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November 25, 2020 at 10:50 AM

In our previous article in this series – Technocracy: Controlling Your Movements – we highlighted aspects of how the technocratic oligarchs plan on keeping us in line and in lockstep with their burgeoning one-world government. We noted that at least some of this will happen as The Commons Project rolls out its CommonPass, which will ultimately grant permission to move about the nation and the world. Without it, people won’t be able to fly, stay in hotels, or even possibly travel outside of the state they live in. It could be dramatic with the changes that are being planned.

However, let me offer a few things that may offer a ray of hope. Hope is always good and much needed in today’s world. First, our hope is in God and He holds us in the palm of His hand. I absolutely love these words from Psalm 95:

O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker. For he is our God; and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand. (vv 6-7 KJV)

We are His sheep. He leads us, guides us, and provides for us…if we are willing to submit to Him and trust in His provision. This should unite our hearts to Him in adoration and worship. He is God. There is no other. Anyone else who claims it is merely a pretender. God is the Lord. He and He alone wants what is best for us. His provision will never fail if we learn to depend upon Him for all things and for direction. As the final world empire is being built as I write this (that seems weird to say that, but it is very true), we must lean on the hope we have in the Lord. That is crucial.

Second, it is important to understand that even though the final world empire is being built and put in place, it is doubtful that the coming world leaders (ten first, then down to one; the Antichrist), will be concerned about every square inch of the world. In fact, it may well be impossible for those coming leaders and their agents to be able to deal with the entire world.

What they will likely conquer and control are all the major metropolitan areas and those areas just outlying but somewhat connected to the metro areas due to vicinity and closeness. For instance, I was reading an article today about the rural areas of China, which are slowly being demolished. These rural areas are where farmers have lived for generations and farm. Now, officials in China want these farmers to move to the cities where huge high rises have been built to the clouds. It’s Agenda 2030 coming to fruition and made easier in China because of its communist policies there.

But the problem is that these rural areas are not really that far from the newly built metro areas. There is a close proximity between the large cities and the rural communities that makes it very easy for authorities to march into those rural areas and take control, forcing the eviction (and demolishment) of the existing homes and putting people into high rises. It appears the plan is to pave over the rural areas and replace them with the ever-growing cities. This is happening all over China.  China is China and it doesn’t surprise any of us that the conditions which exist there are appalling in so many ways. But what of the rest of the world?

I believe – and I could be completely wrong about it! – that when the final one-world empire does come into full existence, it is doubtful that the technocratic oligarchs will have everything into place by then. The coming final empire will be a growing empire and it appears as though it changes and morphs well into the Tribulation period of seven years.

We need to remember that THE reason Satan builds this coming final one-world empire (and is allowed to do this), is because he is trying not just to rule the world, which he will accomplish with this one-world empire. The main reason he is building this kingdom is because it will be his herculean effort take on and overcome or defeat God!

Yes, Satan wants the world subjugated under his spiritual son, Antichrist. But the ultimate reason for what he is doing is to unite the world in order to gain control over the world’s nations and the militaries of those nations! It all leads to the final battle of the Tribulation, the Battle of Armageddon, which will actually not be merely one battle, but many on the plains of Megiddo in the Middle East.

If this is Satan’s primary and absolute motivation to create a one-world government – to fight against and defeat God Himself using the armies of the world’s nations – his intents and purposes will be on that prospect, won’t it?

I fully believe the oligarchs who are itching to unite this world in a final one-world empire have completely different reasons for wanting to unite the world. They want themselves and their families to have security, the best of what this world can offer:

  • food: the best of the animal and plant kingdom
  • resources: from anywhere on the planet without limit or taxation/fees
  • rule: they and they alone seek to make all the laws and decisions
  • slavery: they will turn everyone not connected to them into serfs/slaves

These are the things that the oligarchs, their agents and families seek. This is why “climate change” is pushed so hard to us today in spite of the many scientists who have come out against the fallacy of climate change. But we are supposed to be concerned about the resources that are allegedly being used up by so many people on the earth. We are supposed to be fearful of a disease that has a 99%+ survival rate, so one mandate after another is kept alive and pushed onto we, the people of the world.

These and other things are the reasons why the Technocrats want a one-world empire. It is because they believe they were put here to rule the world and thereby controlling the laws (for us), that would allow them to control our lives in any way they can see their way to do just that.

Satan though, only wants to rule the universe and unseat and defeat God. Ultimately of course, if he were to succeed, then life on earth would be so horrible it would be impossible to envision it. We have peeks into what Satan would create through Scripture when we read about the days of Noah, or the judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah and many other examples not only in Scripture but in history since the first century AD and more from the Middle Ages and even more recent times with Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mao, and many other dictators who saw people they ruled as chattel to do with them whatever they deemed “necessary.”

But we know that Satan will never get as far as he wants. He will not defeat God. He stands absolutely no chance against God at all. Satan will be defeated with but a breath or a word from Jesus as He returns to this earth with we, the saints behind Him.

For now, while Satan has focused on causing these technocratic oligarchs to bring the world together as one; as a one-world, united empire and lets them think they will rule the world because that’s why they were put here. They believe that lie and move ahead with optimism that it will happen.

What these oligarchs do not know is that they will be doing all the grunt work to make the final one-world empire come to fruition, but then Satan’s own spiritual son (Antichrist), will rise to the top of the heap and wrest the control that those oligarchs and their families have worked so hard to achieve for generations. Once Antichrist rises to that occasion and takes control of the empire that he did not create, Satan will then pursue his real objectives which include dethroning and defeating God.

The oligarchs have no concept of what will happen to them and the empire that they are currently building. That doesn’t mean we should feel sorry for them anymore than we should feel sorry for Judas. It means that we should understand that Satan not only attempted to deceive Jesus and attempts to deceive us (sometimes, succeeding), but that Satan WILL succeed in completely deceiving the oligarchs who are building the final empire. They are doing his bidding without knowing how it ends.

What I need to remember are the words of the Jesus and the apostles. In this world we will have tribulation (trials, difficulties, problems; John 16:33), solely because we are believers in Jesus. If the world hated Him, it will also hate us (Matthew 10:22). There is no getting around this.

If the world loves you, then you are most likely doing something wrong. I know Christians who try hard not to offend the Left. They try to see their perspective and because of it, they often end up become entangled in this world as social justice warriors. Christians who are dedicated to following our Lord will quickly learn that they are hated and often targets. We must remember this and not grow faint because of it. Trials and tribulations for the Christian are designed to bring us closer to God in Christ. We are not to shrink from problems but to face them in the knowledge that God provides strength as we submit to Him.

I’d like to recommend a series from a pastor whom I personally know and whose church we attended when we lived in California. The link I’m providing is for the first in this series of messages entitled “Finish Strong.” So far, it’s been a great series and Pastor Phil does a similar thing to what I’m doing. He opens the Scriptures and deals with the truth there and then compares things to society today. He marvels at how quickly things have been moving toward the Tribulation and this is the first time in his life when he believes that things could come to a head during his life.

At any rate, here is the link to Part 1: Finish Strong

By the way, on a side note, the music that the church now has in place is far different from when we attended. I don’t particularly like it because I’m much more a hymns person. Feel free to skip right to the sermon which begins around 26:00 minutes. You’ll see other parts (and I believe there are roughly 12-14 so far as he goes through both letters to the Thessalonians.

I’d also like to recommend a great article on the God Gene from a personal friend of mine. The link is here: Destroying God in the Minds of Men

We have many things to be thankful for today. We are not yet being persecuted as many of our brothers and sisters in Christ are throughout the world. In the USA we have privileges and rights that others do not have. Yes, the USA is under attack and according to Scripture, will eventually succumb to the coming final one-world empire. But God is faithful, isn’t He? He is just. He will not allow us to be tempted above what we are able to bear and will also provide the strength to face temptation to be unfaithful to Him as we rely and submit to Him for strength.

Even though I am not really facing severe trials like First Century Christians, I’m confident that as things continue to heat up, God will provide. We need to start living like that if we are not already doing so.

My wife and I are living our lives. We routinely travel to see our daughter and her family in a neighboring state. We go out and about. We are not driven by fears that the Left is succeeding in creating. Because we have faith in God (and sometimes that requires a great effort in prayer and praise to achieve and continue), we know that God WILL provide for us as events come to fruition that would limit our movements and freedoms.

Truth is none of us knows for sure how bad things will get or when they will occur. It could take years before things really go over the edge or it could be a few months or mere weeks. Our job as Christians is to keep our eyes in Christ and not shrink. We cannot even consider shrinking from what He would have us do.

Please be in His Word. Immerse yourself in prayer and praise to our great God!

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Technocracy: Controlling Your Movements What Have We Christians Become?

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