Revelation: Last Generation, Pt 2

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Even Saturday Night Live (SNL), seems to get what’s going on and that says a lot considering they have been and remain so Left-leaning. Check out one of their recent skits.

This morning I filled the tank of our 2004 Camry. It cost $57.30 to do so because gas is now $3.99/gallon in our area. I’ve seen it as high as $4.15/gallon for the same lowest octane. Of course, the higher grades of gas are much higher. The truth is that there is absolutely no logic at work in the Biden administration. One of the first things he did was to pull the permit for the Keystone Pipeline in the USA, which meant an immediate shutdown of that pipeline, which was capable of pumping over 800,000 barrels of oil per day.

When Biden did that, many workers immediately lost their jobs and gas prices instantly began to climb. This of course increased the cost of all products in stores because truckers are needed to get them there. Since it costs more for them to run their rigs, the cost gets passed onto consumers. So not only are we experiencing higher gas prices but everything else as well, along with shortages of many things. Going to a supermarket means seeing huge price increases and empty areas on shelves. It will likely continue for the foreseeable future.

We have gone from a “pandemic” that forced the closure of much of the economy, lock-downs, mask mandates and then attempted vaccine mandates or lose your job. Dr. Anthony Fauci was on the news 24/7 for months and is now nowhere to be seen all of a sudden. Just like that, things are going away with respect to CV. Why? Is it over or has the globalist machine moved onto something new because they really did not get what they hoped for with CV?

Now, WWIII appears to be on the brink of occurring between Russia and Ukraine and other nations may be drawn into the fray. To me it seems that this is all part of the scripted plan to decimate the world’s economy in order to bring the world to heel, making it easier for globalists like Klaus Schwab to gain control of the entire world. Call me jaded…or maybe I’m seeing reality based on the truths revealed throughout Scripture as it relates to the end times events that take us into the Tribulation and beyond?

In our most recent Sunday evening Bible study class, on Revelation, we went over the way the Bible reveals truth to us and last night, we picked up where we left off when we covered the first three Birth Pangs spoken of by our Lord in His Olivet Discourse of Matthew 24. It is nearly impossible to stay on top of everything that is happening throughout the world due to the speed with which things tend to change from one day to the next.

We began last night’s class with Birth Pang #4 – the Northern Invasion, also known as the Russia-Allied War against Israel. I’d like to be clear up front, even though I tend to lean toward the belief that Gog (the title of the leader of the alliance; not his name), will come out of Russia and head up an alliance of nations against Israel, I could be wrong. There are some really worthwhile biblical teachings to consider that discount a Russian leader and lean toward Turkey, for instance. What I present is simply my understanding of what I believe to be the case. We go over this in detail during the class and I’ve included a link at the top of this article that takes you to the actual video class and where you can also download a copy of the notes used during the class presentation.

We do not know who GOG will be until he actually shows up on the scene. I believe that this particular invasion will occur prior to the coming Tribulation for a number of reasons that I explain in the video. It will get the world’s notice and also lays the groundwork for the peace that Antichrist will broker with Israel and surrounding Arab nations. Once the Northern Invasion (Gog/Magog War), occurs, I believe this will be the catalyst that causes the world to look at Israel with renewed awe and caution. Because they will witness what occurs as Gog and his troops begin their assault on Israel as they enter the Mountains of Israel, God will react to their trespass and fight for Israel decisively (Ezekiel 38:18-23), with:

  • Major earthquake (nothing left standing)
  • Soldiers turn on one another
  • Pestilence
  • Blood
  • Hail, rain, fire & brimstone

Israel doesn’t even have to raise a finger to help herself. The nation is fully protected by God. Everything is flattened due to the earthquake, which means nothing will remain standing on the Temple Mount, including the three mosques that currently exist. This, I believe will pave the way for the Jewish Temple to be rebuilt. This will also pave the way for Antichrist to enthrone himself as “God” as he waltzes into the Holy of Holies and sits on the Mercy Seat blaspheming the holy Name of God. God of course, allows this because He has plans for Antichrist at His physical return (Revelation 19:11ff), that the entire Creation will witness.

The final One-World Government/Kingdom – Birth Pang #5, is next on the biblical agenda. One of the things that is difficult to know is the actual timing of many of these events as well as of the seals, trumpets, and bowl judgments in Revelation. While most who take these things literally believe they are presented chronologically, we have absolutely no idea of timing in-between judgments. None. We know the first on the scene is Antichrist (First Seal – rider on a white horse wearing a crown, with a bow and no arrows; Revelation 6:1-2). But we do not know when he will actually appear. Daniel 9:24-27 indicates that when he does appear, he will broker a deal for seven years with Israel and surrounding nations. However, common sense tells us that for him to do that, he will have to appear ahead of time and begin working to conquer politically so that he will gain enough power to be in the position of being able to broker peace. So will Antichrist be on the scene (in fact, is likely he on the scene now, but behind the scenes), doing what he can like Antiochus Epiphanes IV who used charm, wits, and deception to gain his position? There’s a reason that most Bible scholars see Epiphanes as a “type” of Antichrist. Both Jesus and Paul reference the defiant act of Antiochus as a “tell” for what the coming Antichrist will also do (Matthew 24; 2 Thessalonians 2).

Daniel speaks of this coming final world kingdom in Daniel 7:23-24 and notes this coming kingdom will be completely different from the previous kingdoms. It will spread throughout the entire earth (not simply the “known” earth at Daniel’s time, but the entire earth). It will destroy everything that came before it, unlike previous kingdoms which tended to incorporate aspects of the previous kingdom they conquered. This final “beast” will have ten horns, which are (as the text informs us), ten kings who will rule. Interestingly enough, the text also tells us that “…another will arise after them, and he will be different from the previous ones and will subdue three kings.” (v 24)

This “another” is the Antichrist, who is the 11th and note that he is not part of that inner circle of ten kings. He rises up outside of that group and pushes his way in. To show he means business, he either gets rid of three of the original ten kings by stealing their power and deposing them or he actually kills them. The remaining seven kings will then pledge their loyalty to him rather than face the same fate.

But before the ten kings can take their thrones, the world must become one global kingdom. Then, these kings will rise to take their positions as the world is divided into ten sections, with one “king” ruling over that particular section of the world (Birth Pang #6 – Ten Kingdoms). It is from this point, that Antichrist begins his rise to power.

In order for this all to occur, the East-West axis of power will need to be derailed and/or collapse and this includes the USA. I believe that this is exactly what is happening now throughout the world and in the USA. The Biden administration’s attack on the USA’s economy was designed by globalists like Schwab and put into effect with the help of globalist agents like George Soros. We had the major fraud of the past presidential election (which is starting to come out in a big way, though ignored by the MSM), and previous to that the attack on people’s freedoms due to CV. CV is waning and didn’t turn out to be as detrimental as globalists had hoped, so they’ve moved onto their next mania; WWIII. War always destroys aspects of the economy of nations involved. If globalists can successfully involve most of the world in this burgeoning war, economies will be decimated, not to mention that death and pestilence usually accompanies every major war.

All of this will continue to chip away at nations’ economies, including America’s. This will lead to a “need” to reset global economies. This is all Hegelian Dialectic at work, but it is made to appear organic, not planned. Once the global economy can be actually decimated, it will obviously need to be replaced with something else and it looks like globalists want to replace it with an entirely digital economy and world. This will give them the control they seek. John Haller goes into this (see his prophecy update above), including how Zuckerberg’s Facebook-turned-Metaverse will play a huge roll in all of this.

One of the results of the pandemic was that a majority of people started working from home and Zoom digital meetings took the place of physical meetings. My wife is one who now does most of her work via computer digitally meeting with groups across the country. This is exactly what the globalists want because it keeps people home. If we are home, we cannot gather in groups. If we have to rely on our computers (and of course, the Internet), we can be controlled because the Internet can be turned off at a moment’s notice, or people can be “cancelled” through censorship if they dare to go outside the bounds of accepted narrative. Metaverse will put this on steroids, meaning it will create a digital universe for the people of the world (minus globalists), to live and work in. Sound far-fetched? Watch/listen to John Haller’s prophecy video for more on that. People like me and my wife will not be participating so we will become the “outcasts” of society.

We will hopefully finish the last of the Birth Pangs in our next installment of this series. Then I hope to get back directly into the book of Revelation.

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