How Will You Stand?

September 14, 2021 at 2:10 PM 5 comments

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  1. The Swine Flu Fraud (16-minute video with 60 Minutes)
  2. Eternity Matters Roundup
  3. The Fraud of Anthony Fauci during AIDS epidemic
  4. Authorities unclear as to why part of Red Sea turned red
  5. We must stop ignoring natural immunity

A couple of comments on the above links. The first link is a clip from “60 Minutes” from the era of Swine Flu. If you watch it, you’ll notice very quickly the similarities between then and now. It seems that they’ve been trying very hard to push the populace into getting a vax for this illness or that one for decades.

Notice also that the same type of verbiage used (along with celebrity endorsements), utilized then as now. The script appears virtually the same with minor changes. The overall desire on the part of those in charge seems to have been to corral all into receiving the vaccine. I also find it fascinating that these were the days when journalists at least appeared to be unbiased and tried to learn the truth beyond the hype. Mike Wallace did well to expose many aspects of truth then, while his son, Chris Wallace today, seems far more aligned with the Left as they do all they can to bring the USA’s population under complete control.

Mike Wallace interviews a woman who took the Swine Flu vax only to end up temporarily fully paralyzed but eventually, through rehabilitation was able to walk with the help of braces on her legs. Part of her smile remained absent as did other issues but she was grateful to be alive. Her and her husband sued the government for millions because the pharma companies were exempt from liability then and now.

It is too bad that people today do not know or learn from history. If this was the case, many would see the similarities between what happened decades ago and what they are attempting (and succeeding) to do today. It is also interesting that Dr. Anthony Fauci has been “health” Czar in the USA for decades and the swirling of questionable science surrounding him and pharmaceutical companies also existed at least as far back as the AIDS epidemic when Fauci pushed the drug AZT. He stated then that the drug would virtually eliminate AIDS (see link #2 above). It was because of this, that the medical establishment primarily used only AZT. They were unwilling to try anything else and thousands died because of it.

Yet today, we have people who, within Christendom, believe they have discernment, yet are unable to look back over history and put two and two together. They continue to believe that pharmaceutical companies only want to help. It’s difficult to see this when we view the actual historical narrative.

As I’ve repeatedly stated, I personally do not see how it is possible to get to the final, global kingdom first highlighted in Daniel 2, without subterfuge and deceit that brings in total control of global society. Satan’s final kingdom, allowed by God, will be built on deceit, lies, murder and much intrigue. This is the exact opposite of Jesus’ coming Kingdom, which will be built on the righteousness and perfection of Jesus Himself. The world is witnessing tremendous deceit regarding CV-19 and yet, we seem powerless to do anything.

One other thing I’d like to note is related to the cover of the book shown here. Dispensationalism has been hotly debated and condemned by many over the years. I’m sure this will not change. Aside from many who believe it to be heretical, the claim is that it is a very “new” theology, created by Darby, who borrowed from a young girl. However, when research is made into this area, it becomes obvious that the young girl was talking about a post-Tribulation theology, not a pre-Tribulation one.

The author – William C. Watson – takes great pains to show that in some form or another, Premillennialism including PreTrib Rapture, a seven-year Tribulation and the physical return of our Lord at the end of the Tribulation, were beliefs held by people going as far back prior to the Reformation. His book (and thanks to a reader who recommended it), is filled with long quotes from many and they are long in order to be kept as much in their original context as possible. In fact, he notes that Preterism is rather new on the theological scene, not Dispensationalism.

Moving on…the saints of the Old Testament often amaze us for their strength in God. It is uplifting the way in which many of them, under tremendously dire situations, managed to continue to walk after God, doing and saying what was right and true.

We see in Moses, for the most part, a life that was fully dedicated to God after God called him to become the leader of a people that God would call and establish, releasing them from their captivity in Egypt. Moses’ one noted mistake was when he struck the rock (Numbers 20:11-12), instead of simply speaking to it. For this mistake, God would not allow Moses to physically enter the Promised Land.

Joseph was another man in whom the Lord tested and Joseph persevered (starting in Genesis 37 onward). I know me well enough to know that without God’s divine intervention and help, I would not have fared nearly as well as Joseph did. In time, Joseph gained the victory over himself, learning to trust in the Lord and being changed and blessed because of it. There is no record in Scripture that Joseph ever erred, though of course, we know he must have because like us, he also had a sin nature.

Then we have Daniel along with his three friends, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. There is not a hint in Scripture that these four men ever sinned, but again, since we know they had a sin nature, this must have been the case for them. What separates them from us possibly is their constant submission to God. I’m sure any sin in them was quickly dealt with as they realized it. Considered righteous for the way in which they dealt with their sin and continually returned to God for fellowship, God rewarded them.

Yet, let’s take a moment to consider what Daniel and his three friends went through separately. In Daniel 5, we read of Belshazzar’s feast that he held for the nobles of his kingdom. They were eating and drinking and having a grand old time. Belshazzar was feeling great so he commanded the gold and silver vessels be retrieved that his “father” (likely his grandfather, but the term “father” was often used to signify lineage), Nebuchadnezzar had taken from God’s Temple in Jerusalem. Beshazzar then proceeded to use the vessels for drinking wine. Immediately a disembodied hand began writing on the wall across from him the words, “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN (Daniel 5:25).

Shaken to his core, the king calls all the wise men and enchanters to tell him what the words mean and of course, no one can. Finally, the Queen reminds the king of Daniel so he is called. He provides the king with the meaning after explaining that though the king knew of how God had worked in Nebuchadnezzar’s life to reduce his rather large ego, the current king, Belshazzar, had ignored all of that history and knowledge and had literally defiled the vessels from God’s house.

Imagine being Daniel and having to reprimand the king like this, knowing that if the king did not like what he heard, he could easily have had Daniel killed. But God of course protected Daniel and he lived to see the first years of the Medo-Persian Empire after they defeated Belshazzar’s kingdom and killed him. Daniel had not necessarily known God would protect him though.

Daniel was dependent on and dedicated to God, having little to no thought for himself or his welfare. He had learned to trust God alone. But not long after Darius of the Medo-Persian Empire became king over what had been the Babylonian Empire (in fulfillment of Daniel 2), Daniel was put to the test again. The 120 satraps Darius installed as counselors over his kingdom tried to set a trap for Daniel because Daniel was over them and they were jealous of him. They made up a law that they wanted the king to instate. For thirty days, no one could petition any of their gods except Darius. Darius signed on and the way it worked then, unlike during Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom, was that the king himself was bound by the laws he signed.

Of course, Daniel did not comply and continued doing exactly as he always did, opening his windows facing Jerusalem and praying three times a day (Daniel 6:10). By “coincidence,” the satraps were outside Daniel’s quarters and heard and saw him praying. This they immediately reported to Darius, who tried to come up with a way to save Daniel, but could not.

Ultimately, Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den. To God’s glory and Darius’ excitement, the Lord protected Daniel who was quick to give credit to God for doing so. Daniel was removed from the lion’s pit and the satraps and their families were thrown in, with the hungry lions pouncing on them before they even hit the ground.

Imagine Daniel being placed in the lion’s den. I’ve wondered about me and what my reaction to that would be? Who among us wants to be eaten by a lion? Who wants to be slowly killed with the pain becoming unbearable as limbs are torn. Yet, for Daniel, this seemed not to be a consideration at all. He muscled onward in spite of what he knew lay ahead of him. Did God have to save Daniel? Of course not and many Christians were fed to the lions during the days of Rome. God specifically did not want Daniel to die then or in that way, so God’s merciful hand spared Daniel.

A neighbor of mine was relaying to me that a friend of his, who happens to be Arab (and a Christian), is a very good language translator for Arabic. Because of this, he is often sent to areas of the world where large populations of Muslims live. He was recently sent to Afghanistan. Almost immediately, the Taliban pounced and threatened him if he was a Christian. He told them he was a MUSLIM and in essence denied the Savior who bought him. This he did to spare his own life. We know what God thinks of that and if he is a Christian, while I do not believe he can lose his salvation, it is clear that there are problems he will have to deal with where God is concerned.

But for Daniel, this denying the Lord or deciding to stop praying for 30 days was not even a consideration. Daniel continued to do what he always did. For Christians today, it is interesting to see how many have stopped attending church because of CV-19. They’ve completely gotten out of the habit and likely do not even watch online either. Does this speak of their commitment or lack of it where God is concerned. It certainly could.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego also literally faced their fiery trial (Daniel 3). They were so unconcerned that they even spoke back to King Nebuchadnezzar stating clearly they were not afraid of the king’s edict that all who failed to worship the image that Nebuchadnezzar had set up would be tossed into the fiery furnace. In fact, they were clearly prepared to die noting that God could easily save them from the furnace but even if He did not, they would not comply with the king’s order.

Many of the saints of old are heroes to us for their faith, their resolve and their clarity in seeking and even knowing God (to the degree with which He can be known to us). But what of Christians today who are too often sidelined and sidetracked by things in society? I must include myself in that because there have been times when I know I have not been as faithful to Him as I ought to have been.

These are fearful times for many. I’d hate to live in Australia right now with their in-house imprisonment, their camps for people who test positive for CV-19, and their general lack of being able to move about freely. Is this coming to the rest of the world? Seems to be a major possibility.

How strong is your faith? How strong is your relationship with God through fellowship? I have noticed that if I take a day off from memorizing Scripture, I actually start forgetting it! It’s maddening, but the enemy seems to be right there stealing verses from my mind. If I fail to persevere, I lose much.

In spite of what many declare, the days are not getting brighter. Much of what Jesus spoke of in the Olivet Discourse of Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 appears to be in play right now. What is our response? If we do not strengthen and cement our fellowship with God our Savior, we will lack the resolve to live as Moses, Joseph, Daniel and his three friends. I’m not sure about you, but I do not want to have to deal with that on the day I stand before Him at His BEMA Seat of Judgment (1 Corinthians 3:12-15).

It is past time for Christians to learn to walk closely with the Lord. If we fail to do so, we will live defeated lives.

How will you stand?


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Anger Without Sin Growing Cold…

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  • 2. Susan  |  September 14, 2021 at 6:07 PM

    Very good. Interesting about your friend. I thought more about Paul being both a Jew and a Roman citizen. Paul did not deny Jesus by claiming his Roman heritage. As Muslim is both a culture and a religion.


    • 3. modres  |  September 14, 2021 at 6:11 PM

      Yes, agreed. Being Muslim is both a religion and culture. The guy was obviously American to the Taliban but spoke fluent Arabic.

      I would hope and pray that I would not deny Christ in a tense situation which could’ve meant the man’s death.


  • 4. Maranatha Today  |  September 14, 2021 at 2:36 PM

    Thanks once again…poor Darby has been maligned so much over this issue but ultimately, pre, mid, post, I say…”Maranatha”:Obviously the earlier the better at this stage!

    Sadly, lack of discernment and possibly laziness in doing just a little research has caused many poor souls to now find themselves in so much pain and distress after taking this poison…the medical bills being generated must be through the roof…and all for a “free” vaccine, with no liability for injury attached it!

    May God have mercy on them and restore their health…may they wake up and realize they have been deceived and repent – many took because of “fear” – the spirit of which Christians haven’t been give…may those ‘standing their ground” continue to do so! Full armor on and sword and shield in hand…Blessings…


    • 5. modres  |  September 14, 2021 at 2:41 PM

      Thx Maranatha.



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