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The entire signs and wonders movement today, led by people who claim apostolic (or prophetic), authority can be summed up with one verse of Scripture.

For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. (2 Corinthians 11:13 ESV)

The leaders in New Apostolic Movement (NAR) today and those who have come before them in the same vein, are all “false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.” Though they may ultimately believe their own disguise, they are no less culpable and responsible for causing people to fall away from truth to embrace the lies they peddle. Of course, Paul points out that Satan is an angel of light (v. 14), and naturally, his (human) servants use disguises to hide the truth about themselves.

Previously, we highlighted the New Order of Latter Rain and we also included a very brief look at the Azusa Street Revival of 1906 in that same article. Let’s now learn about a movement that was big in the 1950’s and gave birth to others like the main person who started it; Voice of Healing Movement (VOHM).

For all intents and purposes, the biggest name in the VOHM was William Branham. He was a minister within Pentecostalism where a variety of signs and wonders encircled him wherever he preached. In fact, Branham was known for his “pillar of fire” that would at times rest on above him, on a shoulder, or move around the crowd in which he ministered. Branham put great stock in his “angel” who he said was always with him. It wasn’t necessarily God that worked through Branham, but his angel.

It is so unfortunate that within the prophetic signs and wonders movement, there is so much doctrinal error and it persists today. What is even more tragic is the fact that the error is so routinely accepted as truth by so many. People are sheep, easily following one person or another without much thought. It is due to one fact and one fact only: the teachings presented come with signs and wonders. Instead of using the Bible to corroborate whatever is being taught to them, people willingly accept the teaching as though from God based solely on the presence of signs and wonders. How easy is Satan’s job where some are concerned?

Yet, reading through the Bible (something I highly recommend, not just once, but on an ongoing basis!), we learn that Satan is a very powerful supernatural being. His intellect alone far exceeds that of the smartest human being. He exists in the spiritual realm, unseen by human eyes, though he can affect what occurs in this realm (Job 1). He does what normal human beings cannot do and he has the advantageous cloak of invisibility that works in his favor remarkably well.

When Satan masquerades as an angel of light, he does so for only two purposes. First, it is an attempt to imitate of God (Isaiah 14). Second, it has a great chance to overcome people with deception (2 Corinthians 11:14).

C. S. Lewis basically said, Satan’s greatest trick is making people think he doesn’t exist. For the Christian, Satan’s greatest trick is causing Christians to think what he produces is actually from God. It’s exceedingly easy for Satan to do this too, because so many Christians are biblically illiterate. Is it any wonder that people like Branham gain tremendous numbers of followers?

Branham started out as a Pentecostal Baptist, a group that emphasizes the baptism of the Holy Spirit after conversion, and is usually evidenced by speaking in tongues. He later switched over to Oneness Pentecostalism, which is what T. D. Jakes is, the guy whom Steven Furtick introduced to his congregation(s) as one of the greatest preachers of this generation. Oneness Pentecostalism is modalism, in that it denies the Trinity. Succinctly, they believe that there is one God as one Person, who at times is the Father, or the Son, or the Holy Spirit.

Because of that belief alone, Branham became a full-fledged heretic, just like T. D. Jakes and others who deny a very essential part of God’s character. Because human beings have no capacity to fully appreciate or understand the doctrine of the Trinity does not provide a good enough reason to deny it anymore than the person who cannot believe in God chooses atheism in denying God’s existence.

Unfortunately for Branham, his whole life seemed to be peppered with instances of the supernatural from the start, so he has said. He claimed at his birth, he saw a light come down upon him. In another instance, he allegedly heard a voice from a tree at the age of three telling him where he would live, which he said came to pass. These could all be embellishments or outright lies. On the other hand, he could’ve seriously believed they happened and maybe they did, but their occurrence does not prove that they were from God simply because they happened. It’s far more likely that it was Satan or one of his angels simply trying to get Branham used to hearing a particular voice that he would eventually come to believe was God.

God does not speak to us this way today. There is no need for it. You should reject anything that comes to you like this. Reject it. Submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you (James 4:7).

Since we have the full canon of God’s Word – the Bible – (and the indwelling Holy Spirit’s enablement) we do not need anything more to know what God would have us know about Himself and what He desires and expects from and for us. God leads us in ways that do not include voices. He acts upon and uses circumstances. He opens and closes doors. He does not turn His children into mind readers or clairvoyants, or people who “hear” voices. This is what Satan does to those he attempts to ensnare because it makes them feel powerful and spiritual. A good book to help guide into the treasury of Scripture concerning discovering God’s will for the Christian is Finding the Will of God by Dr. Bruce Walthe.

Branham stated he was commissioned by an angel in 1946 and shortly thereafter began his healing ministry with included revivals. Interesting that it was not God who commissioned Branham.

Numerous photos were taken of Branham where either a light (“fire”) above his head or over his shoulder exists. Branham believed that these occurrences were God’s stamp of approval on him and his ministry. So rather than go to Scriptures, he assumed the “sign” as being of God.

The book of Acts has many instances of signs and wonders occurring throughout and these were done through the ministry of the apostles. The New Apostolic Reformation exists as an attempt to show that God has raised new, modern-day apostles and if they’re truly apostles after the order of the original apostles, then we should expect to see “signs and wonders” wherever they minister. Since we see signs and wonders, we should also believe and follow them, because it is simply assumed that the signs and wonders are from God. It’s a form of circular reasoning that unfortunately, readily accepted by way too many folks today.

We’ve mentioned “apostles” Todd Bentley, Che Ahn, Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, Heidi Baker, C. Peter Wagner, and others, who are all part of today’s new apostles and prophets. They truly believe they have the same authority that rested with the original apostles. Through reciprocal self-aggrandizing, they expect average Christians to believe them and accept what they say as equal to the Bible without question.

Here is a snippet from Church Watch Central’s transcript of a conversation between Todd Bentley and Che Ahn and refers back to William Branham.

Che Ahn: And there’s a ‘Branham’ anointing on you. There’s a double portion of it. The Lord is raising you up. I felt like I want to say that you must decrease, you must increase. And I say that for all the Revivalists, I say that with all my friends.

Kenneth Hagin taught that the anointing is “transferable.” Someone who has it can pass it along to others and they often do. That’s the big reason for all the laying on of hands at these “worship” services. Even though Paul warned Timothy to be careful about who he laid hands on (1 Timothy 5:22), the leaders within NAR lay hands on everyone. It’s a great way for Satan to pass along his curse from one unsuspecting individual to another. It opens the door to satanic involvement.

However, Paul was referring to laying on of hands to appoint (not anoint), elders into leadership roles. Paul wanted Timothy to be very careful there and by the same token, those who have been asked to consider becoming an elder should take the time to pray and consider it before agreeing. For Paul, the laying on of hands was an official ceremonial act. Today, in Charismatic and NAR circles, laying on of hands is to impart what they say is a “blessing” or “anointing.” This idea is not biblical.

There were numerous instances where Jesus healed without ever touching anyone and at least one case where someone deliberately touched Jesus and was healed. Laying on of hands was not mandatory or required. Today, the meaning of it has completely changed from its biblical meaning.

Notice in the quote above (Che Ahn to Bentley), Ahn says that Bentley has a “double portion” of Branham’s anointing. This is often stated within NAR and Charismatic circles because it invokes the idea of true authority. Anyone who knows anything about the Bible will recall Elijah and Elisha. Elisha received a double portion of God’s anointing when he saw Elijah depart from this earth (2 Kings 2). But of course, both Elijah and Elisha were authentic prophets whom God had called. Todd Bentley? Che Ahn? William Branham? They have to say qualify because it automatically creates a supernatural aura of authority and importance for that individual, at least to others within that movement.

By the way, Ahn used the term “Revivalists,” which is code for “apostle,” according to Church Watch Central.

About 1955, Branham’s ministry began to suffer with financial difficulties. The IRS charged him with tax evasion and it was eventually learned that though a great deal of money had been coming into the ministry, there were people who took advantage of that situation, siphoning off funds. Branham himself lived a life of poverty though. Eventually, an out-of-court settlement was arranged.

Toward the end of his life, Branham’s teachings became even weirder, more esoteric, and seriously heretical. Apparently, he even shared the pulpit with Jim Jones of the doomed cult The People’s Temple.

Branham died as a result of a car crash in 1965 and some of his followers believed he would rise from the dead. Heretic Kenneth Hagin said that God told him (two years prior), that He was going to take Branham home early because of his heretical teachings. Go figure.

Branham had come to believe that hell was not eternal and that Eve had sexual relations with Satan giving birth to Cain (Serpent’s Seed doctrine). These, along with his other non-biblical beliefs, he stated were given to him by divine revelation, which obviously convinced him they were true.

What would be the point to that since God had already revealed His perspective on these doctrines in His Word? Wouldn’t this result in God being a liar if that was the case since He had already revealed the truth concerning these things in His Word? Beliefs such as the ones held by Branham were the result of giving an ear to Satan.

Michael Moriarty in The New Charismatics states:

“Branham’s aberrational teachings not only cultivated cultic fringe movements like the Latter Rain Movement and the Manifested Sons of God, but they also paved a pathway leading to false predictions, revelatory madness, doctrinal heresies, and a cultic following that treated his sermons as oral Scriptures.

Sad, sad commentary on someone who believed himself to be called of God.

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New Order of Latter Rain Begins in the 1940’s… Charismatic Renewal Movement (CRM) in the 1960s


  • 1. jettiejonker  |  November 28, 2017 at 5:36 AM

    It is said that after a healing session Branham was always exhausted and needed help to walk.


    • 2. modres  |  November 28, 2017 at 5:59 AM

      That wouldn’t surprise me. The same problem affected Oral Roberts and others. Satan uses up people. God builds up His people He works in and through.

      An excellent and very tragic example of how Satan literally uses people to death can be seen in the example of Jane Roberts and her familiar spirit, Seth (Seth Speaks).


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