Rapper Common, Stewart, and O’Reilly

May 17, 2011 at 3:05 PM

I think it’s all been said.  Conservatives have lined up across from leftheads and liberals to condemn the recent poetry event at the White House in which controversial rapper Common was invited.  Among his lyrics are the metaphoric desire to burn George W. Bush.

The fact of the matter is that though I do not personally believe he should have been invited to the White House, it doesn’t matter what I believe.  Everything has been said that needs to be said.  Conservatives argue Common should not have been invited.  Liberals argue the opposite.

Recently, during a congenial debate between Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly, it was clear to me that O’Reilly was reaching for things.  Stewart came across as much more clear, much more viable, and much more knowledgeable about the subject.  This is sadly in keeping with Bill O’Reilly and his tendency to sound more knowledgeable than most of his guests, but all too often simply sounds arrogant.

I know.  O’Reilly has been accused of being arrogant many times and he simply shrugs it off with a twinkle in his eye.  He either knows he’s arrogant or loves the press about it.

Even though I do not appreciate Jon Stewart’s liberal views (and I do agree with O’Reilly here that Stewart often takes cheap shots), he generally comes across as more intelligent.  The reality with Stewart and his cheap shots is that his “The Daily Show” is meant to be funny, biting, and satirical.  O’Reilly’s show is not.  Because of this, Stewart has more fun with serious issues while making a point.

The truth of the matter (at least for me) is that I get so tired of tuning into talk shows where people talk over each other constantly.  This happens a great deal on O’Reilly’s show.  He often talks down to his guests and of course, has to have the final word.  If you’re going to have guests on the show, give them time to fully respond to questions.  If they start going off on tangents, then pull them back, but don’t interrupt and denigrate them for it.

I wish that O’Reilly would check his facts better and I wish that he would also pick his battles better.  In some sense, he walked right into things with this Rapper Common situation.  It’s almost like the White House set up conservatives by giving them something to bellyache about and then watched them squirm, wiggle, and wail.

The fact remains, that in my opinion, Rapper Common should not have been invited to the White House.  However, in the scheme of things, this is nothing compared with other issues that are far greater than this and unfortunately, conservatives are still talking about this one issue.  Let’s move on and deal with important things like the fact that the Federal Gov’t has just decided it is going to dip into the retirement accounts of Federal employees giving them I.O.U.s in exchange.

Let’s talk about the fact that all over the world, people (mainly radical Muslims) are burning Christian churches to the ground and persecuting and abusing Christians and this is not being reported in the mainstream press.  Let’s discuss the fact that starting next month, 1 to 6 million people are going to begin starving to death in North Korea.

Do conservatives need more to discuss?  Then how about the fact that a large percentage of a certain area of the U.S. is under water right now, dislocating people and communities.  The fact that Rapper Common was invited to the White House by Michelle Obama is simply a symptom of the greater problem.  How about discussing the fact that while there are so many problems in this country alone, the Obamas continue to spend taxpayer dollars to live high off the hog in Washington, DC?  That’s a good one to talk about.  There seems to be no reversal of spending within the Obama Administration and it is beginning to remind me of Nero fiddling while Rome burns.  Where is our leadership and why is that leadership deaf and blind to the problems that exist in this country?

Okay.  Rapper Common was invited to the White House and shouldn’t have been.  In fact, I find it offensive when any celebrity is invited to the White House under any administration.  Why are they privileged?  Is it because they are a box office draw?  Who cares?  What do they generally do for society?  They are not gods, though people often treat them as such.

Our country is in dire shape, but the Obama Administration seems not only to be missing that fact, but seems more than willing to barrel on ahead in their continued effort to wreak havoc on our country, all the while continuing to blame Bush and the Republicans.  Give us a break, please.  If Bush was able to cause this much havoc, he would have been drummed out long before he finished his term.

Obama needs to begin accepting responsibility for what he is personally doing as the head of this nation.  He cannot continue to blame Bush or the Republicans.  When he had a Congress that exercised a majority in favor of his policies, all he did was spend, spend, spend!  Now that the House at least has a majority of fiscally conservative people (more so than previously at least), Mr. Obama is quick to blame Republicans for his inability to get things done.  The point that Mr. Obama fails to admit is that what he wants to get done in this country is to do away with this country.  The only way he can do that successfully is to bring it to the brink of financial chaos.

When was the last time a president of this nation took over the retirement accounts of Federal employees?  When was the last time a president allegedly inherited such a fiscal disaster from the previous president and then outspent that previous president?  Who does Mr. Obama think he’s kidding?

Conservative talk show hosts need to get in gear and get on track with the big issues of the day.  Instead of focusing on Rapper Common, they should be focusing on the exorbitant spending that this Administration is involved in, to the detriment of the people in this country.

Instead of wasting time with Common, why aren’t we hearing about Mr. Obama’s desire to grant blanket amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, which would be another huge disservice to this country and the people who went through the proper, legal channels to become citizens of the United States.

There are a ton of important issues to discuss.  Conservative talk show hosts and pundits need to pick their battles more carefully.  They need to see beyond the symptom and start vilifying the problem that causes the symptom.  They need to do it NOW.

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