Mr. Preterist: It is Right Before Your Eyes

October 17, 2009 at 8:01 PM

What I cannot help but think is interesting, is how much seems to be happening in the Middle East these days.  It’s not as if it is easy to ignore either.  With the latest situation with Turkey turning away from Israel, it would appear as though the last piece of the puzzle is in for the attempted Northern Invastion to occur, spoken of by Ezekiel in chapter 38.

When will this attempted invasion actually happen?  Only God knows, and He is not saying.  We could be waiting ten days, ten months or ten years, or longer.  Nonetheless, we can be sure of the fact that since so much prophecy has already occurred, in literal terms, we know that all of it will be fulfilled in literal terms. 

It seems that too many individuals wish to ignore this, preferring instead to believe that the world is slowly, but steadily improving.  This will continue until it will have arrived at a state which will allow Jesus Himself to step out of the heavens, and walk once again on earth.  The people who believe this Kingdom Now theology, believe that the Christian’s true responsibility is to help create a better place; a constantly improving world, to usher in the coming Christ.  Yet, everything in history disproves such a theory.

In many ways, Kingdom Now is religionist’s version of Evolution.  Scientists believe that man evolved from proteins and bacteria, ultimately creating human beings and the entirety of the animal kingdom, along with all plants and everything else that exists on and in this planet.  Creationists believe that God created all things, with mankind being the pinnacle of that achievement.  Once Adam and Eve failed God and themselves by sinning, things began going down hill from there. 

While it may have taken centuries for physical death to become the norm at around 100 years of age, give or take, the ravages of sin created physical for all creatures.  That is the cycle.  We are born, we live and we die.  Paul explains in the very first chapter of Romans that man has continually exhibited a downward trend, moving steadily away from God.  The final result of this falling from God is when humanity lets go of all semblance of being created in His image, and worships the creature.  From here, the fall continues headlong into the depths of sin.  The only escape is found in Jesus Christ.

Though Christ is building His Church and through it will have His Bride, this does not mean the world is getting better.  It merely means that some people (His Church/Bride) will be saved out of this world.  Those who become saved during the Tribulation will also be saved from the ultimate and future destruction that this world hurtles toward.

With the way things are continually heating up in the Middle  East, we can be sure that things will get worse before they get better.  By the looks of things, whatever it is that is going to kick the whole thing off could happen shortly.  When that happens, will there be any who will not see the need for a world ruler?  The world will demand one and to the world, one will be given.

Just as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man…

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