Does Obama Believe There is No God But Allah?

October 10, 2012 at 1:56 PM

Why would anyone – who declares himself to be a Christian – wear a ring (or any jewelry) that depicts the first part of the Shahada, which is the first of the Five Pillars of Islam?  The Shahada declares “There is no god but Allah (and Muhammad is his prophet).”  It is distinctly Islamic in origin and anyone who would wear a piece of jewelry with this inscription on it surely must believe himself/herself to be associated with Islam.  Authentic Christians know that Islam is not compatible in any way, shape, or form with Christianity.  Unlike what some believe, it is not the same god that Christians and Muslims worship.  The two are not even close.  There is no commonality between the two.  Muhammad came roughly 600 years after Jesus but decided that he knew the “truth” about Him, telling us that Jesus never really died on the cross.  According to Islam, Muhammad is greater than Jesus.  How can these two religious ideologies have anything in common?

Recently, we learned that Mr. Obama wears a ring that is inscribed with the first of the Five Pillars of Islam, the Shahada.  In fact, it is now clear that he has been wearing this same ring for over 30 years, even before he married Michelle.  Language experts have recently noted that the ring bears the inscription of the Shahada – the above statement that all practicing Muslims believe and repeat.

It is worthy of note that Mr. Obama has stated that he is a Christian on more than one occasion.  Yet, he never wears a cross, or any other jewelry that would attest to the fact that he is a Christian.  Rather, he chooses to wear something that symbolizes faith in Allah, the Islamic god.  He has stated that he will stand with Muslims.  Though he gives lip service to Christianity, it is clear from everything he has done that he sides with Islam.  The fact that he wears a ring with the Shahada engraved on it is testimony to this seeming reality that the god of the Qur’an, Allah, not the God of the Bible, Jehovah, is his god.

If I wore a ring such as this one, it would be – at the very least – idolatrous since it would be something that I did not believe at all.  Does Mr. Obama wear this to simply “carry the cross” for Muslims as president?  If so, then we need to remind ourselves that he has been wearing this ring for over 30 years, long before he entered the field of politics.  Why does he wear it, especially if we are to take him at his word that he is a Christian?  What is his point?  It seems to me that the only possible point he is making is that he is, indeed, a Muslim, yet prefers the world to believe that he is a Christian.  It’s easier.  It’s more politically acceptable, in spite of the fact that here in America, Christians are losing more rights while Muslims gain more.  Something is certainly not right at all.

Below is the video that uncovers the truth about the ring that Mr. Obama wears.  So, is it against the law to be a Muslim in America?  Not at all.  It simply begs the question as to why someone would state that he is a Christian, while carrying with him a symbol of Islam for more than 30 years.  There appears to be some measure of subterfuge going on.  Something is not legitimate.  There are things that Mr. Obama clearly does not want the world to know about him.  Will we ever find out the truth about Mr. Obama?  Well, considering we are still waiting to see his college transcripts, it’s very doubtful.

Mr. Obama has clearly shown a desire and even possibly a need to keep things about himself to himself.  The media is fine with this as they dutifully play along in silence.  I’m not okay with it, not as long as this same media is crying for Romney’s tax returns and other things.  They are merely showing their innate bias.

Mr. Obama, put all the cards on the table, will you?  You said you were going to have the most transparent administration ever.  We haven’t seen this.  We’ve seen the exact opposite.  We have seen nothing that even remotely resembles transparency.

Are you a Muslim or not?  Did you go to college in America or not?  Why are you ashamed to show us the truth, or is it you prefer to lie to people, hoping that if you repeat the lie enough times, it will simply be accepted as truth?  While the media plays along with you, there are many of us who think for ourselves and understand that lies are becoming the norm for your administration.  It needs to stop.

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