Liberal Hypocrites with Ft. Hood vs. Arizona Tragedy

January 12, 2011 at 12:18 PM

I recall when the Ft. Hood massacre occurred, the liberal media, liberal politicians and even the White House came to the front of the stage issuing warnings about jumping to conclusions.  We were told to sit back, take a breath, remain calm, and not to allow our emotions to speak for us.

This was because the individual who perpetrated the massacre was a Muslim and that fact was seriously downplayed by the media, likely on orders from above.  It was not fair to castigate an entire group of people for the actions of one, we were told.  It was unconscionable, unfair, and certainly un-American.

So most of us held our tongues, in spite of the fact that we knew that this individual – a radical Muslim – did what he did because of his erroneous beliefs in Allah and Islam.  He was an individual who took the Qur’an literalistically and that filtered down into his way of life.  When he got to the breaking point, he simply did what he had been programmed by his religion to do.

However, as far as we here in America were concerned, we were not to equate the two things; radical Islam and massacre.  We were supposed to think that this was simply one individual who had gone off the deep end, but it was not supposed to be a tragedy that branded an entire people group.  That was irrational we were told.  It was bigoted and racially charged hatred.

Now however, liberals are tripping over themselves to make something of this Arizona tragedy that will allow them to gain points in a poll.  Rather than following their own advice, they are leading the pack to point fingers at Palin or anyone who is a conservative and owns a gun.

In the case of the Ft. Hood massacre, we were told to buy the lie that stated the shooter acted out of his mental health problems and the fact that he happened to be Muslim did not enter into the picture, except for the fact that it was coincidental.  That’s what we were told and for those who would choose to ignore that lie, they were branded racists, bigots, and all the rest of the jargon that has created the politically correct environment in which we live, with people fearing to share their own opinions.

Apparently though, this does not apply when liberals want to castigate conservatives.  We have Sharpton calling Rush a racist.  We have the aged Sheriff of Pima County doing the same and extending his words to include bigots and racists (read: conservatives and gun owners).  The Sheriff who probably should have retired quite a while ago is noted for his willingness to express his opinion and who cares where the chips fall.

As quickly as the White House came out to hold America accountable if they dared mention anything that would group the Ft. Hood shooter with the world of Islam, they have just as quickly said NOTHING in response to all of the liberal rhetoric that has been aimed at Sarah Palin and gun owners.  The silence of the White House simply proves President Obama’s hidden agenda.

We can be assured that had the shooter in the Arizona tragedy been Muslim, the liberal left would have been tripping over itself to calm fears, and shout down conservatives who would be placing blame squarely where it belongs; on Islam’s shoulders.

But because we have a loon who is NOT Muslim, but who got hold of a gun and used it in the commission of an attempted assassination of a government official, it seems fair for liberals to condemn conservatives with the point person being Sarah Palin.

I do not recall Congressmen up in arms and determined to close the alleged gun and ammo purchase loopholes after the Ft. Hood massacre.  If there was any outcry, I am not aware of it.  We did not have Representative McCarthy (NY;Dem) vowing to make some noise and introduce bills that would further erode the rights of Americans with respect to the 2nd Amendment.

But now, because liberals have endeavored to make the connection between the shooter in the Arizona tragedy and conservatives, all is fair in love and war, and gun rights need to be further eroded! 

On top of this, it is common place for individuals to quote conservatives who have made comments using gun-type language representing their opinion as to which laws and/or lawmakers should be overturned.  These verbal volleys made by the conservatives apparently were the fodder that caused Loughner to do what he did in Arizona.

Again though, no connection was allowed to be made when the Ft. Hood massacre happened.  We were literally warned by the liberal media, the liberal lawmakers, and the liberal White House.  How dare we even think to make comparisons between the shooter of the Ft. Hood massacre and Islam!  How could we even THINK to make such comparisons!  Obviously, only a racist, bigoted mind would even try to connect those dots.

Not so with the liberals who will take every opportunity to ignore their own advice when their targets are conservatives.

Such is the age in which we live.  When you have an America that is largely liberal from the White House down to the liberal lawmakers and the liberal media, it is difficult to do or say anything that they will not turn to their advantage, even when it is not the truth.

If we consider the fact that over 70% of Americans do not want the Ground Zero mosque, yet the overall media plays that percentage down and does its level best to promote Imam Rauf and Islam in general, then we know something is wrong.

People like Sheriff Dupnik of Pima County should be relieved of duty because all he has done is exacerbated the situation.  Whether he personally believes that conservatives and Sarah Palin are to blame for the tragedy that occurred in Arizona or not, he should have been far more professional than he was to lay blame on one group of individuals.

The lines will always exist between conservative and liberal.  However, when terrible, senseless situations like the one in Arizona are used to further the agenda, then something is wrong and should not be tolerated.

I’ll be interested in what President Obama has to say (or not say) when he appears in Arizona.  It will be telling.  Very telling.

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