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February 2, 2021 at 10:58 AM 2 comments

Well, in my haste, I forgot to include a few things that I wanted to include in yesterday’s News and Notes Update, so bear with me as I include that information in this brief update.

I’ve heard from a few readers that when they click the “like” button, it doesn’t always work. I’ve emailed WordPress, but have not heard back yet. When I do, I’ll let everyone know. If others could try that and see if it works for them, I’d appreciate it.

Trashed Accidentally
I accidentally trashed a comment that was in the spam folder from a person named “Melissa,” I believe. I meant to simply take it out of spam and read it, but accidentally deleted it. If that person is reading this, please resubmit your comment. Thank you.

Social Distancing & Masks
With the CDC now stating that all people must wear masks on all public transportation systems and non-compliance will mean federal charges, one wonders where the CDC gained their ability to create and enforce laws? It is what it is now though. Another reason why I’ll be avoiding all public transportation now.

You’ve undoubtedly heard it said that Jesus “would wear a mask” if He physically walked among us today as a sign of “loving” His neighbors. But would He?

We know from the Bible that those who had leprosy (any type of skin disorder where pustules, discharges or rotting skin was present), were supposed to “social distance” themselves from other people.

In Luke 17 we see a perfect example of this situation. In these verses (11-19), ten lepers see Jesus and, from a distance, ask for mercy. When He saw them, He had pity on them and simply told them to go and show themselves to the priests. This followed the laws written down in Leviticus where the leper would be required to show themselves to the priests for diagnosis. Jesus was actually telling them that they were healed and the priest would verify that.

After realizing they had been healed only one leper returned to Jesus and threw himself at Jesus’ feet worshiping Him. The other nine apparently didn’t think of that. Jesus did not appear to be concerned about the problem of leprosy.

Someone might say, “Well, Jesus actually did social distance and didn’t touch the leper.” True, but let’s take a look at another passage found in Matthew 8:1-4. In this passage it clearly tells us that Jesus touched the leper. He could’ve simply issued a verbal command to the disease but chose instead to actually touch the man.

And Jesus stretched out his hand and touched him, saying, “I will; be clean.” And immediately his leprosy was cleansed. (v 3)

Jesus did not social distance here, did He? In fact, He broke protocol and actually touched the man in order to heal him. Imagine how the man must’ve felt. He knew the Law and in fact, knew that he was supposed to remain distant from others. Gotquestions.org tells us that the Law required that lepers remain at least six feet away from other people and 150 feet if it was a windy day! [1] Imagine that. Wonder where the globalists got their idea of at least six-foot social distancing rule?

For centuries, people believed that leprosy was really not infectious. Distancing was simply a precaution that was required due to the fact that lepers were considered unclean. Was Jesus actually putting Himself in harm’s way when He touched the leper?

Consider this that in 1873 a doctor by the name of Dr. Armauer Hansen discovered the actual problem related to leprosy. He looked through a microscope onto a sample slide from a leprous person and to his surprise discovered “tiny red dots” that turned out to be “leprosy bacteria.” [2]

In other words, leprosy was infectious! Turns out it can travel through the air and live on surfaces for several days! Looks like God was right again for His reasoning to distance! Also note in Leviticus that lepers were to cover their top lip, which usually meant a facial covering over their mouths or lower portion of their faces. Only the “unclean” person was to cover themselves this way and social distance. This did not apply to healthy people in society. Globalists have it wrong. Healthy people do not need to mask themselves up. It can actually harm healthy people and when lepers were by themselves away from people, they did not need to “mask” up either.

But why did Jesus seem not to worry about becoming leprous Himself? For several reasons. First, as God He would’ve known the origins of leprosy. Second, as God, He was likely in perfect physical condition and His immune system worked very well. Third, as God, He would not have been susceptible to catching leprosy.

Jesus was clearly NOT worried about the infectious nature of leprosy. His love for people, His compassion and His desire to see people made whole overrode any temptation to “fear” lepers. He certainly did not worry about social distancing nor did He wear a mask to keep Himself from being contaminated, did He?

If Jesus was willing to touch a highly-contagious leper, it should answer the question about whether or not Jesus would wear a mask today or social distance.  There are numerous situations in Scripture where Jesus either touched or was touched by the common person of His day. He did not rebuke them. He accepted and received their touch. In the garden tomb, after He had resurrected, Mary clung to Him and He appeared to rebuke her there saying that she should not hold onto Him because He had not yet gone to His Father. This was not a rebuke to her that she should not touch Him, but that she should not hold onto Him in an attempt to keep Him there because He had not yet ascended. She had to get used to the idea that even though He had risen from the dead, He would eventually be gone physically from her and everyone else.

None of These Diseases
The book I quoted from above is a wonderful book so far. Written by two medical doctors who approach disease with the Bible in one hand, pull back the curtain on just how correct the Mosaic Law was, as given by God Himself. In fact, as I read through the book (first published in 1963, revised in 1984 and revised again in 2000), I marvel that if this manuscript was submitted to a publisher today, it would likely not be published because it is anything but politically correct as far as today’s worldly values are concerned. There is way too much truth in it for today!

The book covers leprosy, medical practices that were proven to be completely wrong, the reasons for circumcision, the problem of homosexuality, alcoholism and a ton of other things. These subjects all go back to aspects of the Mosaic Law. It’s absolutely fascinating. If interested, here is the link to the book on Amazon.

Worshiping Demons
I find it fascinating that the Bible literally says that those who are involved in idolatry and worshiping false idols are actually worshiping demons. In the book of Leviticus, God explains the situation with no uncertain terms.

God wanted the Israelites to stop worshiping demons in the fields as they had learned from the Egyptians and other nations. God demanded that they must bring their offerings/sacrifices into the Tabernacle and let the priest lead them through the worship of God there, not outside the camp in the field. God was training His people to understand that He was to be worshiped through one particular venue, the Tabernacle and eventually, the Temple that Solomon built. Of course, when Jesus fulfilled the Law and became the sin offering for our sin and the path to salvation, the Temple was no longer needed because the person who received Jesus in salvation became the “temple” of God, because the Holy Spirit took up residence within that person.

Anyone who worships something besides God Himself is actually worshiping demons. Let that sink in and adjust your thinking accordingly.

One day, all people will acknowledge that not only that God is God and will bow the knee, but that God been 100% correct about everything.

Have a great day everyone!


[1] https://www.gotquestions.org/Bible-leprosy.html

[2] None of These Diseases by S. I. McMillen, MD and David E. Stern, MD, pg 15

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  • 1. Donna Thomas  |  February 2, 2021 at 11:40 PM

    Thank you for such a great article. I just ordered the book you mentioned. Can’t wait to read it. It sounds so interesting.


    • 2. modres  |  February 3, 2021 at 5:31 AM

      You’re very welcome. Enjoy the book!


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