How Leftist Ideology is Destroying America

May 14, 2013 at 8:14 AM

suppressedIt is impossible to cover all the ways that the left is destroying America, but much of it is directly tied to political correctness. Many books and articles have been written on the subject, but for this article, I would like to draw the reader’s attention to three books, all written by B. Forrest Clayton. They deal with what he calls suppressed history due to political correctness.

Many do not realize the full impact that political correctness has had and continues to have on society as a whole. It is often thought that we must simply be careful what we say so as not to offend others. Certainly, that is a worthwhile endeavor, but political correctness when taken to its logical conclusion does far more harm than good.

The way Clayton destroys the arguments of the left is admirable and what is most astonishing is that his points are clear and logical. Yet, at the same time, the left would argue that he should not be saying what he says because he is politically incorrect.

At its root, political correctness is an attack on truth. It seeks to deny what is fact. Clayton summarily dismantles leftist arguments for same-sex marriage, feminism, differences in the sexes, archaeological cover-ups, gun control, and many other subjects. He provides examples of how the left, because of their denial of truth, has worked to eviscerate the 1st Amendment as well.

The work of the politically correct left is twofold: to replace truth with relevance and to diminish rights provided under the Constitution. The ultimate goal of the left is to replace traditional values with a Marxist-based system, a system where all people are born as clean slates that can be monitored and created to be whatever works best for that Marxist, Utopian society they all envision.

This is why feminists have worked so hard to not only downplay, but outright deny (in spite of any science that speaks to the contrary) that any appreciable differences exist between the sexes except for genitalia. Though science has proven time and time again that there are marked differences between male and female brains and that this begins in the womb, feminists and leftists in general seek to suppress this truth because it contradicts their agenda. By the way, differences in the way males and females think does not imply one is greater than the other. It merely shows that differences exist and those differences are far more than skin deep.

Galatians 3:28 simply points out that, spiritually speaking, the gospel is available to all freely, without regard for gender or station in life. Paul is not commenting on roles that people play in this life at all.

The reason the left pushes so hard for same-sex marriage is because it destroys traditional marriage. Clayton proves this by pointing to Denmark, Sweden, and Norway where traditional marriage has been all but completely destroyed. This is the end goal. It’s not that homosexuals are desperate for same-sex unions. They are desperate to destroy what has been traditional and of course, traditional marriage is biblically based. So-called Christians who side with them are actually siding against truth.

Clayton also states that the gay community is desperate for science to find the “gay gene” so that they can then, once and for all, show that they are normal (because it’s genetic). Therefore, they should be seen and treated as normal.

But there are already other things that are genetic, though very harmful. Would we say that alcoholism is normal or even good? It is clear that some are predisposed genetically to alcoholism. Science has proven it. Because a gene or set of genes exist that may cause someone to be an alcoholic, does that mean it is a good thing? If they drink and drive and wind up killing someone, is it really their fault? After all, they are genetically predisposed to alcoholism.

Clayton asks what if science one day proves that kleptomania is caused by a genetic predisposition? Should the thief then be allowed to steal simply because he is genetically predisposed to it?

What about the cancer gene? Almost all people have cancer genes roaming around within their systems. Yet when/if that cancer rears its ugly head, the first thing that person does is seek medical help to eradicate the cancer. Should we not do this? After all, that person is genetically predisposed to cancer because of their genes, so by fighting it off, aren’t we going against nature then?

Clayton’s point is clear. Even if science one day does discover a “gay gene,” why should we automatically look at it as if it’s good? It is clear from the standpoint of evolution, the homosexual is really the weakest link since they cannot reproduce after their own kind.

Clayton goes through many scenarios covering three books worth of events and situations where, due to political correctness, truth is suppressed. His books are difficult to obtain and in many cases, are not cheap because of the short supply. They are well worth reading though and I may draw your attention to them in future articles.

So what should the Christian be doing in a society that seeks to suppress truth and elevate lies? I used to think that I should just mind my own business and go through life attempting to reach the lost for Christ and that was it. While that is still the goal (due to the Great Commission), I now also believe that true Christians must stand against political correctness wherever it is found, even though it most certainly appears to be a losing proposition, doesn’t it?

Proverbs 12:17 says “He who speaks truth tells what is right, But a false witness, deceit. There is one who speaks rashly like the thrusts of a sword, But the tongue of the wise brings healing. Truthful lips will be established forever, But a lying tongue is only for a moment. Deceit is in the heart of those who devise evil, But counselors of peace have joy. No harm befalls the righteous, But the wicked are filled with trouble. Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD, But those who deal faithfully are His delight.”

We have an obligation to glorify God in all things. We must stand for truth because if we do not, we will, by default, align ourselves with lies.

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