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October 10, 2012 at 9:25 AM

It tends to boggle my mind that those on the Left can do what they do and say what they say without any real remonstrating from the media.  But then again, as most are aware, there IS a media bias and it is in favor of Mr. Obama.  That much we know and it has been proven repeatedly that it is hardly worth discussing.  It simply goes without saying.  We all know that most of the problems associated with the Obama Administration have been all but swept under the rug.  He appears to be untouchable in so many ways.

Here is a man who has yet to release his college transcripts yet those who support him are calling for Romney’s tax returns in spite of a letter from Price-Waterhouse (his account firm) indicating that they did, in fact, prepare Romney’s tax returns from 1999 to 2009.  In spite of this, morons like Harry Reid claim that Romney did not complete any taxes for the past ten years and David Letterman obliges by referring to Romney as a “felon.”  These knuckleheads are trying too hard, in spite of logic and the facts.

But the real problem today is how the Left reacts to people who have indicated their support for Romney.  Not long ago, I read of one older couple who had placed a Romney/Ryan sign on their lawn only to discover that overnight, someone had trashed it.  They replaced the sign to have it trashed again.  This is a criminal act, by the way, because it is the destruction of private property.

On the third try, as the woman was replacing the sign again, a car drove by and she heard shouted from the driver the words, “You’re dead!”, an obvious reference to the fact that she was voting for Romney instead of Obama.  This is not only tragic, but unconscionable, yet it is happening, as if America were some third-world country run by a dictator.

More recently, actress Stacy Dash (from the TV show “Clueless”), was the recipient of some terrible “tweets” for her vocal support of Mitt Romney as the next president of the United States.  The actress states in a video on YouTube that people have a right to their opinions and she used her platform (Twitter) to exercise her right of freedom of speech. [1]

The problem of course, is that while people do have a right to offer their opinion, they really don’t have a right to castigate someone because they believe that person’s opinion is wrong.  Some of the “tweets” Stacy received were very racist in nature.  Because she is African-American herself, she has been accused of being a “slave” to the GOP, etc., an Uncle Tom.

Apparently, because Dash is black, she is supposed to vote for Obama and no one else.  While this is obviously the reason for the likes of people like Snoop Dog and others, Dash – though she voted for Obama in 2008 – has changed her position for a very logical reason.  She chose Romney “…not by the color of his skin but the content of his character.” [2]

I’m sure there are those who support Obama for the same reason.  They agree with his policies.  They believe he is moving this country “forward” toward a measure of success.  They believe in what he is doing.  Then again, there are those who will vote for him solely because of the fact that he appears to be a black man (though he is half-white and the other half is mainly Arab).

Race is no reason to vote for anyone (or not vote).  Yet, this was clearly the case in 2008 and now many of the people who voted for Mr. Obama have stepped back, done some very hard thinking, and decided that voting for him again is not a wise move.  For whatever reason, they are now voting for Romney.

The fact that people who do not like this can mouth off and try to intimidate others by threatening them with bodily harm or death, or by insulting them is patently ridiculous.  Yet, this is what has happened in America now because we have a man who superficially represents African-Americans and many are loath to give up on him for any numbers of reasons.

The truth may be that there is much more of a deliberate shunning by the mainstream media of anyone who does not want to see Mr. Obama continue in office, than originally believed.  What is really troubling is that when we compare Romney with Obama, the two are not all that far apart on many issues.  Romney is still left of center and Obama is much further left of center, but they are both on the left side of center.  Romney is not really a conservative.

I believe that the media and powers that be believe they can achieve so much more with Mr. Obama in office than they can with Romney.  After all, how many times has the race card been played with Mr. Obama?  That has never happened in America and it is the Left’s best way to keep things moving even further Left.

You don’t agree with Mr. Obama’s policies?  You must be a racist.  You don’t want to see Mr. Obama re-elected?  You must be a racist.  You don’t like Obamacare?  You must be a racist.  You complain about the billions spent on Mr. Obama’s 16 or so vacations in the past three years?  You must be a racist.  You want to see his actual birth certificate or his college transcripts?  Well, you’re obviously a racist.  It goes on and on because the race card can be easily played at any point in the argument.

The race card can even be played against a black woman who has decided that she cannot see her way clear to vote for Mr. Obama again.  She’s switched her allegiance to Romney?  She must be a “slave” to the GOP.

This is why the media and global elite love Mr. Obama.  He is doing far more to set this country back where race is concerned than any other president.  Not only has he not brought the races together, but he and his handlers have done and continue to do all they can to widen the gap between the races.  We’ve seen this not only from Mr. Obama, but from Attorney General Eric Holder repeatedly.

We’ve heard the lies that seem to stream from the White House, yet the media doesn’t care and anyone who questions things is categorized as a racist.  Even now, the State Department is denying that they said what they said regarding the questionable movie that is supposed to have been the precipitating factor for the Benghazi attacks that took the lives of four Americans.  In spite of the fact that Ambassador Rice concluded that the attacks were not terrorist in nature, but were the result of the infamous movie trailer allegedly denigrating Muhammad, this same State Department is saying that they did not say that. [3]  It is absolutely asinine that they actually expect people to believe what they are now telling us; that they never “concluded that the deadly consulate attack Sept. 11 in Libya was an unplanned outburst prompted by an anti-Islam movie, despite public statements early on by some in the Obama administration suggesting that was the case.” [4]  I mean, how stupid do they think we are, especially considering the fact that we have video showing exactly what they are denying?

Here’s the problem…just because Mr. Obama looks black, apparently he believes that he is above the law.  He thinks that he can do or say anything and he has the protection of “race” as his ace in the hole.  It’s not how it works.  If he is wrong, then he is wrong and no amount of color is going to protect him from being wrong.  It might shut some people up, but fortunately, there are plenty of people with actual scruples who are not afraid of the race card when they know that truth is on their side.

I simply cannot believe how violent people’s words have become when we are talking about the next presidential election.  It is beyond my ability to understand, unless their racism is so deeply ingrained in their psyche that this is how they naturally respond to anyone who believes that another four years of Mr. Obama means the absolute destruction of America as we know it.

I think people understand just how important this next election is and what the results will be if Mr. Obama is re-elected.  There are many who believe that he is for himself, under orders from those who have placed him in office.  Frankly, in some respects, they have a candidate that many believe is “fire-proof” because of the color of his skin.  Unfortunately, they likely did not consider the weight of his narcissism and error that would overshadow his tenure as president.

People want a person in the Oval Office they can relate to; someone who understands that they were hired to lead this country to success.  What we have instead is a person who sees himself as a little king.  He panders to those who love him, while ignoring those who question him.  He complains about the rich and famous, saying they need to do their fair share, but has no qualms about taking their money for re-election.  He seems to prefer to hobnob with them.  He has forgotten (if he ever knew it) that he was elected to represent ALL the people of the United States and to uphold the laws of this land as delineated by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Yet, at every turn, he has done everything he can to ignore or overturn these laws.

So here we are nearly four years later, on the cusp of another presidential election and the rhetoric has been severely ramped up, with the race card being played often and hard on center stage.  Yet, there are groups of black pastors who are now eschewing Mr. Obama because they see what type of man he is and where he is trying to take this country.  They are washing their hands of him, as are many other people of color as well as whites who voted for Mr. Obama in 2008.  They can’t all be racists!  Obviously, these people are voting with their brains instead of their emotions.

I hope every person who has threatened another person with bodily injury or death because a person chooses to vote for Romney is arrested and pays the price for their stupidity.  It is difficult to believe that there are people out there who are actually wishing for Romney’s death and more than that, are saying they will bring it about!  As much as I have disagreed with Mr. Obama, I would never wish him harm and have stated that on more than one occasion.

In America, we have a democratic process whereby people make their voice heard through the political process.  That is how we “hire” and “fire.”  We don’t wish someone harmed because we do not agree with them.  We allow them their right to disagree and leave it at that.

Not the Left though.  They believe they can come out of the woodwork with hurtful threats.  They believe they can label someone or something racist when race doesn’t even apply to the situation.  They believe they can manipulate people’s opinions through their demagoguery.

Word is that if Mr. Obama loses, there will be race riots.  I already see that happening here and there.  It appears as though groups of black thugs think nothing of beating up whites.  It happens so often in this country that the mainstream media doesn’t even report it.  Will it worsen after the election if Mr. Obama is not re-elected?  Probably, but it will die down and order will be restored.  Unless of course, Mr. Obama uses that as an excuse to call for Martial Law.  If so, then at that point, he can also continue in office as long as he wants because if Martial Law is declared for the entire nation, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights are set aside until Martial Law is called off.  It would effectively turn Mr. Obama into a dictator.  Having gained that notoriety, why would he ever want to set aside Martial Law?

This next election is going to change this country one way or another.  I hope people can get through it.  I pray that any intended violence (if Mr. Obama loses) does not materialize or if it does, quiets down as quickly as it rises.

Time will tell what will happen, but assuredly, it will be a time of tension for America.  In the meantime, the media needs to stop pandering to Mr. Obama and the Left.  Of course, I think it is easier to believe that Romney will beat Obama in the next election, than the media will grow an unbiased backbone.




[4] Ibid

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