What May Be on the Political Horizon, Part 2?

April 24, 2019 at 12:16 PM 2 comments

In our first article in this series, we highlighted what we believe may happen within at least part of the political sphere over the next few years. We noted that at least some within the so-called Deep State (DS) will be indicted, prosecuted, and experience justice. This will be good for America and will set a precedent to let people know that they might want to think two, three, or even four times before creating another coup against a sitting president.

We also pointed to the fact that no matter how much good President Trump accomplishes during his tenure as this nation’s 45th president, another president could come along and begin to undo what he did. Moreover, from a biblical perspective, unless the Bible is allegorized beyond recognition, it is very clear to me that this world is headed toward judgment. Not just America, but the entire world. There is coming a day when God will essentially say, “Enough! It is time!” and He will begin meting out judgment upon the nations that have refused to acknowledge His sovereignty and deity. There is zero chance the world will not experience this coming judgment. None at all.

Yesterday, I was reading posts on the 8Chan board and came across a post by one Anon regarding the New World Order and the 10 points that they penned and followed. Aside from those ten points, which I’ve read about from a variety of sources, the last paragraph of the Anon’s post is interesting and one in which I agree. Read it carefully.

If these ten points actually exist and they unfortunately do in numerous writings, not just Alice Bailey’s “Lucis Trust,” (originally “Lucifer Trust“), then it is clear that this is what America and much of the world has been experiencing for decades. This is their 10-pronged attack on the world in order to overthrow the established system, a system based largely on conservative/traditional/biblical points. Frankly, I’m surprised it’s taken the world this long to get here, but that is all due to God’s timing.

I thoroughly believe that an “elite” group of people exist and that this elite are thoroughly sold out to Satan. They refer to him as Lucifer (read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals introduction where he figuratively hi-fives this Lucifer), and they believe him to be equal with God and one who will ultimately overthrow God.

These elites see Lucifer as the real God, who wanted to help humanity by giving us “wisdom” (knowledge of good and evil to start). They see Jehovah God as selfish and uncaring. Lucifer – the light bearer – is their god and they worship him. For them to win, they must overthrow the order that God established. That is their plan and that is how they work within this world. They live above the laws of the land and are rarely troubled by anything. Few can touch them. They do what they want because they have the majority of wealth on this planet and with major wealth comes major power. They use that power to create the conditions they want to see in this world. They can certainly bide their time while Donald J. Trump is president because their power is generational and comes from Satan himself.

I believe the Anon who made that last statement in the above image is quite correct. I don’t believe President Trump has negatively affected any of those ten points at all, nor will he. He is much more compartmentalized and focused on doing what he can to remove the corruption in DC. That alone is a huge task. Will he be effective? I think in part, certainly. But the corruption in DC goes much deeper and higher than simply those politicians sold out to the elite. Those politicians are replaceable by the elite. President Trump has done some marvelous things for this country already, but again, nothing is set in stone. Nothing, except God’s Word.

Look over that list of ten things. Understand that this has been a work in progress since the late 1950’s and even before, depending upon which point we’re talking about. There is absolutely no way that President Trump can stop those things. The only thing he can concentrate on is attempting to remove the corruption in DC and shore up the weak points. If he accomplishes that, it will be huge, but it will not stop what’s coming. Only God can do that and it requires His direct intervention in human history.

But what about the Church? What is happening there? I noted previously a line in one of Keith Green’s songs that points to the fact that many Christians are literally “asleep in the light.” Why is that? It is largely due to the effects of the 10 points noted above. Today, people do not read much. They scan or listen. People honestly do not know how to do their own research today.

I’ve listened to people who call themselves Christian and Republican who only spout Democrat/Leftist talking points. Why? Because they listen to CNN or some other mainstream media program where the anchors are simply propagandists, vomiting the Left’s talking points night after night, day after day. Yet, these Christian/Republicans believe they are well-informed. They’re not because they have failed to do the research on their own and simply believe what they like to hear.

You see, this is the main problem whether it’s society in general or the society within Christendom. People are making decisions or accepting information as true based on how they feel about things. If it gives them warm feelings they believe they are on the right path. The truth of God’s Word has been effectively replaced with a set of feelings used to determine right from wrong. How asinine is that?

I see professing Christians coming alongside Muslims in a show of solidarity believing that our alleged commonalities outweigh our disagreements. Commonalities? Really? Where was Islam born?

I see other professing Christians standing with pro-abortionists, gays, transgenders, drag queens and the like. These professing Christians are doing what they do because of how it makes them feel and for no other reason. They feel powerful, righteous, “woke” or mature, but feelings are not the barometer to be used to determine truth! They are way too deceitful.

Why do those who profess to be Christians do this? Two reasons: they don’t do their own research (by reading, studying, and memorizing God’s Word as well as research about facts and events in secular society), and they surround themselves with leaders within Christendom who are simply wolves and nothing more. These con artist leaders are extremely adept at twisting God’s Word, using words, tones, facial expressions, tears, etc., to force people stop thinking for themselves, drop their protective armor and go along with the program. Since these professing Christians don’t do their own research that includes God’s Word, all they have left is how they feel about any given topic. What kind of nonsense is that? I lived that way when involved with the Charismatic Movement years ago.

During my involvement in the Charismatic Movement, I was “taken” for a ride by people who misquoted Scripture constantly and used guilt cues to direct everyone. They would often come and give you a “word” that they say the Lord had given them just for you. Isn’t that special? Even then I remember wondering why God hadn’t said anything to me directly. I mean, it wasn’t as though I never prayed. Why did He feel the need to go through someone else to “speak” to me? Yet, I often listened to these “wiser” brothers/sisters in the Lord.

It’s one thing to ask a Christian brother or sister for their biblical council in a situation. It’s quite another to expect or seek God to speak to you through another person. The ramifications of that are staggering. If someone says to you God has a “word” for you, they are actually claiming to be speaking on BEHALF of God! Consider that for a moment. They are indirectly claiming to be an actual prophet of God because that’s what prophets of the Bible did!

Turns out the leaders doing this were trying to build their own group of followers and it’s often how cults are born. They want to be seen as someone who has God’s ear and if you want more of God, then clearly, you need to stay close to them.

God wants us dependent upon HIM alone. Yes, we should seek true fellowship with other authentic Christians and even their biblical council from time to time, but we should never depend upon them for only what God Himself provides through His Word and the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Imagine if as a child, some adult came to you and started telling you what your parents wanted you to do, think, and say? Why can’t your parents come to you directly? God does that through His Word! He does not need anyone else to stand in for Him!

In today’s world, there are WAY too many false prophets, false Christs, false Christians, and false Christian leaders vying for our attention, but Jesus Himself warned us of that didn’t He in Matthew 24? It is imperative that each and every Christian understand that very real, constant threat.

I referred to 2 Timothy 3 in the first part of this series and if every Christian will take the time to read it, study it, and even memorize it, God would be able to quicken us or wake us to these wolves. If we do not know and understand God’s Word; what it says, what it teaches, how it establishes us in the faith and causes us to grow, then we are going to be like the ship that is tossed on the waves of the sea without a rudder. That ship will go wherever the waves toss it. Instead, we are to be firmly grounded in His Word so that we can test to see what is true.

I’d like to point out a few blogs that seem to go out of their way to highlight the wolves within Christendom. They do an excellent job cataloging these charlatans and their heresies. Readers would do well to bookmark their pages and keep up on the every growing list of con artists within Christendom. Yes, you may find some of your favorite Christian teachers and authors listed there. Should you get angry at the bloggers who highlight them? NO! You should use their information to do your own research. Find out for yourself.

While I may not personally agree with every “jot and tittle” the sites listed below highlight and/or teach, in general, I have found them to be great resources. But again, use these sites for learning and reference as you do your own research and make sure that research includes liberal helpings of God’s Word!

Good Blogs to Note:

Where are we today as far as Christendom is concerned? Where is the average professing Christian? Tragically, it appears that because too many Christians do not read and heed God’s Word, they end up being defined by Paul’s words in 2 Timothy 4:3-4 (ESV):

For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.

First, Paul tells us how perilous the end times will be in 2 Timothy 3. Then he unfortunately concludes that too many who profess to know and love the Savior will apostatize from the faith? True Christians cannot lose salvation, but it is clear they can depart from truth. Anyone who isn’t careful can do that.

Folks, we are living in the days when people will refuse to “endure” (hold onto; live by), sound teaching (truth) and instead surround themselves with people who will “tickle their ears” by making them feel good.

If you are part of a church that is focused on making you laugh during the sermon and cry during the worship, then maybe you’re at the wrong church. Feelings are so superficial they are not good guides. Feelings are not supposed to lead people. Truth is supposed to do that and feelings come along at the end.

Are you reading His Word daily? If not, WHY not? There is no good excuse not to do so. None. You say you love God yet you ignore His “love” letter to humanity? At your own peril and spiritual health.


*Some consider this site a bit too extreme and even legalistic. Readers beware and this is why it is extremely important to do your own research.

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  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  April 24, 2019 at 1:50 PM

    There is an epidemic going on about what you have written. There are so many wolves in sheep’s clothing it’s hard to keep up. You Tube has been taken over by many of them….”They want to be seen as someone who has God’s ear and if you want more of God, then clearly, you need to stay close to them.”

    So they churn out video after video talking about the word God had given to them to tell “their flock”. It is heartbreaking seeing all the deceit and lies.

    “Are you reading His Word daily? If not, WHY not? There is no good excuse not to do so. None. You say you love God yet you ignore His “love” letter to humanity? At your own peril and spiritual health.”

    Yes, reading the Word daily and praying for their souls. I pray God will expose them for what they are and they repent before it’s too late.

    Thanks for your article.


    • 2. modres  |  April 24, 2019 at 5:00 PM

      Thank you. Sad state of affairs.



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