Pope Calls for World “Moral Force”

December 10, 2012 at 8:50 AM 2 comments

two_coversIn yet another step toward a one-world order, we learn today that the Pope has called for a moral force that would act as a type of authoritative guide for humanity.  “Pope Benedict recalled that Blessed John XXIII had called for the ‘construction of a world community, with a corresponding authority,’ to serve the “common good of the human family.”[1]  He made his remarks recently, on December 3, during the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

The Pope is an interesting character.  Part of what the New Age (through the UN) wants is for the three main religions – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam – to each have a “home” on the Temple Mount so that the three can worship God as they see fit without interference or harassment from the other two groups.  This is at least part of what the UN is attempting to achieve.  Once that happens, then the three main religions will be rolled into one and the Pope will travel to Jerusalem to inaugurate this event, thus creating a New Age religion out of the three.

I’ve just finished writing a book which is now at the editor’s and have also just completed the first draft of another book.  The first one – God is in Control – addresses the issues the world is facing today, underscoring the fact that regardless of how bad things look to humanity, God remains in control of all outcomes.  There is no way that this cannot be true if the Bible has any truth to it at all.

The second book that is still in-progress is called Powerfully Dark Spiritual Forces, the Global Elite, and the United Nations.  This book highlights the fact that the UN’s foundation is spiritual in nature.  In fact, it becomes clear after even a cursory understanding of the forces that worked to create the UN, that there is a decidedly deep connection with the occult that works through the United Nations.  The stated main goal of the UN is to create peace that encompasses the globe.  The unstated goal of the UN is to bring forth the Christ, the person who will reign over a world that has found peace.

The Pope’s goal of creating a “moral force” would work “first and foremost, as a moral force, a power to influence in accordance with reason, that is, a participatory authority, limited by law in its jurisdiction.” [2]  This is man’s effort; attempting to do what can only be done by God’s strength, wisdom, and direction.  Yes, we have laws, but laws are generally created so that some type of punishment can be assessed after someone breaks a law.  Laws do not create morality, nor do they keep lawbreakers from transgressing the laws.  It appears that the Pope believes that such a moral force as he describes would go a long way in making the world a better place.  The problem of course is that this moral force the Pope is advocating is nothing more than replicating on a global scale, law enforcement bureaus that currently exist now at the local, state, and federal level of most nations.

The idea is nothing new and it simply proves that people do break laws.  Ultimately, that’s all any “moral force” proves.  However, there is no human moral force that is ever powerful enough to cause a person’s heart to change and that is where the desire comes to break laws in the first place.  Criminals simply do not care about laws.  They do not care about consequences to laws that they choose to break either.

This is why anti-gun laws are so ridiculous.  They do nothing except make it more difficult for law-abiding people to gain access to guns.  Piers Morgan was recently noted for saying that he does support the 2nd Amendment, but then turned right around to say that he would remove all guns from American society. [3]  So, which is it, Piers?  You cannot have it both ways.  Either you support the 2nd Amendment or you want guns removed from society.

The trouble is that even though Morgan and others would very much like to see guns removed from society, that notion is impossible.  While Morgan may think that removing guns from American society is possible, in the end, it really isn’t anymore than completely eradicating drugs from society is possible.  The only thing Morgan would be able to accomplish (if given the opportunity) would be to remove guns from law-abiding American citizens.  He would not be able to remove guns from criminals.  Even if he could the reality is that there are too many guns available on the Black Market that enter this country via Mexico.  The plain fact of the matter is that anyone who really wants a gun would be able to obtain one.  At the same time, anyone who really wants to break the law, will break the law, moral force or no.

Ultimately, when we look at what is happening in the world today, authentic Christians understand where the world is headed.  It is clear from Scripture that the world will become one in mandate and purpose, overseen by a one-world government; like the one Nimrod wanted to create in Genesis 11.

The UN wants the world to become one so that peace will reign.  Part of the UN sees itself as that peacekeeping force that will be able to enforce peace throughout the world.  Once peace is achieved, the Christ will be able to reveal himself to the world as leader.

Of course, this is what many within Christendom believe as well; that in order for Jesus to return, Christians must work diligently to convert much of the world to Christianity.  Once this happens, then Jesus will be able to return physically to this world.  This belief is an insult to God.  It puts Him in the position of having to wait on humanity before He can move.  It is ridiculous to think that God would ever place Himself in such a position.

The truth of the matter – based on what is revealed to us in Scripture – is that God has ordained the way things will move and work.  He is currently allowing the world to become one in government and purpose because that suits His plan.  Were it not for the fact that His plans and purposes are being fulfilled, He would not allow the world to move toward full-scale and global unity.  This unity will have one individual who rises to the top to become world ruler.  This represents the final world ruler as highlighted in numerous places throughout the book of Daniel and Revelation.

What the Pope is calling for is really nothing less than the harlot of Revelation 17, who is ultimately destroyed once the Antichrist is firmly established.  This false religion (morality) will work only until there is no longer a need for it.

There is no substitute for God’s morality and moral code.  Today’s “truth” is relative.  It has no basis at all in God’s Word and is therefore, worth nothing.  There is no moral truth apart from God, yet humanity continues to try to push their own version of “truth” because they like it better.  It doesn’t make people feel “guilty,” but reinforces to them the idea that they are fine as they are and simply getting better.  God says we are depraved and left to ourselves, simply get worse.  God has the cure and the fix.  The world doesn’t.

Yet, as we move toward the fulfillment of prophecy, we will see the makings of a one-world government that is designed to elevate man, culminating in the arrival of the final “man of sin” who will be the embodiment of Satan himself.  He will be allowed to rule for a very short period of time and then his end reign will come to a very real end when Jesus returns physically to this earth.  Jesus will deal with the problem and neither the Antichrist or the rest of the world will have anything to say about it.

[1] http://www.catholicnews.com/data/stories/cns/1205060.htm

[2] Ibid

[3] http://www.guns.com/piers-morgans-solution-to-gun-violence-id-remove-every-gun-in-america-11570.html

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  • 1. Sherry  |  December 10, 2012 at 5:19 PM

    Happy UN Human Rights Day!

    The UN has been around fior 60 years and the human rights of world citizens are still being abused as bad as ever. Hmmm. That doesn’t give me much confidence in their one world morality code working to bring about peace and harmony! Oh! “peace and harmony” makes me want to sing that Coca Cola “Teach the World to Sing” song…(don’t go there, Sherry!). 😕


    • 2. modres  |  December 10, 2012 at 5:24 PM

      You are so right! The UN does nothing to enhance world peace or safety. They are simply a front organization.


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