Where Has All the Christian Discernment Gone?

February 3, 2013 at 1:06 PM

I ask this question (see title) because I’ve been finding out more and more about so many so-called evangelical Christians who seem to have absolutely no discernment whatsoever.  It’s amazing to me.

I read an article yesterday on a guy named Ergun Caner (http://www.erguncaner.com/).  This guy was a rising “star” within Christendom and anymore, I’m not sure that’s a good thing at all, quite frankly.

He alleges that he was – at one time – connected to terrorist organizations with a Muslim upbringing.  He told crowds of people gathered to hear him that he hated Americans as the jihadist perpetrators of 9/11 did.  He claims he was raised as a radical Muslim in Turkey before coming to the United States and before receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Because of his testimony and seeming knowledge of all-things Islamic, he was widely accepted by many within Christendom, including being invited to speak before a congregation at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa.  During his time there, a concerned Christian by the name of Nick VanderLaan interrupted the service in an attempt to warn listeners that Caner was a fraud and liar.  He was promptly held by parishioners, then arrested with Calvary Chapel actually pressing charges. [1]  Isn’t that nice?  Eventually, the case was completely dismissed by the judge.  Some might argue that VanderLaan had no business interrupting the service in the first place, but I wonder what Jesus would have done?  I believe He would have done the same thing.

But Caner, who went onto become the head of Liberty Baptist Seminary (Jerry Falwell) and has been interviewed in FOX News and the John Ankerberg Show (numerous times) finally had the inaccuracies and inconsistencies of his past catch up with him.  Because of it, Caner was eventually out at Liberty and is now Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs of a very small Bible college in Arlington, Texas.  This is a major drop in pay since he went from Liberty with student matriculation into the thousands, to Arlington with student matriculation into the hundreds.

Yet, in spite of the fact that his lies have come out, several well-known individuals within Bible circles still continue to support Caner.  He has recently been welcomed back to the John Ankerberg Show to discuss aspects of Islam.  Others, like Norm Geissler also stand behind Caner.

Sadly, even a liberal watchdog group (keeping their eyes close on the right) has written articles about Caner.  They note, regarding Caner’s birth and credentials, “Caner told some audiences that he had been raised in Turkey to be a jihadist and learned about America from watching television. In fact, he was born in Sweden (to a Turkish father) and raised in Ohio.” [2]

I’m sure at least some of the reason Caner is still sought after has to do with his personality and ability to put people at ease, with his self-effacing jokes.  He’s an outgoing individual (as evidenced by his videos on the ‘Net) and seems to know what he is talking about.  However, once a person takes the time to go beneath the surface, it becomes clear that all is not what it seems.

Lately, I’ve become bothered by some of the more well-known authors and speakers within Christendom who seem unable to separate error from truth, when it comes to spreading their own books.  Mark Hitchcock recently was an invited guest on Paul and Jan Crouch’s TBN Network. [3]  I don’t understand that, frankly.

What do Paul and Jan Crouch have to do with authentic Christianity?  Oh my, did I just ask that question?  How judgmental of me, isn’t it?  What I mean by that is that their alleged shenanigans is public knowledge and thus far, they have seemingly avoided the IRS, but one can only wonder how long that will continue.

Anyone who has watched the show has seen the antics of Master of Ceremonies Paul Crouch nearly swear at those watching who would deign to speak against what he teaches.  He has called down curses from heaven and set Satan on people and supposedly, it’s all because he truly loves God and wants everyone to come to know Jesus.

To me, it would be like Jesus becoming part of the Sanhedrin.  Do you think He would do that?  If you do, then I ask, why didn’t He do that when He was alive on earth?  It’s the same lame “logic” put forth by Tammy Faye Bakker when she said if Jesus were alive today, He would be a “man of the times” and would own expensive suits and drive nice cars, etc.  These people are certainly being used by Satan.  I’m not going to so far as to say they are not Christian.  I’m simply saying that judging by their words (what they believe) and their actions, we can conclude that the Christianity they preach is often something foreign to Scripture.  And no, Mr. Crouch, I’m not jealous.  I’m actually fearful for you.  You need to get right with God and stop making a mockery of things biblical.

But take the time to look around at some of the big names today.  They sell their books, go on the speaking circuit, live out of suitcases and hobnob with the rest of us to shed some light on Scripture.  They preach about the End Times not necessarily because it’s important, but because it’s easy to sensationalize.  They seemed to have learned that the more sensationalized they become, they greater their audience.

I was recently invited to attend and speak at a prophecy conference that is taking place in a few months.  I originally said yes, but just recently, withdrew.  I have nothing to say that will be of any interest to the average person attending that conference.  They all want to hear about how Satan is cloning hybrid beings from human beings and celestial beings.  They want to learn how Satan has infiltrated the human race and how aliens are going to be a massive part of the upcoming hoax perpetrated ultimately by Satan through the Antichrist.

These people want all the details regarding how the Antichrist will be the spawn of Satan himself, after impregnating some human female.  The problem is that there are no details!  At best, it’s conjecture, yet it sells, so give us more!

The more I thought about it, the more I realized what I have to say is nothing close to being that sensational.  If I couple this with the fact that there are individuals attending and speaking who actually deny that Jesus is the Christ, God the Son, the decision to pull out seems easy.

I am well aware of what the Bible says when it talks about the end times and the fact that there will be many who come to the point of simply wanting their ears tickled.  They will want to learn more from the Book of Enoch than from the Word of God.  So be it.  There are plenty of people who are willing to tickle their ears for them.

Yes, I’ve written a few books myself on the subject of aliens and how they are connected with the end times.  However, I believe what I wrote is biblical – that they are nothing more than demons disguised as aliens in an attempt to cause people to deny Christ and fall away from the faith.  This does not mean – in my opinion – that they are authentic Christians who leave Christianity.  I believe they are people who have some knowledge of the Bible and even may have had their eyes open regarding Jesus Christ Himself.  However, like the rich young ruler who saw the truth after it was explained to him by Jesus, walked away very sad.  He wound up rejecting the truth because he did not want to do what Jesus said He (in his case) must do.

I think there is a major push by many today to gain fame and notoriety through their books, their speaking engagements, and their very presence.  Many of these individuals find that their ministry becomes enlarged and they then must begin hiring people.  As it builds, more expenses become part and parcel of the daily operation and then they realize that if they stop what they’re doing, they will lose support financially.  That will result in having to let people go and not being able to travel as much, or produce as many books, etc.

To avoid this, they market themselves to anyone who will listen and that includes places like Paul and Jan Crouch’s “Praise the Lord” show.  Hey, when faced with millions of people seeing your face and hearing your name, do you think that this will translate to book sales and more speaking engagements?  Of course it will.

I firmly believe that when Christian authors begin to go down this path, it is truly a dangerous path indeed.  This is not to say that the Lord never makes this happen, because He does.  It is still dangerous because it is all too easy for our ego to take over, replacing His plans with ours.

I look at many Christian leaders and wonder why they do what they do?  Why do they have politicians on their board of directors?  I can see only one reason, personally.  Why are some completely unwilling to call out other leaders when they teach something that is amiss Scripturally?

Why are so many of the books these people write so darn expensive?  They would argue that pricing is set by the publisher.  I’m sure they can suggest, but even if they can’t, why not put out a book that is completely free as a downloadable edition every once in a while?

I’m thankful that there are Christian leaders out there who have not taken the low road.  I’m thankful that they still preach Jesus and Him crucified.  I’m thankful that they have not – to date – compromised with the world or lied to make themselves appear to be something they are not.  We need to continue to pray for these individuals that God will protect them from such temptation because Satan will certainly try, won’t he?  He loves bringing God’s children down.  It’s one of the things for which he exists.  It’s part of his mission statement.

As far as the rest, we need to pray that God will discipline those who have gone off the straight and narrow path and I’m not talking about losing salvation.  I’m talking about hobnobbing with very questionable people and practices within the whole of Christendom.  There are many charlatans out there today and we will continue to see an increase in that, I’m sure.  Where is the fear of God today?  Why is it Christian leaders can say what they say, cater to the world, and have no concern about doing so?  Maybe the Lord needs to take a few home “early,” as He did with others that Paul refers to in his letter(s) to the Corinthian church.  It seems this was certainly the case too, with Ananias and Sapphira of Acts.  When these two died, the world took notice and fear took hold of them.

It is sad that we will very likely continue to see people who are in the position of being Christian leaders, yet they seem – from all outward appearances – to lack discernment.  They purposefully receive and support – even confidently affirm – people who are very questionable in their personal testimony and in what they believe.  Because of this, it certainly sends a wrong message, not only to other Christians, but to the world itself.

How can someone like John Ankerberg continue to support Ergun Caner, knowing that his lies caught up with him and because of it, he was relieved of his responsibilities at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary?  Just as important, why has not Caner himself come clean about the apparent lies he’s told?  As far as I know, he has not clarified anything at all.  This type of situation should not exist within the realms of those who call themselves Christian, yet it appears that it is becoming the norm in many instances.

Can we – as Christians – critique the world’s godless actions, when we are either unable or unwilling to lovingly call attention to the faults and foibles of those within the Body of Christ?  I’m not saying that we should condemn them.  We’re never allowed to do that.  I’m saying that we need to pray for discernment, pray that God would create within them a willingness to repent and submit to God and if need be, like one of the prophets of old, be willing to go to that person (under the guidelines of Matthew 18) and offer loving correction.  If we will not do that, then we have ignored our God-given responsibility where our own brother or sister in Christ is concerned.

It is not out of a sense of callousness or condemnation we should do it, but out of a sincere sense of love for that individual.  Whether they receive it or not is up to them.  Like Ezekiel of old, we must tell them whether they listen or not.

By the way, before I forget, I have written over 30 books.  They are all available as FREE, downloadable PDFs.  Yes, they can be purchased as soft cover books, should you desire to do that, but I would recommend downloading the free PDF first.  What if you don’t like the book?  If you download it, read it, and decide it’s worthy of the recycle bin, you’ve only lost a bit of time.  If you buy it, don’t like it, then you’re out the money you’ve spent on it to buy it and have it shipped to you.

The economy is not in great shape today as you know.  The Lord has put me in a position of not having to depend upon sales of my books to make a living.  I’m happy to pass on the favor to you.  If you would like to download one or 30 of my books, please do so by going to this URL:


Once you arrive there, choose a book’s cover, then click on it.  You will be taken to that particular book’s page.  Look for a small cover and the PDF icon/logo on the bottom left hand portion of the page.  Simply click on that icon/logo and the book will begin to download to your computer.  All files are free of viruses.  You do not have to register with me.  You do not have to provide me any information about you.  You do not have to sign up to be added to our mailing list or newsletter.  I will know absolutely nothing about you – not even your ISP number.  Download to your heart’s content and please pass the word, will you?

Thanks!  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at modres@hotmail.com

[1] http://ephesians511blog.blogspot.com/2012/10/calvary-chapel-arrested-member-warning.html

[2] http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/demoted-liberty-u-professor-heads-fundamentalist-texas-college

[3] https://www.facebook.com/irvinbaxter/posts/483751121671599

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