Welcoming the Enemy

August 8, 2022 at 12:26 PM 3 comments

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It started with Adam and Eve and the Tempter. He literally snaked his way into their lives through the body of the serpent, offering lies as truth. Because Eve and Adam both chose to accept Satan’s lies, they fell into sin, from which the human race has never recovered. Satan enters where he’s invited and if he has to use lies, deceit and subterfuge to get invited, he will do so.

Friends, we all know this exact same thing is happening again today. Satan lies, people believe it, and he gains an entry into their lives and greater foothold over society in general. It took roughly 1600 years for humanity to get so bad that God chose to wipe out everyone (and most animals), with a worldwide flood. Again, that was only 1600 years after Adam and Eve that Noah’s generation was so pitifully evil, constantly ruminating on more evil things.

Looking ahead, we know that the Tribulation period lasts seven years according to the calculations within the book of Revelation itself and also because of other portions of Scripture like Daniel, Jeremiah and elsewhere. Given that fact, when we look at all the activity that’s occurring during the Tribulation, it appears to be jam-packed with judgment after judgment after judgment.

At the same time, as I’ve noted, Romans 1 is another form of judgment that visits a society that resolutely ignores and works to cast off God and His moral authority and code. If Romans 1 outlines the downward trajectory of a society that pushes back against God, His authority and rule, what we are witnessing then is the emergence of greater demonic presence. This fact should not surprise us, though initially, it certainly may be cause for alarm. Put another way, when people reject God’s way, what are they doing? They are actively inviting the enemy – Satan and his minions – into their lives. This is exactly what occurred in the Garden of Eden when Eve rejected the truth in favor of Satan’s lies and Adam followed suit (Genesis 3). At that point, Satan gained access to this world and he has never left. Once Satan manages to push a door open, he continues pushing it open wider and wider. The result is increased violence, hatred and everything opposed to God and His will. This is what occurred with Noah’s generation and is revisiting our generation because we are likely the last generation prior to our Lord’s return.

Genesis 6:5 quickly and clearly highlights the traits of people during Noah’s day.

Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

From God’s perspective, He saw that every intention, every thought from a person’s heart was based totally on evil. There was no good left in people, except for Noah and his family. People then couldn’t get enough evil. They had rejected God and embraced Satan (whether knowingly or unknowingly). Remember, this was only roughly 1,600 years after the fall of Adam and Eve.

Today, we have arrived to a point where life means little to anyone. I see this in article after article, video after video; the evil perpetrated by people who have fully rejected God and embraced Satan and Satan’s outlook, which is hatred of God, humanity and God’s Creation itself. Satan wants to be God, but that will never happen and he knows it. He is incapable of repenting and must see this through to the end. His goal is to turn as many people toward himself as possible so they will join him in the Lake of Fire at the end of their lives for all eternity.

What we see today is also a repeat of what happened during the days of Lot (Genesis 19 and following). Jesus warned us of this in His Olivet Discourse. It’s not merely the sexual perversion and sin that existed in the twin cities where Lot situated himself. It’s the overall evil that became the very foundation upon which Sodom and Gomorrah existed. The people there were sexual perverts, yes, but they were also intent on being evil in how they lived toward others. This was especially true of those who had the misfortune of visiting Sodom/Gomorrah and not realizing what they had walked into there.

After rejecting God so vehemently and continually, people are given over to themselves and they literally become “little Satans,” emulating their master’s attitude and outlook. One of the results of this is that they actually lay on their beds at night thinking up new ways to do evil things. They literally plot wickedness (Micah 2:1, Psalm 36:4; Proverbs 4:16). Proverbs 4:16 tells us that these people cannot sleep until they have formed new ways to create evil.

For they do not sleep unless they have done evil; And their sleep is taken away unless they make someone fall.

These people become drunk with the power they believe they have over others. This is what drives Satan and by the same token, drives the people enslaved to him. They have zero ability to think clearly or critically because they are reprobate. Daymund Duck explains this in more detail over at RaptureReady, for those interested.

Case in point are the celebration games that occur throughout the world yearly. They have become blatantly more evil in appearance each time. In a most recent situation, Commonwealth 2022 Opening Ceremony, which just occurred, was replete with satanic symbolism from the very first moment of the opening ceremony. It is so completely obvious to those of us who follow the Lord and reject Satan. However, to those who reject God, it’s not only not obvious, but seems so caring, embracing and high-minded. This is the epitome of a world that is completely upside down. Take a moment or two to read the linked article and few portions of the video. How anyone can think this is normal and not part of some satanic agenda?

But this is what globalists are doing now to lead this world toward Satan and away from God. They are creating as many ways as possible to usher in who Christians call the Antichrist, but whom globalists refer to as Messiah. It’s common knowledge that globalists worship Lucifer. They believe he’s “higher” than the God of the Bible and are doing all they can do to bring him personally into this world. They will get their wish when the Antichrist steps up to bring peace into the Middle East, but they will also get far more than they bargained for as well as all globalists will ultimately bow the knee to this coming Imposter. The opening ceremonies linked above highlight Baal, Satan and the embracing of him. Why this is part of the commonwealth games sends a strong message to Satan that he is welcome and he will push that door wide open too.

The tragedy of all of this is that even when people do not make the active choice to turn toward and/or worship Satan, as long as they are rejecting God outright, they are worshiping Satan. Though this has been in the works in society for years, most recently it began in earnest because of CV, which immediately locked down the economy, disrupted the supply chain and caused major upheaval throughout the world. It is still ongoing with food and fuel shortages upcoming that will create the very famines Jesus warned of in His Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21). By the way, the only Person who will save this world is Jesus. No business man or politician will do what only our Lord can and will do eventually, in His time.

While it is difficult at best to keep tabs on everything that is happening throughout global society, people like Pastor John Haller help tremendously. He recently put out a video highlighting what’s going on around the world, with China, Taiwan, and other areas like Lebanon. There’s some great information in his video that I highly recommend. He discusses the coming problem of an even larger shortage of computer chips. Taiwan makes about 50% of the world’s chips. China makes the other half. The world is dependent on what China and Taiwan produce because most things require some type of computerized chip to make them work these days; cars, trucks, appliances, phones, etc., etc., etc. What will happen when those chips become largely unavailable or so backlogged that people will have to wait months or years? (Video needs to be viewed on You Tube itself by clicking the “watch on YouTube” link.)

Reprobate mind speaks. The fact is that men who “occasionally” have sex with other men are either bisexual or homosexual. Straight men do NOT have sexual relations with other men by choice.

Manufacturing jobs moved out of the USA decades ago to China. This was part of the plan to reinvent China as the world’s first technocracy. Over the years, both China and Taiwan have built millions of factories that make almost everything the world buys. It’s too late to go back. This is one of the many reasons why Trump was attacked because he wanted to bring jobs back to America. Globalists couldn’t stand for that so they withstood him and are still doing so. Even if he is re-elected, the push-back on him will continue unabated with MSM leading the charge.

Haller does a good job explaining what’s happening in the world. He talks about how China has huge real estate problems that they’ve been trying to fix with band-aids apparently. The rumblings of war between China and Taiwan are growing. Haller also talks about a recorded audio that was leaked from China discussing ways to attack both Taiwan and the USA. It’s interesting. Will it happen? No idea.

The constant war-mongering that we are hearing about in various places of the world seems to be fulfillment of Jesus’ words in Matthew 24:6-13, where He stated that we will hear of wars and rumors of wars, with nation against nation and kingdom against kingdom, yet the end is not yet. Jesus also noted there will be famines and earthquakes in various places. However, after stating this, He clearly says this: “All these are the beginning of birth pains” (Matthew 24:8). Here is just one example of recent earthquake activity, these occurring near Iceland. These earthquakes (totaling more 5,500 in 48 hours), caused a volcanic eruption as well. All of these things appear to be leading the world directly into the seven year Tribulation/Great Tribulation.

Folks, it’s important to realize that much of the world has welcomed the enemy in and continues to do so. Just as Satan tricked Eve and Adam into allowing Satan access to this world, he continues to use deception and lies to increase his follower base, as he presents himself as an angel of light, in order to gain more control. He hates people so much (because God loves us), that he wants nothing more than to kill or destroy them so that they cannot and will not receive salvation. He knows that when society gets to the point of the days of Noah and Lot, then Romans 1 becomes reality for that society. Because of that, there is less hope for those who have rejected God just as there was so little hope for the people of Noah’s day and Lot’s day. Word went out and no one responded.

As Haller says in his video, we can expect things to get very bad throughout parts of the world and that doesn’t defy logic. It actually supports it.

So, what should our response be? Well, first, we should not worry at all, though I realize that can be difficult. It’s not easy to not be nervous. Focusing on Him and His Word will certainly help. Second, we should do what we can to plan for ourselves and our families. In essence, put your house in order by taking care of things there. Third, the best way to beat the globalists is not through physically fighting them but by simply redirecting our efforts to build relationships in our own community. Get to know small farmers and gardeners. Start buying from them if you can if they have things to sell. Build those relationships so that you become part of a cohesive group of people who all have the same goal and can have each other’s backs. Fourth, continue to live the Word and preach the Gospel, whether people listen or not. Jeremiah is a prophet who really had no successes by the world’s standards. His job was to tell people what God told him to say. It was and remains God’s job to open another person’s eyes. We spread the truth of the gospel. How that truth affects others is something we have zero control over.

Finally, bathe your life in prayer throughout the day. Make sure you are in constant communication with God. Don’t try to do this on your own. Psalm 37 tells us in part to “Trust the Lord and do good. Dwell in the land and feed on His faithfulness.” The implication is that we are to ignore or not be taken down by evil but instead focus on doing good and trusting the Lord to provide for us.

The more we trust Him, the more faithful He will appear to us.

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  • 2. Maranatha Today  |  August 8, 2022 at 3:34 PM

    “They are creating as many ways as possible to usher in who Christians call the Antichrist, but whom globalists refer to as Messiah. It’s common knowledge that globalists worship Lucifer.

    Finally, bathe your life in prayer throughout the day. Make sure you are in constant communication with God. Don’t try to do this on your own. Psalm 37 tells us in part to “Trust the Lord and do good. Dwell in the land and feed on His faithfulness.” The implication is that we are to ignore or not be taken down by evil but instead focus on doing good and trusting the Lord to provide for us.”

    The only way to get through all this…the amount of information and wickedness is OFF THE CHARTS…thanks for another encouraging article.


    • 3. modres  |  August 8, 2022 at 3:36 PM

      Thanks Maranatha.



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