Alternating Power Between Dems and Repubs

December 11, 2012 at 7:29 PM

If you look back over the years – back to the presidency of William McKinley – there is a pattern that has developed since that time with presidents.  In fact, it’s downright interesting.

  • William McKinley              1897 – 1901 R
  • Theodore Roosevelt           1901 – 1909 D
  • William Howard Taft        1909 – 1913 R
  • Woodrow Wilson               1913 – 1921 D
  • Warren Harding                1921 – 1923 R
  • Calvin Coolidge                  1923 – 1929 R
  • Herbert Hoover                 1929 – 1933 R
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt       1933 – 1945 D
  • Harry Truman                    1945 – 1953 D
  • Dwight Eisenhower           1954 – 1961 R
  • John Kennedy                    1961 – 1963 D
  • Lyndon Johnson                1963 – 1969 D
  • Richard Nixon                    1969 – 1974 R
  • Gerald Ford                         1974 – 1977 R
  • Jimmy Carter                      1977 – 1981 D
  • Ronald Reagan                   1981 – 1989 R
  • George Bush (Sr.)              1989 – 1993 R
  • Bill Clinton                          1993 – 2001 D
  • George W. Bush                 2001 – 2008 R
  • Barack Obama                   2008 pres.    D

If you look at the above list, you’ll note that with few exceptions, there was a Republican president, followed by a Democrat, followed by a Republican, followed by a Democrat.  There seem to be few exceptions except in the case where Johnson took over after Kennedy’s assassination (or the impeachment of Nixon, etc.).  By and large, the presidency seemed to rotate back and forth between parties every other election.

I’ve talked before how William McKinley was a president who was literally bought by J. P. Morgan (Jr.), Rockefeller, and Carnegie.  In fact, they deliberated over who they might pick as the man they could put into office during a meeting in 1896.  They decided that rather than simply take what the Republican Party was willing to provide, they would find their own man.  They scoured the country and located one William McKinley, then Governor of Ohio they believed would be a good candidate, so they poured money into a campaign to get him into the White House where he could look out for the interests of these three industrialists.  The plan worked.

Around this same time that our three industrialists were, a man by the name of William Whitney – a member of the Order of Skull and Bones of Yale – came up with a plan to “alternate political power between the Democrats and Republicans.” [1]  Again, looking at the above list, that certainly seems to be how things have worked out, isn’t it?

Dr. Dennis Cuddy notes that if we are to keep things going into the future – provided the United States remains intact over the next four years – we will go from a Democrat president to a Republican.  Cuddy suggests that our next president after Barack Obama will be Jeb Bush.  If all of this is true – that it has bounced from the Democrat side of the aisle to the Republican side and back over the past 100 plus years – then what has been the purpose?  Obviously, the purpose has been to cause people to think that they actually have a voice in their government.  If the average American believes that their vote counts, then folks tend to feel good about their government.  It is when people do not believe their vote counts that they become incensed, don’t they?

As I have mentioned numerous times since our latest election, people are upset and believe that voter fraud played a large hand in creating a second term for Mr. Obama.  Can it be proven?  It might have a chance if people were willing to look at things seriously, including the software code embedded in the voting machines.  However, no one really wants to go there.  They are either too afraid or they simply don’t care.

So what lies in front of us?  Four more years of watching our country get financially raped and pillaged by the powers that be; those who control things.  After this next four years is up, what can we expect?  More of the same, regardless of who becomes president, but chances are good that it will be a Republican.

Cuddy believes that Jeb Bush will become president for a variety of reasons, but whoever is the next president, Cuddy also believes he’ll be on hand to welcome the new world currency that may be called the Phoenix.

Regarding Jeb Bush as potential presidential material, Cuddy notes the following and how this may happen.  “Jeb Bush could pick Hispanic U.S. Senator Marco Rubio from Florida. That should bring in the votes of Hispanics originating from the Caribbean area. Or Bush could pick a Hispanic member of Congress from a highly populated state like California or New York, especially a Hispanic female to attract women voters in general. Also, Jeb Bush is married to a Mexican-born American philanthropist, which should bring in Hispanic votes nationally as well.” [2]

Cuddy also discusses the possibility of Hillary Clinton being in the mix, but her chances are not good because of Benghazi.  He explains that as well.  “Because the PE wants Jeb Bush to be elected president in 2016, they set Hillary up in Benghazi in a Catch-22 situation to tarnish her reputation for 2016. If Hillary had spoken out that it was the White House and not her State Department which was to blame for the Benghazi disaster, that might have cost President Obama re-election, and Hillary would have been held responsible for the defeat. She therefore grit her teeth and took some of the blame for what happened in Libya, and that will prove to be her downfall in 2016.”

By the way, Cuddy’s use of the initials “PE” is his abbreviation for “power elite.”  You know them as the global elite, or the globalists.  So the above is the reason Clinton may not become the first woman president, as much as Bill would like to be back in the White House.  If Cuddy is correct, that won’t happen.

Cuddy also talks about Joe Biden and the possibility of him being president after Obama.  That won’t happen – says Cuddy – because even though he might be nominated by his party, Biden will “gaffe’ his way to defeat.” [4]  We all know that’s true.

Regarding the coming new global currency, Cuddy has some interesting comments there as well.  He notes that Jeb “will ‘reluctantly’ accept the new world currency in 2018, blaming the necessity for doing this on Obama’s failed economic policies of the previous 8 years.”  Of course, most of us know about Mr. Obama’s failed economic policies because we are living them now and get to live them in 2013, 2014, 2015, and into the start of 2016 as well.

I know that Dennis Cuddy does not have a crystal ball and neither do the other intelligent Christians who can see what’s coming politically.  It’s just interesting that folks like Cuddy are willing to go that far out on a limb with that much detail.  I don’t know too many psychics who are willing to do that!  Time will tell of course is Cuddy is right.  Certainly, he’s not speaking as a prophet, but simply someone who seems to have a great understanding of history and secret orders and is willing to take the time to extrapolate that information so that he can provide us with his best educated guess.

We know what has come before 2012, don’t we?  We can look down the halls of history and see what transpired.  If it’s true that secret societies created by the globalists have determined not only which political party is in power but who from that party would be president, then folks, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the truth appears to be that the American people have not really decided on a president since before 1896 with William McKinley.

Give that some thought for a while and see where it takes you.  Is it time to be involved in government or is it time to focus on the return of Jesus Christ?  Make sure you choose wisely.


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