Out of the Heart…

November 25, 2022 at 1:24 PM

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The past few weeks have been exceedingly busy, which is why I have not had the time to write anymore blog articles. Our hope is that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and as we move into the holiday season, may you have wonderful time with your family and friends!

The phrase “fear not” appears more than once in Scripture. Depending upon the translation used will determine the number of times, as the KJV uses the phrase “fear not” 74 times, while the NASB uses the phrase four times, etc. In the end, it doesn’t really matter how many times it is stated in Scripture. If God had only stated it once in the entire Bible, that would have been authoritative enough.

One of my favorite Scripture verses (for now), that I’ve committed to memory is Isaiah 41:10, which states, “Fear not, for I am with you. Be not dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you. Yes, I will help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

If we take those words and embed them within our hearts and minds, I believe God’s power through His Word will rise to the surface so that we will not fear the variety of situations we face. In fact, I challenge you the next time you face any difficulty to repeat and contemplate this verse. Break it apart and grasp its meaning so that you will begin to believe in your spirit that because God is our God, He is with us, He will strengthen us and will uphold us. These are very important truths that we need to take to heart.

The hypocrisy and lies are astounding…

There are other uses of the word “fear” in Scripture as well and I’ve gone over them in several previous articles. We should not fear circumstances that enter our life, but we should fear offending God with our words, thoughts and actions. The truth is that we often do fear situations that can cause anxiety. Anxiety has a way of chasing away our faith and trust in God and it happens to all Christians.

In order to fear offending God, but not circumstances, there are two ways we can approach it. Either we approach it from a legalistic viewpoint and focus on every word, thought and action because of the Law, or we deliberately choose to fear offending God with our thoughts, words or deeds. The former is legalistic approach, while the latter is based on our growing love for God.

In the end, the same outward result can occur and may actually look the same, however, when it’s done from a legalistic perspective, we can easily become cold of heart and more legalistic, devoid of love. Legalism causes obedience grudgingly, based on a sense of impending judgment. This creates dissatisfaction with ourselves and others, and causes us to see God as something He is not. This is clearly brought out in the parable of the servants in Matthew 18. In that parable, one of the servants was so fearful of his master that he simply hid the money in the ground the master had given. The servant was so locked up inside with fear created by legalism, he was afraid to move to the left or the right for fear of doing something wrong. The servant’s problem was that he had a very wrong view of his master and ascribed to the master traits that were not accurate. Do we do this where God is concerned?

Jesus loved the Father immensely and perfectly. It was this love for the Father that directed Jesus’ steps. Yes, Jesus followed and even fulfilled the Law to a “t,” but He did so not because He was afraid of the Father, but because He loved the Father and feared offending Him with wrongdoing. Our lives can be empowered the same way because of the Holy Spirit living within us. But we need to deliberately seek it.

So in life, we can fear the wrong things and not fear the right things. Over the past several years, we’ve seen this work out in society with the CV pandemic. During the pandemic, health authorities essentially created a foundation of abject fear throughout society that became astoundingly contagious. Spurred on by the MSM, local businesses demanded people wear masks and stay six feet away from others. The constant propaganda warning of remaining masked and distant from others over the loudspeakers in many stores was relentless. I vividly recall hearing “My mask protects you and your mask protects me” until I wanted to throw up, so I often made fun of the announcement out loud in the store as it played by responding back to it. The propaganda was just that obvious and for the first time in my life, it seemed as though America was becoming like Communist China’s repressive government.

Today, we are seeing an explosion of “sudden deaths” with people who should be living much longer, due according to many health officials, to the jab. [1][2][3] Young, healthy school athletes are having cardiac arrest with many dying because nothing could be done to save them. There are an inordinate amount of musicians and singers dying suddenly, many collapsing on stage during concerts or canceling tours due to “health reasons.” Beyond this, top notch professional athletes are dropping like flies, going into cardiac arrest, seizures or something else. We are told they exercised too much. Really? Average citizens are doing everyday normal things like walking or riding a bike and simply dropping dead.

The medical community continues scratching their heads, acting confused, while sudden deaths continue in growing numbers. [4][5][6][7] I’m not the only one who believes we are seeing the beginning of the tsunami of deaths. Soon, it may be impossible for the media and even health experts to ignore it. But I believe they will continue to act as though they have no idea why these deaths are happening, but will sound concerned and will likely continue publicly refusing to consider the possibility that it’s not COVID, but the CV jab that is causing the problems. So why have they pushed it and continue to push it? I’m hearing a good deal of talk of the global financial meltdown that is coming and will affect many nations. If true, is that why?

I personally know plenty of people who have taken the jab as well as many who have not taken it. By and large, the people who are double and triple jabbed are experiencing numerous serious health problems. Cancers, heart attacks, seizures, dementia and other things are occurring out of the blue and folks are going down quickly. Those not jabbed are generally not experiencing these health problems.

The fear that replaced sound thinking, guiding people’s decisions and still exists today is not a healthy fear. It is not based in logic and truth. It is based in deliberate misinformation prompting fears of death.

In the end, fear motivated the fearful to push the unvaxxed to the edges of society, where many lost gainful employment, were ridiculed, harassed and treated as the cause for why CV stayed around. If an unvaxxed person did have to go to the hospital, the staff more often than not treated them with abject hatred. All of this was said to be done because of major concerns for people’s “safety.” The problem that exists now is that people like me will do everything to avoid hospitals because trust has been broken by the medical community itself. I believe those healthcare workers who treated unvaxxed with such disdain caused their consciences to become seared. Unless they repent, there may be no going back for them.

This entire global situation (which continues being pushed throughout the world), stemmed from fear and for those who embraced that fear and call themselves Christians, shame on them. This abysmal situation where people who chose not to take the vax were seen and treated as animals to be caged (quarantined), and woefully mistreated occurred because too many people failed to use critical thinking, opting for fear-based decisions instead. Fear always pushes out logic and I wonder if those folks who gave into the fear can really go back and develop critical thinking now?

I am seriously afraid that we are going to see sudden deaths continue to happen and even grow exponentially. My wife and I are now wondering when we will receive phone calls stating that some family member or friend has passed “suddenly.” We know it’ll happen and it could have all been so easily avoided. Imagine if folks had simply ignored the government “mandates” (which are not laws)? But human nature often means following the crowd even to one’s own demise.

For all the pure bloods who have remained free of the mRNA jab, my hat is off to you. We are seeing more folks wake up who did take the jab(s), but for many, it may well be too late unless they can seriously detox their systems.

There is a huge push today to “forgive and forget.” [8] These people are claiming they could not have known what the outcome would be and were merely erring on the side of caution. Yet, there were plenty of people – both medical professionals and average people – who did understand the potential dangers, tried to warn others, and were pushed away and ridiculed into silence as “conspiracy theorists” or “purveyors of misinformation.” Because those in authority refused to listen, the blood of many who have died and will die is on their hands. It is truly disheartening to see what they have created.

I’m certainly not going to harbor resentment against these people and what they’ve done. However, I will not “forget.” They have destroyed my trust in them. They did what they did, which turned out to be terrible for multitudes. They own that and there should be consequences for it. It cannot be undone by “forgiving” nor should it. State governors who deliberately placed people with CV in nursing homes that wound up infecting to the death thousands and thousands of frail elderly people should face severe consequences. Those who knowingly lied to the world (and in some cases, are still lying), resulting in injury and death to people should also face judgment by the courts or lawsuits at the very least.

I can forgive but I will not forget. I’ll remember that many who lost loved ones during the pandemic were not allowed to hold their hands and sit with them as they passed from this life to the next, dying alone in hospitals. Yet, healthcare workers went home at the end of their shifts every day, to return the next and somehow, that was never a problem? There is zero logic in that.

Society has been made to fear through constant lies, medical professionals who disagree with the narrative have been slandered and maligned. Some today continue to fight medical boards who want to take away their licenses to practice medicine as well.

An air of unequivocal evil pervaded society that had merely lurked on the sidelines prior CV. I seriously doubt that it can be placed back in lurk mode for the majority of people in society.

Fear-based CV has been the largest PSYOP in my lifetime at least (even beating the “Q” PSYOP by a mile), using a desperate dread of dying to push people to obey any and all mandates and even turn on their neighbors, friends and family in a heartbeat to save themselves. This is all preparation for what is coming when, during the Tribulation, people will have no problem snitching on family and friends when the Antichrist takes his place as world leader. I could be wrong, but I believe this was a dry run by Satan and gave tremendous information to globalists about how quickly people would cave into the fear and obey whatever mandates were issued.

May God forgive those who so quickly judged wrongly and took out their anger on those who viewed the information differently. May He forgive their indifference, their murderous intent and the fact that they swept actual facts and good judgment aside. It appears that during the coming Tribulation, Babylon (the financial system and possibly a physical place), will fully collapse, causing major mourning throughout the world (Revelation 18). Is this possibly why the world has been pushed like it has been, because the financial system is in terrible danger of collapsing under its own weight? Could it be the pandemic was also a perfect cover for killing millions of people (over the next few years), by introducing an experimental gene-therapy vax that creates huge health problems? Two birds with one stone perhaps? Time will tell.

Personally – and I know I’ve said this before – I think they went way too far and too fast in their greed to implement the “great reset.” The fallout is going to be spectacularly bad. The whole thing has been a parade of lies, murder, evil thoughts, theft, false testimony and slander, just like Jesus stated in Matthew 15:18-19.

But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and these things defile a man. 19 For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, and slander.

We cannot see into people’s hearts can we? However, we can certainly see the results of what is in their hearts too often. It’s important to understand that evil prompts evil people to do and say certain things for our harm, not our good. As Christians, our hearts should align with Jesus and what He calls us to do, think and say. So while we cannot judge another person’s heart condition since we cannot see into it, we can certainly judge what they present to us in the form of words or actions. In fact, we need to do this so that we are not taken in by the enemy of our souls.


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