More Dead Fish…in Maryland

January 6, 2011 at 12:36 PM

So far kids, in past episodes of “What Dies Today?”, we have learned that 100,000 fish died in the Arkansas River a number of days ago.  Merely three days later, birds began falling from the sky.  So far, roughly 6,000 birds have dropped dead from…something.

Yesterday, we learned that approximately 100 birds in Sweden suffered the same fate.  No one knows why, but they are certainly investigating.  So far, they believe that fireworks may have spooked the birds in Arkansas and Louisiana, causing them either crash into each other and plummet to the earth’s surface.

The officials in Sweden are not even trying to make a guess as to why birds are falling out of the sky dead.  They are working quietly and hope to arrive at some conclusion soon.

If all that is not enough, apparently, approximately two MILLION fish (yes, that’s TWO MILLION) have washed up deader than a doornail on Maryland’s shoreline.  According to Maryland officials, “A Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) spokesman, Dawn Stolzfus, said that the giant fish kill, consisted mostly of croakers but also included menhayden and spots. The massive fish kill reportedly occurred because of cold water stress in the bay, where temps have dropped rapidly to about 2 degrees Celsius, according to the Washington Post.

“WBAL TV11 reports the fish usually swim to warm waters by the time the cold temperatures have hit the waters of the bay. Researchers have no idea on why they didn’t migrate to warmer waters before December.” [1]

I tried to research this and could not come up with any numbers for the fish deaths in Maryland in 1976 and 1980.  One source simply said that the two million count fish death is by far the largest massive fish death to date.  However, another source states that in 1976, 15 MILLION fish died, but the number of fish that died in 1980 was much smaller than this recent two million count.

Who knows that’s happening, but obviously, something is up.  Nature seems to be unable to roll with the changes.  I’m sure evolutionists will pipe in soon stating that ‘over billions of years of evolution, while many species of every animal has learned to adapt and change, some species have not gotten a good enough grasp on things to remain alive.  This of course is the process that evolution goes through with all species that allows them to adapt and change to suit their environment.  As can be seen, this is proof that only the fit truly survive, allowing them to evolve to the next level of existence…blah, blah, blah…

The fact of the matter is that fish and birds are dropping dead.  If it is due to the change in temperature in the water near Maryland, okay, but that does not explain the 100,000 dead drum fish in Arkansas, nor does it explain the amount of birds that are falling out of the sky.

The difference in the way I think and the way evolutionists think is obvious.  Evolutionists believe that science has (or will have) the answer and we simply need to wait for it.  Their faith is in evolution.  I prefer to wait on God, acknowledging that nothing dies with His knowledge and/or intervention.  If science comes along and provides a concrete answer for these unexplained deaths, that’s great.  However, no answer science can provide disproves the fact that God is fully in charge.

Both evolutionists and authentic Christians use faith.  Evolutionists use their faith in science to search for and expect answers to life’s questions.  Christians use their faith to look to God, who not only created all things, but controls the duration of their life, and timing of death.

Science can only tell us HOW something happens.  In essence, they are providing us with symptoms.  You go to a doctor and he/she diagnoses you with cancer.  That doctor can tell you what you need to do to hopefully get rid of it.  They can tell you about that cancer and how it will kill you if left unchecked.  What this same doctor cannot do is tell you WHY you have cancer or exactly what caused this cancer to come to the surface at this point in your life.  Doctors are not the only ones who “practice” their form of science.  All scientists do it.

Science deals with symptoms.  God deals in causes.



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