Who or What is Q?

August 29, 2020 at 7:48 AM 6 comments

First up, sorry for the length of this post. I do my best to keep things under 2,000 words because I know people don’t like reading lengthy articles. This is why I often present multi-part series. But I didn’t want to do this with this one, so your indulgence is greatly appreciated.

Apparently, everyone except the folks in the White House and Congress have heard of Q/Qanon movement. Longtime readers of this blog know I’ve dealt with the Q issue on numerous occasions. To find those, simply go up to the SEARCH box on the right and enter the terms “Q” or “Qanon” and articles highlighting that subject will come up.

I’ve always said if Q is legit and Donald J. Trump was actually placed into office as president of the United States by the military (which allegedly cut through potential voter fraud in several states), the effects of a Trump presidency regarding anything good coming from it would not last. I’ve always said that because the Bible speaks very clearly to the subject of the end times or “last days.” It’s not pretty but it brings God glory.

It is impossible to read the Bible and not come away thinking things are going to severely worsen throughout the world as the start of the Tribulation period approaches. We are on our way to the final one-world government to be headed by Antichrist.

The only way a person could conclude differently is if he/she interprets Scripture allegorically. Scripture should be understood in its most plain and ordinary sense, which includes the many metaphors, allegory and figures of speech contained in Scripture. While words can have multiple meanings, figures of speech cannot have more than one meaning or it loses all of its meaning. Context often fleshes out the meaning.

I have always operated under the assumption that once Trump is out of office, things will begin to revert back to their previous condition. I’ve held out hope, but not for permanent change. This of course, requires that many within the “Deep State” (DS) are arrested, tried and convicted for their alleged treason. Q has made this very clear that this must happen to send a strong message so that others will not try this again in the future.

Many Qanons firmly believe that Trump is America’s “Cyrus.” This belief is largely held and pushed by Kingdom Now or Dominion Theology people, who believe that if Christians work hard enough to convert the lost to Jesus, this will have a serious rippling affect throughout society that will cause massive positive change in the USA (and ostensibly, the world). This will “allow” Jesus to return physically to the planet. By the way, President Trump is surrounded by these people, some of whom will be covered in our series on False Teachers and Prophets.

Kingdom Now/Dominion Theology is actually heresy, because it limits God’s omniscience and omnipotence. Jesus clearly stated to His disciples that they do not need to know the day or hour of His return because that day and hour and even the times during which He will return are in the hands of the Father. That date has been set in stone. It is immovable. It matters not how many people Christians manage to turn to the Lord so that He can open their eyes, though that in and of itself is wonderful for them!

We do not know when the Tribulation will actually begin but we know the particular event that will kick it off as explained in Daniel 9:24-27. When Antichrist brokers a peace deal with Israel and surrounding Arab nations for seven years, that kicks off the Tribulation. This is Scripture (2 Thessalonians 2), and supports God’s plan, not a human “The Plan.”

So Q comes along and begins dropping breadcrumbs. Many of his posts appear to be truthful, but there’s really no way to know because conclusions are usually drawn by “anons,” many of whom are admittedly on the Autism Spectrum. These autists put together clues in a way that makes sense to them but for most of us are fully elusive.

The folks at Way of Life literature have their opinion regarding Q:

QAnon is a hodgepodge of conspiracy theories based on enigmatic reports published by an anonymous
person known as “Q” who allegedly has access to ultra top-secret information. There is no evidence that ‘Q’ is anyone other than some goofball with too much time on his hands having a lark, but QAnon believers see Q’s publications as ‘breadcrumbs’ of evidence for their enlightenment. There are fragments of truth, of course, as in all such things, but largely it is a willo’-the-wisp world of inscrutable poetry,
numerology, secret signals, etc.

…QAnon is an Alice Wonderland in which nothing is solid, nothing is sure, nothing means what it seems to mean. The main theme is that presidents before Trump were part of a cabal of “deep-state” international evil operators who control America and the world (the media, politicians, Hollywood), operating death squads and pedophile rings and a great many other secret things. Trump was chosen by military generals to run for president to destroy this cabal, which he will supposedly do in a purge called “The Storm” (in which tens of thousands of deep state operatives, including Hillary Clinton, will be arrested and subjected to military tribunals, etc.). Trump supposedly flashes secret signals to QAnon insiders. One of the theories is that John. F Kennedy, Jr., and his wife faked their own plane crash deaths and went undercover to work with Trump. QAnon is associated with a hodgepodge of conspiracies pertaining to Covid-19, 9-11, UFOs, 5G technology and mind control, etc. It is as nutty as a fruitcake. While a lot of people are attracted to such things and are true believers, a lot of the followers are doubtless just entertaining themselves like “Q” is. [1]

It is easy to get caught up in the Q movement as I did for at least the first two years. There is also the “Q+” signature that many believe refers to President Trump himself. Yet, the White House is playing dumb with respect to Q. When MSM asked Trump about the Qanon movement, he denied he knew much about it, though he did say he knew how much they liked him.

So what is Q? Q can only be one of several possibilities:

  • Q is legit and “the Plan” is legit and will hopefully come to pass, according to believers
  • Q is a LARP (live action role play) from someone doing it for fun and having a laugh
  • Q is a plant, either from Communist China (CCP), the CIA or some other intelligence agency

The problem with Q is that there appears to be legitimate Intel. It’s difficult to know though regarding every post. But if Q was an artificial intelligence situation created by Google (or something else), wouldn’t Q have the same type of material to present because of Google’s (or CIA’s, NSA’s) ability to access to our phones, TV’s and computers? This would fall under the third bullet. It’s absolutely possible. In case we’re not aware, our government has sidestepped the 4th Amendment.

Q has stated “we have it all” on numerous occasions and set out to prove that by posting pictures allegedly of the underground cavern structure on Epstein Island. He’s also posted exterior photos of building that Anons said were of high rises in Shanghai, showing a puff of smoke by a window and Q intimating that someone “important” was removed. He also did this when there was a blackout in Atlanta and all planes (except one apparently) were grounded. This grounding was due to a fire at the airport. Again, images presented by Q could have come from numerous sources and do not prove his legitimacy. We cannot prove the accuracy of any of these photos and their real meaning.

So what gives? The tremendous anger at Q from the Left indicates Q’s legitimacy, wouldn’t it? Not necessarily. Q could well be part of the plan, but that plan is not to “free” the USA from the DS. The plan could be placing Q in his position of anonymity, then creating a societal anger, vitriol and hate against Q mainly from the Left, which patriots and conservatives would take as a nod to Q’s efficacy. Add to that the constant articles denigrating Q and Qanons (again mainly from the Left), and the fact that now Congresspeople are getting involved denying Q and even trying to pass bills against the “Q conspiracy,” and this could all be part of the “breads and circuses” that globalists are throwing our way. If the Left hates Q, all the more reason for conservatives to embrace Q. Globalists would not tell their agents in MSM what’s really going on in order that their anger/vitriol is seen as real.

Why isn’t the Left just letting it go? Why not ignore it? They don’t spend any time talking about people who think the moon landing was faked or those who still believe the earth is flat. Instead, patriots and conservatives are painted as “racist nationalists” who are against the USA even though they say they are for it. It’s actually too much. It’s over the top, which makes the whole thing suspect.

It’s been almost four years since Donald J. Trump was elected 45th president of the USA. During that time, we’ve seen all kinds of attacks against Trump. They’ve turned out to be nothing and what we have learned is that the CIA, the FBI and other alphabet agencies were all allegedly part of a plot to spy on and take down Trump before he could take the oath of office. In that four year period, not one of those perpetrators has been arrested and charged with anything, much less treason. Yet, time and time again, Q has intimated that justice will happen. We just need to be patient. Four years? Now, it looks like it won’t happen until after Trump is re-elected so the push is on to re-elect Donald J. Trump even though there are several promises he made but has not kept. Q followers routinely excuse these failures.

On social networks, I constantly hear people saying, “Have faith, this will all die after Trump is re-elected!” Nope. That’s thoroughly naive and takes no consideration in our powerful enemy, Satan, who does what he does by God’s permission.

I vividly recall a Q post that said, to put it bluntly, game over. This was just after the Mueller Investigation in which millions of dollars of taxpayer money was paid out to lawyers and others investigating something that never happened. The results did not prove Trump guilty of anything.

Just shortly after Q posted “game over,” Coronavirus hit the world. Yet Q had made absolutely no mention of that in any way, shape or form prior. Why not? If he “had it all,” why allow Coronavirus to happen? Why not warn everyone?

People have died not only from CV-19, but from suicides, which the CDC recently said is outranking deaths from CV-19 in some quarters. Democrat mayors and governors have issued all sorts of draconian executive orders to shut down economies and “lockdown” society in order to keep us “safe” from CV-19. They have effectively set aside the First and Fourth Amendments. This is treasonous, but it continues unabated. Society is also being taught to look at other human beings as potentially “lethal” and could kill you.

AntiFa and BLM – both organizations born of Marxism – are free to riot, loot, commit arson and physical assault without much push back. To hear Q tell it, we are supposed to resign ourselves to thinking this is just part of the war (“welcome to the revolution”), that was supposed to happen as part of “The Storm,” yet the question remains, why is it allowed? Apparently, Q’s version of “game over” means something else entirely.

To hear people who follow Q say it’s all “under control” because it shines the light on the corruption, evil and decay of the Left. I get that, but is it worth destroying the economy and worth all the deaths (including those by suicide) and the loss of rights? Many are apparently okay with that, tragically.

There’s something seriously wrong when conservatives/patriots can insensitively justify the lawlessness and mayhem that is on display today, all in the name of “The Plan” that no one except allegedly ten people know the details of. There’s something wrong when conservatives/patriots are willing to shrug their shoulders to that kind of death and destructive force in society all to say, “Yeah, but look at all those people who are going to vote for Trump now!

All of this actually tends to favor the idea that Q is a plant, designed to lull conservatives/patriots (and even Christians), into thinking that “all is well” or soon will be. Instead of doing anything constructive, most simply “study” Q posts and create memes to send out on Twitter or Facebook, thinking they are “doing something.” The reality of all those who have died seems to be shrugged off. This is evil thinking because all they’re really thinking about is the United States, not individual people affected by the terrible things created in society. There’s no concern evidenced for those who have gone into eternity without salvation.

The other problem is that many believe, as I’ve stated, that all of this will disappear after Trump is re-elected. No, it won’t disappear because what is happening in society now is much bigger than Trump or Biden. It doesn’t matter who wins. CV-19 will not go away. The shutdowns and social distancing mandates will not go away. Why? Because globalists controlled by Satan are being used by him to usher in the final empire of Daniel 2; the Revised Roman Empire headed by the Antichrist, with God’s permission.

I believe the public is being seriously played, though God is certainly allowing it. Most are doing nothing but watching and cheering. Too many strongly believe that God is using Trump to “save” the United States. That is a mistake because they are putting faith in a human being, whether Q or Trump. God indicates terrible times in the last days without letup or respite until God our Savior, Jesus, physically returns to this planet. Anything else is absolute hogwash. No wonder Jesus asks, will He find faith on the earth when He physically returns?

I’m sorry to be so blunt about things but the reality may well be that society is being misdirected by Q and his movement. President Trump has allowed the economy to be crippled and has done little to stem the tide of violence in America. He has options. He could send in federal law enforcement agencies (if Federal Laws are being broken, which they likely are), to quickly put down the Marxist violence and mayhem that runs amok in major cities of the USA. His response has been tepid at best though he often threatens to do a lot from his Twitter account.

Certainly, each person must decide their own course of action. The Bible is very clear about what is going on and what is going to occur, not just in the USA but throughout the world. The goal is to weaken every country including the USA so that absorbing all countries into the coming one-world order will take place. The USA is actually the most difficult country to break because of the Constitution and included amendments guaranteeing our God-given rights. Once these are gone (as they are being set aside), our rights no longer exist. We’ve already willingly given up many and we won’t be getting them back anytime soon.


[1] https://www.wayoflife.org/pdf/20200828.pdf

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Perilous Times are Here: Charlatans Preaching on the End Times?

6 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Daniel Eliet  |  September 1, 2020 at 11:30 PM

    “President Trump HAS options. He could send in federal law enforcement officers to quickly subdue and put down Marxist groups. He has done this in a very limited fashion, but he CAN freely do this without going against the Constitution IF federal laws are being broken in cities across the USA. It really is a no-brainer to me.”

    This a point of view of “QAnon” being a “plant” appears sound however, the statement above is in reality a little harsh. If President Trump was going in with the hard attitude to repress those Leftists/Marxist-Communist riots/movement he would show a dictatorial attitude which would be counter productive.
    When Satan rebelled against God, God didn’t immediately shut him up and destroy him as a supremacist would do. No, He kept his promises as of liberty of thought letting the devil to prove himself that he is of no good. Once his aim seen by everyone and good for nothing then God receive the glory and support He deserve. Then finally after all have seen his uselessness put him away for good.
    Obviously Don Trump is not God but the same principle of freedom should remain.


    • 2. modres  |  September 2, 2020 at 8:11 AM

      Thank you, Daniel. The one caveat, in my opinion, is IF federal laws are being broken. If so, President Trump has the option of sending in federal law enforcement.

      Let’s face it, he’s already being labeled a dictator by many anyway though he has done little to nothing to earn that title. It’s a difficult position he’s in to be sure but when it’s clear that certain mayors/govs are not honoring their oaths of office it may unfortunately be time for the federal govt to do something about it for the safety of citizens on those areas.

      But…it’s probably good I’m not in Donald J. Trump’s seat in the Oval Office 🙂

      Thanks again for writing!


  • 3. Maranatha Today  |  August 29, 2020 at 1:58 PM

    Excellent!!!! My hubby was waylaid by a member of his church on this whole issue just today. He said unless my hubby joined in the fight to elect Trump, they couldn’t be friends anymore.

    He would not listen to reason and my hubby is of the same mind as you and explained like you had written as to why he doesn’t believe he could put his trust totally in this phenomenon or Trump. My hubby hasn’t seen your article yet!

    He blew up…my Italian husband kept his cool though. He had been warning this guy for over a year to be careful about this Q stuff, to no avail.

    The guy actually is on the autistic spectrum and he does tweet all day long. He’s in our prayers.

    Everything you wrote is my husband and I’s heart on these issues. Hopefully people will allow the Holy Spirit to guide them in these unprecedented times!

    We continue praying, watching and waiting and spreading the gospel as best as we can. Time is short…

    Blessings to you and your wife.


    • 4. modres  |  August 29, 2020 at 4:55 PM

      Thx so much for sharing. The Q phenomenon reminds me of how badly Israelites believed during Ezekiel’s and Jeremiah’s ministries that God was absolutely going to save Israel but that didn’t happen!

      We will pray for your husband’s friend. My wife and I both taught special ed in public schools. We’ve encountered many ppl with Asperger’s or on the Autism spectrum. To some degree or another most were very stubborn once they latched onto a belief. It’s very difficult to get through and almost better if they can hear the opposing opinion from another autist.

      I’m hopeful that more Christians will come around. I think it’ll help if more pastors started seriously preaching on end times and they may want to start with 2 Tim 3:1-5 which perfectly defines society today.

      Thx Maranatha!


  • 5. Debbie  |  August 29, 2020 at 9:35 AM

    Sorry for the long post – my heart is very heavy. Over the last three years I have wrestled with what my eyes are seeing and what my faith has taught me. I have read the posts of Q and shared in the hope of many who love this country with every fiber of their being. America is the last beacon of hope in a dying world. If we look at the New Testament and see the birth of Christianity then through history see how this faith has moved consistently westward with nations rising and falling, we know America is the last stop. There is no other place on earth where the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be freely taught and disseminated if American goes down. Satan knows this. If we look in the Old Testament, we see Israel at one time was in this same position – a people unto God separate from the other nations of the earth who were guardians of His Word. But due to their disobedience they as a nation were destroyed in AD70 and the Jewish people dispersed throughout the earth. They will once again be regathered by Jesus Christ himself during the Millennium.
    I believe America is now in a cross road. I ask myself, is God allowing these things to happen so people wake up and realize they need to return to Him? Or is God through with America because there is no preservative left to save her. Christians are the salt and light of a nation. God raises leaders up and takes them down. Right now, we have a president who stands for our Constitution and founding documents. In stark contrast, the left is in favor of Nationalism and working with Satan to destroy our Constitution which will then help usher in the New World Order. Q has only shown me there is great corruption way beyond I could have ever imagined and how much our God has seen beyond what Q has shown cannot be envisioned. There are those who want to end this corruption, but those same founding documents state how we proceed in bringing justice. The wheels of justice turn very slow. We need to see what indictments Mr. Durham will bring as he will not be submitting a report and that will give us another indication of where we stand presently, I believe with dealing with the corruption.
    According to the Constitution, the Federal Government is not to overstep the states, so what these evil people and state leaders have done is take our law and flip it against us. That is why the President keeps saying that Governors only need to ask for assistance and they will come in a clean the mess up. What we are seeing are leaders in states and cities in defiance of their oath to our Constitution and taking away the rights of their people with regard to protection of their lives and property and the rule of law. We have a very important election in November. I see it as our Constitutional Republic with law and order verses Nationalism and the eventual incoming of the New World Order. Are the People awake? Either way, we know we are in our Savior’s mighty hand, but I for one pray He will allow American to remain a little while longer.


    • 6. modres  |  August 29, 2020 at 10:43 AM

      Hi Debbie, don’t ever worry about a “long post.” I truly enjoy hearing from readers regarding what they think not just about what I post but in things in general.

      I agree with much of what you said. While on one hand, IF what Q is alerting us to is real (and even if Q is not legitimately who he implies he is, at least some truth is likely emanating from him), on the other it is difficult to know for certain. As I’ve stated, my concern regarding Q is all the people who are sitting back, watching and possibly not even praying.

      Yes, the federal government is not to overstep the states. The feds are also not to infringe on our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution but they have done so on numerous occasions. As I noted, President Trump HAS options. He could send in federal law enforcement officers to quickly subdue and put down Marxist groups. He has done this in a very limited fashion, but he CAN freely do this without going against the Constitution IF federal laws are being broken in cities across the USA. It really is a no-brainer to me.

      Govs and/or mayors are the ones to call in National Guard and you are correct that the federal government cannot overstep the boundaries here and do it FOR the states. Again though – and I’ve talked to constitutional attorneys on this – the President has the power to send in federal law enforcement agencies (not military), like ATF, etc, to deal with the problems when federal laws are being broken and he does NOT need the permission of governors to do so.

      The Lord may certainly choose to allow the USA to remain, but why should He? Honestly, I’m not being sarcastic here at all. If we consider just how many babies have been brutally slaughtered since the passage of Roe V Wade, the tremendous sinking of our society by legalizing same-sex unions and elevating “Pride” to a new height. Honestly, it seems to me that if He waits much longer, He will owe Sodom/Gomorrah and all other empires He destroyed a huge apology.

      People in America need to repent of course and that includes our leaders. Without their repentance, nothing will change in the USA, in my opinion.



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