Is Chris Matthews Sexually Attracted to Sarah Palin? I’m Just Asking…

May 18, 2011 at 10:38 AM

It seems that Chris Matthews cannot let go of Sarah Palin.  She is hardly in the news anymore, but Matthews can’t seem to let it lie.  Whenever he opens his mouth regarding Palin, it is to denigrate and castigate the woman.

His latest tirade labels her “profoundly stupid.” [1]  There is something really odd about Matthews’ behavior.  Normally when someone acts like this, it has all the trappings of being scorned by someone.  This leads me to wonder whether or not Matthews made a play for Palin and was rebuffed in no uncertain terms.  Again, I’m not accusing, but merely asking the question.

There are much bigger fish to fry that I would personally think leftheads like Chris Matthews would be more willing to spend their time with, but Matthews keeps returning to Palin like a dog to its vomit.  It’s just really weird.

Apparently, according to the lefthead pundits on the video (see link below), Matthews along with Ron Reagan and someone else claimed that Palin was actually salivating at the chance to run for president.  In truth it seemed more like those three lefties were salivating at the chance to attack Palin at every turn.  Reagan opined that if she did run for president, it would be “more fun for us.”

At that point, Matthews went on a short tirade about just how stupid Palin is with her alleged inability to answer questions posed to her by Katie Couric, her apparent lack of study, her inability to formulate policy, etc. makes her a terrible candidate for president.  Wait, was Matthews talking about Mr. Obama or Sarah Palin?  All of that applies equally to Obama.  At least Palin was a governor of one of the states within the United States.  Obama was a Congressman and a fairly absent one at that…unless he was needed to vote on an abortion bill.

Yeah, I think there must be a problem with Matthews.  The way the left comes out with both fists flying against Palin tells me that either they are in love with her, or they are deathly afraid of her conservative position.

As far as Palin goes, IF she announces a candidacy for president, I doubt seriously that I would vote for her.  There are other candidates more qualified in my view.  But does this mean that the left has a point?

Until the left starts playing fairly and accurately criticizing Mr. Obama for all of his missteps, I don’t think there is any room to criticize Palin or any other conservative.  However, having said that, I of course, realize that this will not be the case because while the left charges the right with being unable to let things go, they are guilty of the same thing.

It is clear that the left has been doing whatever they can to spin Mr. Obama’s faux pas into something that they are not.  They also realize that they are losing ground and that people are starting to turn away from supporting Obama.  When Jon Stewart admits that Obama has not lived up to his expectations (as far as the left is concerned), that says a great deal.

As far as the right is concerned, Mr. Obama has more than lived up to his expectations.  We knew from the start that he was “progressive” (code for socialist).  We knew he would do what he could to spend more money than our government has and we are reaping the consequences of it.  He hit the ground running with Obamacare and has not stopped.

He has done nothing to curb the cost of gasoline and if we take some of the more common aspects of the inflationary index, it is clear that the percentage of increases that have taken place across the board under Mr. Obama’s watch is of his own making.  Leftheads like Chris Matthews are getting really nervous and it is not because Sarah Palin may run for president.

When I watched the video and heard/saw Matthews’ statements regarding Palin, it was clear that there was no twinkle in his eye as there normally is when he criticizes those from the conservative side of the aisle.  Gone was the arrogant smirk of a man who callously knows that his candidate will win at all costs.  In fact, Matthews is starting to look really tired and even haggard.  The stress seems to be getting to him.

We are definitely seeing a different Chris Matthews these days.  He is becoming far more contradictory and almost seems to be in denial.  The left is really getting worried and they should.  With our last midterm election, Republicans gained control of the House, something they had NOT had since the last part of the Bush Administration.  During the final portion of Bush’s term, the Democrats were solidly in control of both the House and Senate, yet leftheads like Matthews still found a way to blame Bush for everything.

The way they redact recent history tells us a great deal.  The way they twist the truth to their way of thinking is something that has become the keystone of lefthead disease.  They foist their errant views on the public all the while blaming conservatives as being the real liars.

Look, it is becoming very clear that the left has something to be concerned about.  With Mr. Obama’s recent decision to take control of retirement accounts of Federal employees, he is winning no friends at all.  While he may continue to blame Republicans, the plain fact of the matter lies with the reality that Mr. Obama has spent so much of the taxpayer’s money on his own pet projects, there is virtually nothing left to deal with the problems that this country is facing.

How are the Republicans at fault for his desire to spend nearly 1 billion dollars helping Gaza?  How are the Republicans the problem when it comes to Mr. Obama’s willingness to spend millions rebuilding mosques throughout the world?  How is it the fault of the Republicans that Obamacare will cost trillions in new taxes, something the Republicans had no control over because Congress was controlled by Democrats then?

How is it that the Republicans are to blame as Mr. Obama recently stated with respect to the problem at the border between the United States and Mexico, when he also lied that the border has never been safer?  What planet is Mr. Obama from that makes him think he can lie as he has done and everyone will simply believe him?  Even his own backers are having a difficulty with that one, but will not publicly say anything to negate his claim.

Chris Matthews and all the other leftheads can continue to do what they do but the average intelligent American will see the reality.  More and more people are waking up to the actual facts and they don’t like what they see.  If Matthews was not sexually rebuffed by Palin, then he is simply angry that as a lefthead, it is becoming far more difficult to defend and protect his man, Obama.  Because of this, he has to use every ounce of energy to castigate Sarah Palin.

In the long and short run, Sarah Palin is not a serious candidate, even if she runs.  The real problem might be the way it may work if she winds up taking important votes away from other competent Republican candidates.

The last thing we need NOW is a third political party.  We tried that before with Ross Perot and all he did was split the vote between him and the Republican contender for president, giving the Democratic candidate a shoe-in vote.

Chris, try to ease off on Palin.  She’s not a threat.  A lot of people like her because she is attractive and she is conservative.  That’s about it.  There are other people you should probably focus on; people who have a far better chance of defeating your buddy Obama in the next election.

You are simply protesting way too much.


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