What About Our Immune System?

April 16, 2020 at 11:31 AM 2 comments

So far this year (up to March 9, 2020), the CDC has told us that roughly 20,000 people have died…from the FLU. That number includes 136 children. [1] The numbers related to Coronavirus deaths are allegedly just under 33,000 for the USA. [2] This cannot be verified since the CDC has also told hospitals and doctors that anyone who exhibits any Coronavirus symptoms and dies should have Coronavirus listed as the cause of death and a test to confirm the presence of Coronavirus is not needed, they say.

With numbers like the above, it is difficult for some (including myself) to believe that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the serious health threat that the government and mainstream media (MSM) would like us to believe. By the way, the phrase “conspiracy theory” is believed to have been coined by the CIA. Of course, Wikipedia and other (mainly) Leftwing sites to not ascribe to that, which is no surprise. Ultimately, each person will have to decide for themselves why it appears that the powers that be are doing all they can to make us believe that Coronavirus is the modern day “Black Plague.” Unfortunately, the numbers don’t hold up here.

The reality is that it is always good to use common sense when out and about in society. This enforced “stay at home” order is something akin to house arrest and some experts wonder aloud if it isn’t doing more harm than good because of the previously mentioned “herd immunity” that does not have a chance to activate while being away from other people.

I’m sure that soon, businesses will have further restrictions that will give people the choice of wearing a mask or not being allowed in that business. It’s likely coming. Daily, I hear of this or that being further shut down with the talk that it may be months before society regains any semblance of normalcy.

It’s very clear that people are getting very antsy. Folks in Raleigh, NC gathered for a peaceful protest at the capitol. Police arrived and told the crowd that they were violating executive orders issued by the governor and mayor and that they were not allowed to gather in protest during the current Coronavirus lockdown. The crowd dispersed but one person was arrested.

In Lansing, MI, thousands drove their cars in protest of Gov. Whitmire’s restrictive stay at home orders. She referred to the protest as a “rally,” and indicated because of it, the stay at home order may have to be extended.

I know there are plenty of people who believe if we just fall in line and obey the government, all will be well in short order and society can resume. Unfortunately, this is likely not true. Certainly, the government wants compliance with everything they mandate. However, in our Constitutional Republic, there is such a thing as due process and illegal laws. People do have the right to peacefully protest even when an order is given to remain at home. In effect, such an order sets aside not only due process but infringes on our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.

If you are one who believes that you should obey the government mandates because you believe this is what Jesus would do, then certainly you have an obligation to do that. But there are many who understand things differently. They mean no disrespect, nor are they being seditious against the government when they choose to exercise their rights. It is simply the way America was created.

Our Founders were well aware of plagues and health crises, yet nowhere in the Constitution is there a “pandemic” clause that gives the government the ability to remove the rights of citizens for our “safety.” It’s not the government’s purview.

Recall when Hitler’s regime told German citizens that they should turn in their guns because the German government would keep them “safe.” That didn’t work out too well, did it? Some believe it’s the same type of thing happening now with Coronavirus.

All I’m saying is that you must choose and choose wisely. Make decisions based on facts, not fear-mongering and pumped up numbers. As I’ve said many times, is Coronavirus harmful? Yes, it is and it can be deadly. So can the flu. So can other viruses that are constantly circulating throughout society. The remainder of this article offers insights into Coronavirus – how it infects and how it spreads – as well as some very practical information for trying to remain ahead of it.

I received an email from Dr. Randall Price that highlighted a set of principles from an Internist and author, Leo Galland M.D. Rather than list everything he says regarding Coronavirus, I’m posting the link so that you can read and study it for yourself. He goes into quite a bit of depth regarding how the Coronavirus is believed to be spread and how it affects us once a person becomes infected with it. Here’s the link for the article: https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/doctor-offers-coronavirus-protection-advice

He makes some very interesting points regarding how the virus spreads, how long it remains active in the air and how quickly it can lose its efficacy. This of course varies from person to person and as is normal, those with weakened or compromised immune systems should take every precaution because that group is most at risk, regardless of age. While we see a high number of elderly dying due to Coronavirus, this same group shows a high percentage of deaths from the seasonal flu or other viruses that are constantly circulating in society.

Even young people can contract and die from Coronavirus if their immune systems are not up to par and have been weakened or comped. As I mentioned previously, one French epidemiologist has stated on the record that people who are very to morbidly obese have the greater chance of contracting Coronavirus (or other viruses and the flu). We know for a fact that obese people, because of the additional weight they carry, are far more prone to contracting numerous airborne illnesses because of the stress and exertion placed on heart, lungs and other organs. Our bodies were not meant to carry so much additional weight. In fact, if we eat right and avoid certain foods that do nothing but harm us, our bodies will find their natural weight that our frame is meant to carry.

Dr. Galland mentions that with respect to SARS-CoV-2, this virus remains in the stool and “…persisted in stool after respiratory swabs had become negative.” Think about that. Yet, in San Francisco it is not unlawful to go to the bathroom on the streets, including moving one’s bowels. What is happening in cities like San Francisco is a plague waiting to happen.

After presenting many facts regarding Coronavirus, Dr. Galland moves into ways that people can best protect themselves by strengthening their immune system and immune response. While of course, this does not in and of itself, guarantee that a person will not become infected, a strong immune system is really the first defense against any airborne disease. It’s what God provided when He created humanity and even though our bodies are in the process of dying from the moment we are born, a healthy person has the better chance of fighting off something like Coronavirus.

By the way, Dr. Galland goes into great depth regarding just exactly how the Coronavirus attacks our system and what it does when a person contracts it. Well worth the read. He then moves into ways to strengthen our immune systems, which are always defending us against diseases. What Dr. Galland explains about our immune system is fascinating.

Finally, the good doctor gets down to the nitty gritty with respect to what we can do for our own betterment where our health is concerned. I’ll list them here in brief bulleted form, but I encourage you to read the entire article several times.

  • Regular aerobic exercise
  • Natural ways to help immune system:
    • Resveratrol
    • Curcumin
    • Rosmarinic acid
    • Alpha-lipoic acid
    • Luteolin
    • Quercetin
    • Elderberry fruit
    • Vitamin D
    • Melatonin
    • Dietary Mushrooms
    • Probiotics & Prebiotics

To be 100% clear here, Dr. Galland discusses WHEN some of these should be taken (best through certain FOODS). Those who do NOT have Coronavirus should follow his advice for that. Those who have become infected and are having symptoms should do other things. I must be clear in stating that no one should simply take the above list and go out and buy supplements and begin taking them! This is not the point. Many to most of the items listed above are available in certain FOODS. As with any supplement, it is important to get the advice of a medical practitioner before starting because too much of a supplement might do more harm than good.

As noted, many of the things listed above are readily available in foods, but if we consider the way most Americans eat today, processed foods are high on the list. It takes a decision to make a clear break from many of these food-like items and start eating high quality foods that are free of most processing, preservatives, antibiotics, and hormones. In order to do that, a deliberate decision has to be made by each person. Once the decision has been made and followed, the immune system will become more healthy and our bodies will show it by shedding unwanted and unneeded weight.

I’ve written many articles on my health journey over the years. Will I never get sick again because of how I eat now? That’s certainly not a guarantee. However, the chances of me becoming ill are far less than another person my age, who is severely overweight and already suffering from things like high blood pressure, diabetes and more.

Dr. Galland discusses things we can all do to help ourselves in the area of hygiene as well. Certainly, washing your hands often is key. It’s the best way to remove germs from our hands. If you aren’t near soap and water, carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer but try to find one that does not promote the increase of estrogen.

I’ve found that during this health issue, I am deliberately avoiding touching my face after using a cart at the grocery store even if it has been cleaned by store employees. I don’t want to become OCD like Howard Hughes, but it is important to ensure that we take the necessary precautions to keep ourselves from contracting some airborne disease.

The following cleansers will kill most viruses, including corona viruses, on hard surfaces with 30 seconds of contact: 70% alcohol, 0.5 % hydrogen peroxide, 0.1 % bleach (hypochlorous acid). The studies have been done on hard nonporous surfaces, so alcohol, peroxide or bleach will work on counter tops but may not work the same on your skin or other porous surfaces.

Unfortunately, it has become difficult to find these items in stores, but if you have access to them, you can create your own.

The remainder of Dr. Galland’s article deals with the hype surrounding use of certain metals to protect against Coronavirus. He calls it hype and explains why and warns to not fall for it.

Dr. Galland also speaks to the use of certain prescription medications that have been around for some time, including hydroxychloroquine and the results of using that, along with several other medications are very promising in the fight against Coronavirus. He even notes that the use of hydroxychloroquine (anti-malaria drug, Plaquenil), is superior in fighting off this airborne disease. If that is the case (and other doctors have chimed in with their support of this particular drug), one must ask why there is so much naysaying from both politicians and the MSM in general?

Dr. Galland’s article provides many insights into Coronavirus and the fight to mitigate its effects throughout society. It is an article worth reading several times and applying the useful information within it.

We will get through this and even though it’s only been a month of sheltering, it seems like a great deal longer, doesn’t it? I continue to see tension and panic increasing throughout society. But, Lord willing, we’ll come out of this with a better outlook and a desire to treat our bodies with greater care.


[1] https://www.cbsnews.com/news/flu-deaths-20000-americans-this-season-including-136-children-cdc/

[2] https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/

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