barack Obama). Many of Cuddy’s articles are worth reading. He is a Christian and seems to have a deep grasp of how the Elite work and have been working to guide things to a preconceived end (that tends to align with the picture provided by Scripture). Cuddy’s forte seems to be discussing politics and how the Elite have worked through many wars, conflicts, political intrigue, and more to capture more of the world’s resource and to ultimately control it.

Interestingly enough, once Jeb Bush got into the presidential race, I figured he was a shoe-in, but it turns out that he wasn’t. Not too long after he entered the race, Jeb Bush withdrew. His run for president never really picked up speed.

At the time, I was a bit shocked. No, God had not “told” me that Jeb Bush was going to win, but it seemed logical in so many ways, not least of which was the fact that with very few exceptions, over the history of presidential elections in the United States, it rarely strayed from electing a Republican, then a Democrat, then Republican, then Democrat. It was nearly like clockwork. Beyond this, the Bush family in general had deep ties with very powerful people going all the way back to Prescott Bush, who allegedly sold arms to the Nazis during WWII. Of course, even though this was treasonous, nothing happened to him. When your friends are the Elite, it often tends to place you above the law.

However, with Bush ultimately out of the race, followed by Bernie, the field narrowed to two candidates; one Republican and one Democrat – Trump versus Hillary. This was very odd because I really did not see Trump as a viable candidate at all, especially against Hillary. In fact, I tended to see Trump’s arrogance being played up by the media in the hopes (I thought) of helping Hillary win and stated as much previously.

I truly thought that the morning after the election, we would be reading about President-elect Hillary and was as surprised as many to realize that Donald Trump had been elected. Conservatives were ecstatic with the win, but though I admitted there was certainly potential with Trump, I was still scratching my head a bit. It didn’t make sense to me – the whole thing.

We may now be starting to see the way things will play themselves out over the course of a Trump presidency. There is a great deal of discussion regarding Donald Trump’s picks and candidates for cabinet and other positions. Surprisingly (though it really shouldn’t be), many of Trump’s potential picks are people who lean decidedly left politically. Reading through the article I referenced above, I was floored when I came upon that statement I quoted at the head of this article, about the Trump presidency being just like having Jeb Bush in the Oval Office. It makes me wonder if the Elite got their “Jeb Bush” in Donald Trump?

Jeb Bush may call himself a Republican, but in practice, he is far more leftist in many ways. I had absolutely no doubt that if Bush got into the Oval Office, he would essentially continue the same type of policies that President Obama has done, all from the leftist viewpoint, politically.

Trump is largely an unknown quantity politically, (except for what he said during the months leading up to the election), but now that we are seeing who he is considering for potential political appointments and who he is having dinner with, we are getting a clearer political picture of Trump coming into focus.

The referenced article talks about Trump’s meeting Mitt Romney as someone he may be considering for Secretary of State, who at one point, said this about Trump:

Here’s what I know. Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud. His promises are as worthless as a degree from trump University. He’s playing the American public for suckers: He gets a free ride to the White House, and all we get is a lousy hat…

His domestic policies would lead to recession…His foreign policies would make America and the world less safe. He has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president. And his personal qualities would mean that America would cease to be a shining city on a hill.

Yet, Romney has met with Trump. Was it all a show on Romney’s part? Was he just huffing and puffing? He wasn’t on point that clearly when he ran against Barack Obama for president.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence has also met with Condoleezza Rice, who has, in recent months, excoriated Donald Trump, essentially stated before the election that he should withdraw from the race. Yet, she’s being considered for a possible cabinet post. Rice is not really a true conservative. Take some time to read about her and also learn that many of these people are behind the scenes from one presidential administration to the next and it does not matter the political persuasion of the president either.

I’m aware of those who tend to believe everything in the national election system in the United States is on the up and up. Those folks don’t see any powerful human groups behind the scenes doing whatever they can to make things happen in order to get their way, given that place and power by Satan himself for his own purposes. Satan must obviously have very powerful human beings at his disposal who do his bidding without question. He needs that in order to gain control of this world.

Evangelicals and conservatives alike continue to look to politicians to do what’s “right.” Unfortunately, very few politicians have the ability to do what is right even if they know what being on the conservative right means. Successful politics are a game of payback and back-scratching. If a group such as the Elite have gained power over the electoral situation in America, the most difficult part of their job is to continue to achieve their goals while making the majority of people in America believe that their voice actually matters when it really doesn’t.

Consider Reince Priebus, who has been appointed White House Chief of Staff and who will have the responsibility and oversight of up to 4,000 administrative positions in the Trump Administration. Questionable at best.

Consider Steven Mnuchin, whose association with Goldman-Sachs is well-known. Goldman-Sachs is essentially a clearing house for the Federal Reserve, which is America’s “central bank,” though America is not supposed to have a central bank. The Federal Reserve Act (which created the Federal Reserve), goes back to 1933 and was signed into law by then President Woodrow Wilson.

How about Elaine L. Chao, wife of Mitch O’Connell? She wants to normalize trade with China and isn’t concerned with China’s growing military or potential threat that poses to the United States. Of course, these people will have to be confirmed by the Senate, but what do you think will happen?

Many others who are being considered are also on the left. But here’s what needs to be remembered. The labels “left” and “right” are merely labels today. They don’t honestly mean anything substantive or consistent. This is why the Elite can even make use of a guy who was ostensibly conservative like Ronald Reagan yet who nominated a man for the Supreme Court who most frequently sides with other leftists on the court. Let’s not forget George H. W. Bush was the vice president during the Reagan Administration, who then went onto become president later. Even though it is said that Reagan did not want Bush on his ticket as VP, he was convinced that it was best for the “party.” Which party? The Elite’s party of globalists.

I certainly may be wrong, but I cannot imagine Donald Trump for one moment “taking America back.” Certainly, if that was his intention, he’s already begun throwing that to the wind, though for appearance’s sake, he may try to make an effort in that general direction.

Whether it was Hillary or now Trump, things will continue to move the way they are being allowed by God to move. With Hillary, we certainly would’ve seen an emphasis on different things than from a Trump Administration. But I also believe things will continue to progress in the same general direction with Trump (carrying the baton from Obama), that they would have with Hillary, but with an emphasis on other things that Hillary would not necessarily have been concerned with. However, the end result is that the general direction remains the same.

Hillary would have gone after gun rights and the 2nd Amendment. She may have continued to push for more transgender, gay, and lesbian rights, as Obama has done. That may not be the big concern for Trump, so these issues may take a back seat for now. Other things will take precedence because there is a great deal to accomplish yet in order for Satan to create a one-world government. People need to take the time to thoroughly investigate the policies of various presidents throughout history (regardless of whether they classified themselves as conservative or liberal), to learn that America has been consistently moving leftward since the early 1900’s.

I’m hopeful that one day, more Christians will wake up to the fact that, while God has all things under His sovereign control, He is – according to His revelation in Scripture – allowing Satan to do whatever he can in order to bring his promises of Isaiah 14 to fruition. Satan has deigned to be “like the Most High” (Isaiah 14:14), and God is allowing him to attempt to make that happen. God will use it for His glory and will ultimately dethrone Satan upon His return. Until that time though, it seems clear enough that the less we rely on the government to accomplish anything good, the better off we will be.

I particularly like what John C. Ryle (1816 – 1900; England), stated:

I believe that it is for the safety, happiness, and comfort of all true Christians, to expect as little as possible from Churches or Governments under the present dispensation, to hold themselves ready for tremendous convulsions and changes of all things established, and to expect their good things only from Christ’s Second Advent.” [1]

Our citizenship folks – for Christians – is not here, but in heaven. Let’s focus on eternal things.

[1] Dictionary of Premillennial Theology, Mal Couch, General Editor (Kregel 1996), p. 384

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