The Reality of a Hypocrite

February 4, 2013 at 6:03 PM

Most people have likely seen this, but if you haven’t, then I suggest you check it out.  However, if you love Mr. Obama and believe he can do no wrong, you will likely believe that they hired a voice actor who can impersonate Mr. Obama to make him say something you don’t think he ever said.

In truth, what we have here is Mr. Obama bashing Mr. Bush for continuing to borrow money from…guess where…China.  To hear Mr. Obama tell it, Mr. Bush had no business racking up such massive “credit card” debt that he wound up passing onto our children!  How dare Mr. Bush do that!

The obvious implication is that Mr. Bush was the type of president that simply spent, spent, spent!  He borrowed from China to pay our bills and to add more to the debt.  So, naturally, Mr. Obama – like many Americans – was against this practice and naturally, we would think that since Mr. Obama is heard on the video actually condemning Bush’s habit of borrowing from China to pay our creditors, it was a safe bet that if Mr. Obama were elected, he would not fall into the same trap.

Mr. Obama said a lot of things when he was running for office and before Obamacare was passed that he either changed his mind on or completely lied about to gain the highest office of the land.  Most of us – who have the ability to think critically and do not need to rely on the lamestream media to form our opinions for us – understand that he no sooner took his chair in the Oval Office and not only continued borrowing from China, but soon outpaced even Bush’s penchant for borrowing.

But again, this is all made possible because Mr. Obama is a person of color.  It is nearly completely against the law to criticize Mr. Obama’s policies because that automatically means that you are a racist.  Who wants to be called that?  So too many people (in Congress) say and do nothing.

But in truth, I believe there is a HUGE problem – and I’ve said this before – that ties into the powers that be and the hold they have over the people in Congress.  I believe there are way too many RINOs (Republican In Name Only) who are actually on the Left or at least Centrist, but toward the Left.  These people are there for one purpose – to destroy the GOP from within and they’ve been doing a swell job, haven’t they?

In fact, they’ve been doing their job so well that every time Mr. Obama uses the GOP as his favorite whipping boy, the “leaders” of the GOP stand around with their hands in their pockets looking very confused and going, “What?  Is he blaming us again?  Oh, that is not good.”  That’s about it.

It all seems so very clear these days to me.  The GOP is breaking down from within, the voting situation in America has been severely compromised, and unfortunately, on top of that, too many people still don’t get it.  There are very strong and powerful forces behind the corruption that’s growing like weeds in DC.  People think if we fight, fight, fight, we will win.

No, we will not win.  God will win in the end, but between now and then, it’s going to get really ugly.  How can I say that?  Because that’s what the Bible teaches.  I can also say that because I can look around and note just exactly what is going on in the world.

The media is one of Mr. Obama’s biggest allies.  If this video was ever shown on the mainstream news, the pundits would be all over it saying that Mr. Obama had no choice because of the mess that Bush left him with, etc., etc., yada, yada, yada.

Instead of doing anything that even remotely smacks of actual journalism, the media simply caters to the same powers that be that Mr. Obama does.  They have an agenda and God will allow that agenda to come to fruition because He is going to come against it and destroy it thoroughly one day.  In order for that to happen, the agenda (something the New Age and the Theosophical Society call “The Plan”) must be allowed to have its day.

In my previous post, I talked briefly about this and how the Restrainer seems to me to be allowing more of hell to spill onto the globe.  This is being done for a purpose, as ugly and disconcerting as it is for us to behold.

If we simply consider the fact that Mr. Obama can – on several fronts – be heard condemning Mr. Bush for what he did while in the Oval Office, yet simply picks up where Bush left off and continues the process (while blaming Bush), we should come to the realization that in many ways, people from both parties are simply part of the problem, not the solution.

Again though, God is the solution and He will allow what He allows for His purposes.  It doesn’t feel good to see the level of corruption that exists within our government.  I firmly believe that it has become much more obvious these days because Mr. Obama is a person of color.  The race-baiters are working overtime to continue to foist the idea of “white guilt” onto white people in society.  In many ways, it’s working.

The powers that be sensed that this was their time.  They took it by ensuring a person of color (who also happens to be a Democrat) would be in the Oval Office.  As such, anything he says and does is out of reach simply by using the word “racist” against those who criticize him.

Yet, in this short video, we have a perfect example of Mr. Obama condemning George W. Bush for the way he did things.  But Mr. Obama has done the same things without batting an eye and has done them to the extreme.  Enjoy the video.  Note the hypocrisy.  Realize that Mr. Obama is a very well-protected and insulated agent of the global elite.  No one will be able to bring Mr. Obama down through impeachment because he is so well protected.  The global elite created him and put him into office.

But God allowed it.

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