Secret Societies: House of Rothschilds

December 8, 2012 at 9:57 AM

It is abundantly clear to a growing number of people in society that there are secret groups of people who rule from the shadows.  These secret societies – as they are known – hold sway over politicians, the media, and even the secular groups within society that seem to many to be simply fronts for these groups.

Such appears to be the case with the United Nations.  We have already briefly discussed the deeply spiritual connections of the UN with the spiritual realm.  We have seen that there is a direct connection between the founders of the UN and the spiritual forces that move within the UN, guiding it to its coming one-world conclusion.

We have also noted that the deep spiritual roots of the UN may well be the same as that of other groups and entities, ranging from the events at the Bohemian Grove, to Alice Bailey’s Lucis Trust to the global elite itself.  It should be clear by now to anyone who cares to honestly see what is beyond the veil of secrecy that all of these groups may well be controlled by one major group within the world who, long ago, opened the door to Satan and his spiritual minions in order that he would be able to bring his will to bear on this planet.

As we have noted, while these secret societies have their goals for this planet, what they do not seem to understand is that Satan’s goals go beyond what he is willing to tell them.  Since they put little to no stock in the veracity of the Bible, then their darkened minds are unable to see Satan’s ultimate goals.  Moreover, they are also unable to see that Satan loses; having lost at Calvary’s cross over 2,000 years ago.

Yet, these secret societies exist and continue to push toward a world where they believe they will reign supreme under the leadership of their spiritual visionary, Lucifer (Satan).  To the average person, this sounds like sheer nonsense, but the truth of the matter is whether it is nonsense or not, it would seem that these secret societies fully believe in Lucifer as their god (whom they believe to be good) and seek to obey him.

We must also realize that for these secret societies, whose minds have been thoroughly darkened, keeping them from seeing the absolute truth of the situation, they believe that they gain tremendous spiritual insight (gnosis) from their loyalty to Lucifer.  This insight allows them to push forward to achieve the goals that they believe have been given to them from Lucifer in order to be thoroughly free of God’s “shackles.”  This freedom – they believe – allows them to seek their own meritorious goals for the earth and at least part of that will resolve itself in bringing Lucifer to this earth in physical form.

Let’s take a few moments to briefly go over the facts concerning some of these secret groups that in many ways, are no longer secret.  Frankly, there is so much information (much of it factual; some of it purely sensational) that it is difficult to summarize here.  There have been plenty of books written on the subject and readers would do well to avail themselves of as much information as they can locate.

The truth of the matter is that though these secret societies have been shrouded from public view, for the most part, information has become available that pulls back the curtain on many of these organizations.  It is enough to make one’s eyes pop, but as is often the case in situations like this, the truth is often stranger than fiction.

House of Rothschilds
It is safe to say that if we were to create a pyramid of societies, the family of the Rothschilds would likely be near or at the top of that pyramid.  The name – Rothschilds – has become synonymously connected to what is known as the Illuminati.  As one writer states, “The ‘Illuminati’ was a name used by a German sect that existed in the 15th century. They practiced the occult, and professed to possess the ‘light’ that Lucifer had retained when he became Satan.”[1]

Again, note the emphasis on Lucifer.  For those within the Rothschilds (as well as other secret groups or offshoots of the one main group), Lucifer is the one who is willing to share the “light” he allegedly retained after his unsuccessful rebellion against God.  The fact that he failed through his fall from grace after attempting to go up against God is apparently lost on members of these secret groups.  They actually believe that with Lucifer’s help, they will help him to finally achieve what he has longed for since the days prior to his rebellion, after which God stripped him of his previous rank.

Regarding the history of the Rothschilds, we note that it dates back to the year 1743.  “In 1743 a goldsmith named Amschel Moses Bauer opened a coin shop in Frankfurt, Germany. He hung above his door a sign depicting a Roman eagle on a red shield. The shop became known as the Red Shield firm. The German word for ‘red shield’ is Rothschild.”[2]

The actual house of Rothschild came into being through Amschel Moses Bauer’s son, Mayer.  Recognized for his tremendous business acumen, he quickly rose through the ranks of the bank at which he worked, owned by the Oppenheimers.  Mayer was eventually awarded a junior partnership.  Through his association with the Oppenheimer-owned bank, Mayer was introduced to a gentleman named General von Estorff, who ultimately introduced Mayer to the palace of Prince William.

Mayer became successful enough that he was able to return and purchase the business his father had begun, in Frankfurt, Germany.  The red shield still hung over that business and it was at this point that Mayer changed his own last name from Bauer to Rothschild (red shield).

One of the major lessons that Mayer learned was the importance of loaning money.  In order to make the most of it, Mayer quickly realized that loaning money to governments and kings was far better than simply loaning money to average individuals.  First of all, the sums were larger and secondly, the money was backed by the taxes that the government or monarchy assessed.  Therefore, repayment of the loans was guaranteed.

Out of his five sons, it was Nathan Rothschilds who appeared to be the brightest when it came to understanding the intricacies of using money to gain more of it.  “When [Nathan] got to London, he became a merchant banker and began to cement ties between the House of Rothschild and the Bank of England.”[3]

The Rothschilds continued their quest to gain as much money as possible, buying and selling bullion and rare coins.  “Through their shrewd business transactions they successfully bought out or dismantled most of the competition in Europe. In 1769, Meyer became a court agent for Prince William IX of Hesse-Kassel, who was the grandson of George II of England, a cousin to George III, a nephew of the King of Denmark, and a brother- in-law to the King of Sweden. Before long, the House of Rothschild became the go between for big Frankfurt bankers like the Bethmann Brothers, and Rueppell & Harnier.”[4]

What it helps us to realize is that life in those days was far different from what it is today with the banking industry.  There would be no way for this to occur again if someone were to start from this point, in 2012. Yes, banks can still be purchased, countries can still be toppled, etc., but because of the deep-seated power of the Rothschilds, there is no one who can repeat what they managed to do.  They were in the right place at the right time and their wealth is larger than most nations.

It was in 1785 that the ability to control events on a national level came into play.  During that time, Meyer Rothschild became associated with the Schiff family.  Years later, a grandson to the Schiffs – Jacob – became “…the mastermind behind the funding of the Bolshevik Revolution. This action would successfully instate communism as a major world movement, which was, (and still is), a basic tenet of the Illuminati and their collectivist agenda…From this point on the Rothschilds and the Schiffs would play a central role in the rest of European financial history, and subsequently that of the United States and the world.”[5]

As one thing often builds upon another, what happened next is how things all started moving effectively toward a one-world government.  Though it has taken several hundred years to accomplish, the truth is that it has happened very fast in comparison to the entire timeline since Creation.

Meyer Rothschild began to realize that in order to attain the power necessary to influence and control the finances of the various monarchs in Europe, he would have to wrest this influence and power from the church, which would necessitate its destruction. To accomplish this, he enlisted the help of a Catholic priest, Adam Weishaupt, to assemble a secret Satanic order.”[6]

Adam Weishaupt is the name most closely associated with the Illuminati, second only to the Rothschilds and from the above paragraph, we can readily see how the connection was originally made.  What I find absolutely tragic is how often Satan finds and uses Jews to accomplish his deeds on this planet.  If he cannot destroy Israel and kill all the Jews as he has attempted to do on so many occasions, he will settle for turning them completely against the God who created them.

Such is the case with Weishaupt, who became enlisted in the service of Mayer Rothschild for the purposes of ultimately destroying the church.  In order for this to happen, it would have to be destroyed from within and since Weishaupt was a Catholic priest, amenable to the designs of Mayer Rothschilds, he could easily begin to create the situation that would eventually bring destruction to the church.  Though a Catholic priest, Weishaupt had become an atheist through his association with the Jesuits.  He also became a student of Voltaire, the French atheist philosopher.

It is believed that, as a result of Voltaire’s writings, Weishaupt formulated his ideas concerning the destruction of the Church. In 1775, when summoned by the House of Rothschild, he immediately defected and, at the behest of Meyer, began to organize the Illuminati. The 1st chapter of the order started in his home town of Ingolstadt.

“As the name implies, those individuals who are members of the Illuminati possess the ‘Light of Lucifer’. As far as they are concerned, only members of the human race who possess the ‘Light of Lucifer’ are truly enlightened and capable of governing. Denouncing God, Weishaupt and his followers considered themselves to be the cream of the intelligentsia – the only people with the mental capacity, the knowledge, the insight and understanding necessary to govern the world and bring it peace. Their avowed purpose and goal was the establishment of a ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ – a New World Order, or One World Government.”[7]

So how does this connect with America?  So far, everything noted has involved areas of Europe.  Mayer Rothschilds continued ventures that gained a great deal more money as well as power and his sons did the same in other parts of Europe.

Remember, the stated goal for the Illuminati has always been to establish a new world order (NWO); a one-world government.  With this as the main goal, who do you believe saw themselves at the top of the pyramid?  The House of Rothschilds, of course.  Those who supported them through efforts and loyalty would also be rewarded when the NWO came into being.  Those who stood against them would be done away with, or kept around as true serfs.

We will back with the second installment of Secret Societies soon…stay tuned.

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