The Elite Continues to Profit

March 11, 2013 at 9:49 AM

A hundred years or so, J. P. Morgan Jr. merged Edison General Electric and Thomas-Houston Electric Company into General Electric, effectively eliminating Thomas Edison from the company.  From that point, Morgan had created the largest corporation in the world (at the time) and took over the electricity field in the United States.  Though he merged Edison General Electric with Thomas-Houston Electric Company, Morgan actually chose to use Nikola Tesla’s brand of electricity (AC) as opposed to Edison’s (DC) version of electricity.

Since the creation of General Electric (GE), the company has grown immensely until it branched out through acquisitions and other inventions into computing and RCA, as well as other ventures.  Because of the essential monopoly Morgan created when he merged companies to form GE, he became far wealthier than his own father.

But let’s not forget that J. P. Morgan was huge in the banking industry in the 1800s and had so much money even then that he was able to loan money to America’s federal government.  The Morgan companies have continued to play a large part in the financial growth of this country, making millions and even billions through their ventures.

The elite throughout the centuries have always done whatever they could to make as much money as possible off of the “little people” who are – to them – little more than serfs within their kingdom.  We see this repeatedly going back to the Rothchild family when they realized that they could make a good deal of money by loaning their own money to governments, instead of individuals, families, or even small businesses.  They stood to make a good deal more money through these loans to governments and the loan was always guaranteed because of that nation’s ability to tax the people in order to repay it.

As noted, Morgan continued that process with the federal government here in America, loaning money that was guaranteed to be paid back because of the federal government’s ability to tax its citizens.  Of course, this is not the only way J. P. Morgan companies make money.

There were segments of the House of Rothchild supporting both sides of a war by selling armaments to separate nations.  Why?  For profit, of course.  Is it any wonder the elite own companies that supply military with weapons and supplies?  It is also any wonder that wars and rumors of wars continue to rock our planet?  The elite have much to gain when one nation rises against another nation.  Imagine how much wealth members of the elite accumulated during WWI and WWII.

It turns out that GE makes drones for the military.  We know how much Mr. Obama enjoys the thrill of directing drones to kill people; even Americans on foreign soil.  Not long ago, Eric Holder stated that it was legal for the president to use drones to kill Americans on American soil, but has since reversed his position.  I guess he overlooked something in the Constitution that guarantees the right of trial for American citizens.  Darn.

It is also interesting to note that this same J. P. Morgan that owns GE and makes millions and millions from selling drones to our military, also makes millions and millions every year on the simple creation of EBT cards for welfare recipients.  So obviously, the more people that are on welfare, the more EBT cards need to be created, and the more money J. P. Morgan makes because of it.

When one takes the time to determine which companies prosper while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet, it can tend to open your eyes.  However, if you’re on the Left, not only does this information not open your eyes, but it simply causes you to dig in your heels further in denial.

Here’s an interesting video/audio featuring Obama shill Ed Schultz whining, complaining, and even threatening a woman who called into his show to point out the connection between drones and GE.  Schultz didn’t like it and immediately did what most on the Left do when faced with truth – start the name-calling and denigration.  This is the normal rebuttal by most on the Left and apparently, they believe if they overwhelm someone with negative labels and sarcasm, then they’ll go away.  This woman wasn’t backing down though.

Look folks, it does not matter if it is a Bush or an Obama in the White House.  These guys do everything they can to help the elite.  This has been the case with the Bush family (as well as the Clintons before them), as well as the Obamas now.

While it is true that GE donated over a million dollars to get Bush elected in 2000, this same GE profits greatly from the things that Bush did then as well as Obama does now. It’s called back-scratching.

Why has the national debt grown to what it has become?  Because there are too many individuals in DC who care only about themselves and paying back those who put them in office.  If Obama (or Bush, or Clinton) really cared about the little people, he would actually do something about the debt.  He says his hands are tied and it’s the fault of the GOP.  Really?  This is in spite of the fact that there are so many individuals in Congress who are not really conservative Republicans, but merely Republican in name only (RINO).  They do more work for the Left than for the Right.

When Rand Paul does a filibuster, McCain, Graham, and other alleged Republicans castigate him for it, in spite of the fact that Paul was within the legal parameters of the Constitution.  Ted Cruz – another conservative – is also roundly criticized by McCain.  For what?  Because Cruz defers to the U.S. Constitution, as does Paul.

By the way, it should also be noted that GE – a J. P. Morgan company – owns NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC, while Westinghouse owns CBS, Viacom International, Paramount Pictures, Blockbuster, Simon & Schuster, and more.  Disney owns ABC, ESPN, Miramax, Touchstone Pictures, a bunch of magazines, book publishers, and music labels.  Time-Warner owns CNN, HBO, TBS, Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, book and magazine publishers, as well as music labels.  News Corporation, LTD owns FOX (including FOX News), satellite networks around the globe, Twentieth Century Fox, over 100 newspapers, books, magazines, and music labels.

If you don’t think that the companies who own the companies that publish or broadcast the news don’t have a say in which news stories are actually highlighted and to what extent and slant they are highlighted, you should probably think again.  Hopefully, you’re not relying on any of them for your news because you do your own research, right?  It’s always ironic to hear those on the Left accuse FOX News of lying and these same individuals never consider the fact that the others stretch the truth or completely omit it.  How many times has MSNBC been caught in creative video/audio editing that presented a conclusion that was far from accurate?  How many times has Soledad O’Brien been caught doing her level best to skew the truth to say something else entirely?  Maybe her gaffes have become even too obvious for CNN to retain her services.  All of the news is really a huge joke on us; all of it.

The problem with society is that people are way too gullible.  They refuse to ask pertinent questions; questions that could make the gulf between truth and lies that much more obvious.  Certainly, precious few journalists are interested in discovering the truth.  They’re more concerned about getting as much “face time” as possible so that they become a household name.  To that extent, they are more than happy to do what a particular administration wants done in order to become famous themselves.

Even Woodward turned tail and ran recently after accusing someone in the White House of threatening him.  He didn’t back down with Nixon, did he?  I guess the Obama administration is just too much for him.  Actually, to be fair, it’s not the Obama administration per se.  It’s the people that back the Obama administration, who have very deep pockets financially, and will do whatever it takes to maintain control.  These were the same people who were in the background pulling strings during the Bush years and the Clinton years before that.

Washington has become a large problem for the United States.  In spite of the limits placed on the federal government by the Constitution, the federal government has become way too large and continues to grow.  Beyond this, it is largely run by people who are controlled by the elite, or who are in some way indebted to the elite.  Until that changes, it will be politics as usual in DC, with the little person getting the short end of the stick, while the elite continue to amass millions and billions at our expense.


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