Did Abraham or Ishmael Ever Go to Mecca?

June 18, 2013 at 8:28 PM 1 comment

There is a great deal of information on Islam and Islam’s origins and beliefs. What I have learned is that if a Muslim chooses to not believe what is written or stated, they will generally accuse the person of presenting “baseless accusations” or something similar. Much like the New Left, this charge is designed to shut down conversation and dialogue. If we couple this with the fact that the global elite supports Islam, allowing it to destabilize cultures and overthrow dictatorships, we come to realize that the global elite is merely using Islam’s soldiers for their own personal gain. This is why there is a move (even here in the U.S.) to make it a crime to “bash” Islam.

As one person told me today, in his country “free speech is dead and buried here.” That is not only sad, but tragic! It should not be. While it would be nice to never hear the Name of my Lord and Savior taken as a swear word again, making a law to force that behavior is asinine, to say the least. But this is what Islam wants. Obama pointed to this when he warned that “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

Dr. Rafat Amari has spent over 20 years studying Islam and writing material that points out the truth about Islam. Again, many Muslims would say he lies. Does he? As with anything, we can only determine what is truth through investigation, can’t we? Arabic is his native language and he has read and re-read the Qur’an in that native language.

Muslims say that Abraham (and Ishmael) went to Mecca, yet there is no record of it. To help them in this dilemma, they argue that “Bakkah” (Becca) in the Hebrew Bible is a veiled reference to Mecca. Does this work out to be true and why is it important anyway?

If Muslims can prove that Abraham went to Mecca, they can then try to prove that Abraham built the Temple there. Again, there is no record of Abraham building any temple at all. From a biblical perspective, Solomon was the first one to actually build a temple for God, long after Abraham lived and died. God would not even allow King David to build the temple because David was a warrior with blood on his hands. Abraham had also done his share of fighting as well. Solomon did not.

Dr. Amari has an excellent article on this subject. He states, “Islamic claims that Abraham and Ishmael founded the temple in the city of Mecca are recognized as false, when we study the black Stone, which was the heart of the temple.” Here Dr. Amari points to the Black Stone. For those who are not familiar with the Black Stone, it said to be “the eastern cornerstone of the Kaaba, the ancient stone building toward which Muslims pray, in the center of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is revered by Muslims as an Islamic relic which, according to Muslim tradition, dates back to the time of Adam and Eve.”

Here is a quote from Dr. Amari regarding whether or not Abraham (or Ishmael) ever went to Mecca. “Abraham never went to where Mecca was eventually built, nor did his son, Ishmael, or Ishmael’s son, Nabaioth. Despite these facts, Ibn Ishak, Mohammed’s biographer, claimed Abraham was responsible for building the temple at Mecca, and that it was then run by Ishmael, and eventually Nabaioth. The story [was] created by Ibn Ishak and his companions…”

Amari goes onto relate cogent points of the story. “According to the story, [the tribe of Jurhum] served until the tribe of Khuzaa’h came from Yemen. This was after the dam at Ma’rib began to show signs of damage and drove them away. The story continues that, when the tribe of Khuzaa’h came to Mecca, they defeated Jurhum. Jurhum then left Mecca to hide the black Stone of the temple and two golden gazelles. They hid them in the water spring called Zamzam, then covered the spring, the stone and the gazelles with dust so they would escape detection.[i][1] The date these things supposedly happened is critical. According to the stories, Jurhum lived in Mecca until the Ma’rib dam was damaged, and the tribe of Khuzaa’h left Yemen. We know these things occurred around the year 150 A.D.”

In rebuttal to this, Dr. Amari offers his own points that seem to handily dismiss the claim by Muslims that Abraham went to Mecca and built a temple there. “If Jurhum’s story were true, why did the classical authors, who visited and wrote about western Arabia mention all the tribes who were living there, even the tiny ones, but never once mention Mecca or the tribe of Jurhum?

“Second, after being defeated, how could Jurhum bury two precious golden gazelles and a revered stone belonging to Mecca’s temple without any of the inhabitants noticing?”

These are certainly valuable and notable points that deserve consideration. However, those who would “slander” Islam should not be allowed to make these points according to some. Why? Will the questions bring out the truth? Will shutting down conversation obfuscate that truth?

Is that what civilization has now come to? We dare not say things because they might offend someone, even if what is said is truth?

We will elaborate more on this subject of Abraham’s alleged travel to Mecca and will do so in an upcoming article, so stay tuned!

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