New Gov of Hawaii – Abercrombie – Vows to Produce Obama’s Long-form Birth Certificate

January 5, 2011 at 12:04 PM

Apparently, Gov. Abercrombie, recently sworn-in as new governor of Hawaii is vowing to produce Obama’s long-form, doctor-signed birth certificate to shut birthers up.  Wonderful and if he can do that, then there is no reason for any of us birthers to continue to argue against Obama’s eligibility.

In the past though, I have received e-mails and posts stating that there was no such thing as a long-form birth certificate in Hawaii when Obama was born, so he couldn’t produce that version.  Now though, Abercrombie is stating just the opposite, so who’s correct?

Given that Obama issued a certificate he calls his birth certificate (highly questionable); one that was said to have possibly been altered or created using Photoshop, what will happen next?

Gov. Abercrombie considers himself to be a personal friend of President Obama.  Important to note also is the fact that Abercrombie is also a card-carrying member of the Marxist Democratic Socialist of America (see for verification).

Earlier today. I responded to a post from someone who chided me for referring to President Obama as a Fabian Socialist or Fascist.  He said that was degrading to President Obama.  Unfortunately, what this individual failed to realize is that IF President Obama is a Fabian Socialist, or Fascist, then the term is NOT meant to be derogatory, but simply an accurate label for what President Obama is and how he thinks.  Such seems to be the case with Gov. Abercrombie, which offers an explanation as to why he and President Obama are friends.  They obviously have much in common.

I’m excited about the possibilities of seeing the actual long-form birth certificate of Obama.  I have serious doubts though because it is too easy to fake things in today’s technological world.  For instance, why does President Obama have numerous Social Security cards issued to him, one from Connecticut when he was not even there during the time he is said to have been there for employment?

Let’s not forget that this particular president has spent over 2 million dollars to keep things secret about him.  The natural question is WHY does he need to do that if he said his administration was going to be transparent like no other administration before his?  Not only is he not transparent, but he has pulled the shades and closed the doors.  He has also continually and consistently ignored the majority will of the people of America.

Obama has laughed at the TEA Party made up of people who have been Taxed Enough Already.  He has thrown Israel under the bus and in my opinion, because of it, has brought about God’s judgment on this nation, based on Genesis 12, 15, and 17; the Abrahamic Covenant.

Obama has set aside the U.S. Constitution on numerous occasions and has become the first president to sue one of the United States.  He constantly denigrates the majority will of the people of this country, preferring to meet with and attempt to placate terrorists and those of Communist and Socialist governments.

Gov. Abercrombie says he is going to produce the actual long-form birth certificate of Obama.  If he does, I can’t imagine it looking any different from the one we posted some time ago, complete with baby footprint, showing Obama’s birth to be in Kenya.  That particular certificate is going through the courts now. 

Abercrombie also says, “What bothers me is that some people who should know better are trying to use this for political reasons. Maybe I’m the only one in the country that could look you right in the eye right now and tell you, ‘I was here when that baby was born.” [1]

Please re-read that statement.  Consider the fact that Abercrombie is a politician first and foremost.  Please note what he did NOT say.  He did NOT say that Obama was born in Hawaii.  He said he (Abercrombie) was in Hawaii when “that baby was born.”  So?  Am I splitting hairs?  Not when it comes to double-speak from polished politicians.

The other thing that bothers me is Abercrombie’s annoyance at the idea that some people believe that anyone and everyone who wants to become president of this nation must prove they are natural-born citizens of this country.  Why does that bother Abercrombie?  Why shouldn’t people have to prove that they are natural-born citizens in order to attempt to gain the highest office in the land?

When I applied for my passport, I had to use my birth certificate, the long-form version WITH the raised seal.  Nothing else would work.  I could not use my driver’s license, or my Social Security card, or my degree certificates.  I had to prove that I was actually born here.  If I could not do that, no passport would be issued.

Yet, we have people wanting to become president and they do NOT have to prove they were born here, especially considering the fact that being a natural-born citizen of this country is one of the requirements?  A person also has to be at least 35-years of age.  Should we not worry about that one either?

Why do we have laws, if people believe they should be set aside or ignored?  In a democracy, this should not be the case.  However, as we have seen repeatedly, President Obama and many who share his viewpoints, want this country to become a Socialist regime.  If that happens, I wonder who will be in charge of it?

[1] The United States Justice Foundation (USJF)

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