Liberals Prefer Demonizing TEA Party Rather Than Talking Facts

January 11, 2011 at 10:30 AM

And so it continues.  Every liberal out there seems bent on turning the Arizona tragedy into something caused by the TEA Party.  I suppose it makes people feel better to be able to point to a source, or cause for the tragedy.  Nevermind that it could simply be nothing more than the murderous antics of a schizophrenic mind at the breaking point.

Did Loughner (the assassin) make any connection at all with the TEA Party (and specifically Sarah Palin) and more importantly, was he even capable of making that connection?  The truth of the situation does not matter because so many are convinced that this is exactly why Loughner acted as he did.

It doesn’t matter that Loughner’s friends knew him to be unstable, weird, and politically disenfranchised.  It does not matter that Loughner had problems with Gifford a year and a half before the TEA Party movement in this country even began.  What matters is that liberals are happy to be able to make a connection when no connection exists.

The TEA Party movement – laughed at by President Obama and vilified in the liberal media – has one problem.  They despise the fact that our Federal Government raises taxes for all of its pet projects, and they further despise the fact that the Federal Government is not listening to the majority of people in this United States.

No longer it seems, is this government run FOR the people and BY the people.  The majority did not want the Obama healthcare package, but that did not matter because it came to pass anyway.  The majority are demanding a secure border between the United States and Mexico.  That does not matter because the Federal Government is busy not only ignoring the problem of the border, but referring to illegal aliens as guest immigrants, as if they have a right to be here and they are breaking no laws in the process.

The majority of people in the United States find it unconscionable that our own Federal Government, which is sworn to protect the states from foreign invasion, has instead opted to sue Arizona for attempting to do what the Federal Government will not do regarding illegal aliens.

The majority of people in the United States are appalled that the Department of Justice under Eric Holder would not only not press charges against the members of the New Black Panthers who blocked the voting polls in Philadelphia, prompting people to call the police, but in effect, erased the complaint altogether as if it never happened.

The majority of the people in this country do not want a Ground Zero mosque, yet both the president, certain members of Congress, Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR, the Mayor of NYC, and the board that gave permission are dutifully ignoring what this country wants.

In essence, the Federal Government continues to ignore the majority will of the people because it has its own agenda.  That tends to make people angry.  However, all the liberal media can do is blame the TEA Party for the problem of Loughner

The reality is that Loughner has nothing to do with the TEA Party and everything to do with a populace that feels disenfranchised from its own government.  Loughner said he does not trust our government.  Does he have any reason for thinking that way?  Certainly, and none of it has to do with the TEA Party.  There has been no connection, except in the minds of people who are liberal and who agree with our president’s Socialistic agenda to turn this nation from a Republic, into something else entirely, irrespective of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

People like Loughner have always existed and will always exist.  From their deluded, schizophrenic mind, they think they see clearly, but it is clear they do not.  They believe that what they are doing is right, but it is equally clear that they are not doing anything right.

To blame the TEA Party as liberals continue to do is unconscionable.  Why do they do this?  Because the TEA Party is something they cannot control.  The TEA Party stands as the beacon shining light in a dark place.  The Federal Government could care less and they show this at every turn.

Why is it that the Federal Government’s posture is not to blame for the tragedy in Arizona?  Obviously people are angry and upset about the continued rise in taxes, the rise in health insurance premiums, the continued unemployment when they want to go back to work, and the fact that the White House consistently turns a deaf ear to the majority of people in this country.

Instead of the liberal media focusing on those very real problems, it prefers to shine the searchlight on the TEA Party.  That is like blaming the match because of the fire started by an arsonist.  The problem is NOT the TEA Party.  The problem is Washington.

If Washington was even a little bit interested in listening to the majority of people in this country, there would be far less vitriol and far less reason for the TEA Party to exist.  There is little sign that this administration even wants to pay attention to the tax payer.  As far as President Obama is concerned, he is the king and he does what he wants to do, all the while the tax payer foots the bill and watches the value of the dollar decline.

Yet, the only thing the liberal media can do is blame the TEA Party for the tragedy in Arizona?  Something is desperately wrong in this country, but it is not with the TEA Party.  It is with the liberal media that aids and abets the President’s policies without concern for the average American.

Until the White House gets on the ball and starts reflecting the will of the majority of people in the United States, things will likely continue as they are now, hopefully without anymore assassinations.  The liberal media, which is in bed with our president and will do anything it can to protect him and protect his goals to turn this country into a Socialist nation, that is to blame.  It is NOT the TEA Party, or conservatism.

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